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adaline's sip & see

Happy Thursday! I'm so excited to share a few details about the Sip & See we hosted for Adaline this past weekend for all our friends and family to come meet our newest addition and enjoy some yummy food and drinks. I had so much fun putting it together and pouring my heart into all the tiny details for my baby girl. We hosted a Sip & See for Penelope when she was about this same age, 5-6 weeks, and had such a great time I knew I wanted to do it again with our next baby!

The theme for Della's Sip & See was inspired by the very first book I bought for her, You Belong Here by M.H. Clark. I stumbled across it in a tiny boutique early in my pregnancy and the gorgeous cover is what initially caught my eye, but reading it brought me to tears, it is just so sweet. It summed up so beautifully exactly what I felt for our tiny baby girl even before I had met her and since then it has been close to my heart.

For the Sip & See, I knew I wanted to incorporate lots of fresh greens and stick with a really natural, neutral palette, with some golds and browns like those prominent in the book's illustrations. I found the perfect invitations from Minted of two birds sitting in a little nest and then chose coordinating birth announcements with gold foil to tie in the colors.

And perhaps the best part of it all, other than having our home filled with so many dear friends and family to welcome and celebrate our little girl, was being able to serve the most delicious desserts from Sweet Retreat Cupcake Boutique, located in Edina, MN. The weekend before Adaline was born, Dustin and I were out with the girls on a lunch date and had the opportunity to try cake balls (think cake pop without the stick!) and couldn't believe how delicious they were. I have never really been a big cake pop fan, as all the ones I've tried have been quite dry and boring. How's that for honesty?! But these were so fresh and full of flavor, I'm pretty sure we ate more than our fair share ;) Of course we had to know where they were from and when we were pointed to Sweet Retreat, I knew they would be the perfect addition to our upcoming party.

Everyone at Sweet Retreat was so wonderful to work with, which is exactly what I needed in my sleep deprived state after welcoming a newborn! In addition to providing all the cake balls -- in our 3 favorite flavors of birthday cake, cookie dough and chocolate -- they whipped up the most beautiful tree shaped sugar cookies and gold macarons. They decorated the cake balls to match my decor, with edible gold glitter on top of the chocolate ones and green frosting on the birthday cake. In the past for the girls' birthday parties, we've always served full cakes but I loved that these were bite size, didn't require anyone in the kitchen slicing and serving the way a traditional cake does, and were kid-friendly, since so many of our closest friends have young kids, like we do, who were at the party.

In addition to their cake balls and cookies, Sweet Retreat makes stunning cakes for all occasions, including weddings, showers, graduations and more and was voted #1 Cupcake in the Twin Cities via City Pages; owner and chef Robin Johnson was also on Cupcake Wars in 2011 featuring her strawberry balsamic cupcake. I absolutely love the location of Sweet Retreat, in the heart of Edina off 50th and France, surrounded by so many of our favorite shops and restaurants. We are looking forward to many more visits as the weather warms with our girls and having Sweet Retreat desserts at all of our upcoming events.

Seeing my vision come to life with the decor, food and desserts was so rewarding, and I absolutely love opening our home and entertaining. It just leaves my heart feeling so full at the end of the day.

I set the Sip & See up as open-house style, so people were encouraged to stop in anytime it worked well with their schedule throughout the afternoon, grab something to eat and drink, and meet sweet Della. Hosting it this way was absolutely perfect, as it allowed everyone to come at their convenience, work around nap schedules, etc. We had a wonderful turnout and Adaline got lots of love.

If you're having a second or third baby (or know someone who is) and don't want a traditional baby shower, a Sip & See is seriously the perfect way to go. Whether you host it in your own home or someone hosts it for you, you can keep the food and decor super simple and still have a wonderful excuse to get everyone you love together to meet your little babe and celebrate the gift they are. I think a brunch time Sip & See would be so sweet, with a pancake bar and fresh squeezed orange juice! Who knows, maybe someday I'll be writing a post about that! ;) 


baby stationary favorites from minted

We are weeks away from welcoming baby no. 3 and of course I have had so much fun thinking about creating her birth announcements and sending them out to friends & family once she's here. We will also be hosting a Sip & See a few weeks after she is born (which we did for Penelope and had so much fun with!) so I designed invitations for that as well. 

My go-to brand for all our stationary needs is Minted, an online design marketplace founded in 2007 which sources creative content from independent artists around the world, and then offers those designs as stationary, art, home decor and more. I love their continued support of so many independent artists and wide range of card styles. 

It was incredibly hard to decide which invitations and announcements to choose since their selection is so vast and gosh they are all just so darling. Below I've rounded up a handful of my favorite invitations for showers and gender reveal parties, many of which can easily be personalized for a Sip & See or Sprinkle as well. 
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

We have never done a gender reveal party (maybe we will if we have a fourth...someday) but I absolutely loved the "What Whale it be?" invite (8) for that. As for baby showers, there are so many lovely invitations that are easily customizable by color or gender. A lot of their invites have 2-3 different color options (sometimes more) and the process of personalizing cards through Minted is so easy. 

I love the simplicity and modern look of the black and white Oh Baby! invite (1) and my heart melted over both of the designs incorporating Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (2 / 5), probably because that is Poppy's absolute favorite lullaby and I sing it to her every night; I just thought they were both so sweet. 

The nesting dolls invitation (6) is so colorful and eye catching and I love the idea behind it because I feel like whenever I am pregnant (and even when I'm not...) I'm constantly nesting and coming up with more projects, house renovations and things on my to-do list before baby arrives. Ha. My husband loves that, as you can imagine ;) I also love the storybook garden invitation (3) and how whimsical it is.

I thought the graphic on this bonjour baby one was so much fun -- something I would definitely frame & hang in a nursery after the shower as a special keepsake. I also loved this bun in the oven invite and for a Sip & See (especially as Spring and Summer approach), I love this lemonade one, which comes with three different color options.

For birth announcements, I am always drawn to their foil-pressed designs, especially the really classy & simple ones with a single photo. This gilded garden one caught my eye because of my love of floral, and so did this golden posey one. This storybook one is absolutely stunning as well and such a unique way to present the announcement.

Hopefully if you're on the hunt for the perfect invitation or announcement, that gives you a little inspiration! I've shared this before but I absolutely love that Minted offers free recipient addressing on all the envelopes, so us Mamas have one less thing to think about doing with all we have going on! Hope your week has been wonderful so far!! XO


best of the nest | freshly picked

Happy Friday!! This has felt like the longest week ever so we are all extra thankful the weekend is here! We host a small group in our home one Friday a month and we have that tonight so Olivia and I have plans to make 7-layer bars this afternoon before nap time, one of my forever favorite treats!

I've shared my love of Freshly Picked moccasins many times in the past because it has become a tried + true brand for our family over the last several years. Olivia was just a few months old when she wore her first pair and since then we have been totally hooked. The quality, craftsmanship and durability of Freshly Picked moccasins is unmatched. I have been able to save many of Olivia's old pairs for Poppy and they are still in such great shape that our littlest lady will wear them as well. Of course it's always fun to add new pairs to the girls' collection and I love their Platinum moccasins as the perfect everyday staple since it matches everything, especially as we move into Spring! 

When Olivia was born in 2013, Freshly Picked hadn't yet released their crib moccasins (now called The First Pair), which are Size 0 and perfect for newborns & those tiny baby feet. Poppy wore an heirloom blush and gold pair as her first shoes, which has now become a special keepsake that sits on a shelf in her nursery. A platinum pair is waiting in my hospital bag for our new baby girl and every time I see them I still get weak in the knees that she will have feet small enough to fit them, especially when I look at Penelope and Olivia and how much they have grown and changed since we first brought them home from the hospital.

A few of our favorite things about Freshly Picked...
one | They stay on a baby's feet. This is definitely #1 on my list because it seems every other shoe out there made for babies and toddlers so easily falls off. Even as much determination as Poppy has, she can't get them off her feet when I'm not looking. And I love that!

two | They are so well made. Kids wear shoes out like nobody's business but our FP moccasins have stayed in such great condition through all the girls' adventures. The colors haven't faded, leather hasn't peeled off and the elastic around the ankle stays strong and secure no matter how much it has been stretched.

three | The style. This one goes without saying but I love all the options that Freshly Picked offers in terms of soft sole moccasin style. I tend to stick with the neutrals and metallics and especially love Gold, Rose Gold,  and Weathered Brown (the perfect gender neutral mocc!). 

four | The fit. I can't speak directly from experience since FP doesn't actually make moccasins in my size, but I love how comfortable the soft sole moccs seem on my girls. Their feet are never being restricted when worn (unlike many hard soled infant shoes) and they are easy to get on and off without much effort. They can be worn with or without socks and are just as comfy worn around the house as they are when we're out and about. Penelope never even notices she is wearing shoes when she's in FP, which makes me think they must be pretty darn comfortable!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Our 10 must-haves for baby #3

Being that we're having our third little girl, there aren't many "essentials" that we need before she arrives. She'll be able to wear all of Poppy and Olivia's clothing and we have the basics for bedding, gear, decor, accessories & more. 

BUT because nesting + collecting tiny treasures for a new baby is still such a special process (no matter how many babies you've had), I thought it would be so much fun to share the must-have pieces that I've collected for her, all of which come from incredible handmade shops + US-based brands that we love, including dear friends of mine (many of which are mamas like me) who pour their hearts into each piece they make. 

This list is perfect if you're looking to get something extra special for your own little one on the way or trying to find a one-of-a-kind gift for a new mama. 

one // an heirloom doll from dainty cheeks

Run by beautiful mama Chrissy, Dainty Cheeks Boutique is our absolute favorite doll shop out there. Poppy has a darling unicorn & the softest unicorn lovey from Dainty Cheeks and this custom bird doll was made for our sweet baby girl on the way. Chrissy's dolls are easily recognized by their unique, whimsical look -- created by combining both new & upcycled fabrics (the bird's wings are made from the coziest old sweater), bold patterns with neutral accents, layering a variety of textures, and finishing with classic round cheeks and delicate vintage details. Chrissy is most well known for her unicorns but also makes lions, birds, sloths and more. She has been widely recognized in magazines around the country for her work and recently had the opportunity to design a collection for Anthropologie. Her pieces are unmistakably stunning and so much care goes into each one -- every stitch and the process of creating her dolls start to finish by hand is incredible.

If you're looking to get your own DCB doll, Chrissy offers both ready to ship pieces (restocked once a week in her Etsy shop here) and custom slot listings (typically once a month), where Chrissy works with you to create the perfect piece for your little one, complete with initials, quote tags, name personalization & more. Her work never ceases to amaze me and her pieces are something my girls will cherish forever, a beautiful heirloom they will hopefully someday pass down to their little girls.

two // a lovey from rise & kind

Every little baby loves having something just their size to snuggle and Rise & Kind hand makes beautiful lace loveys. They are the perfect size for tiny hands, made of the softest fabric and so so pretty. I love the floral one (to the left) and the charcoal one. I wish one came in my size! ;)

three // freshly picked (crib) moccasins

We have loved FP moccasins since Olivia was just a tiny baby back in 2013, and at that time the crib moccasins (Size 0) hadn't yet been released. They are the sweetest, tiniest little leather moccasins for fresh new baby feet and not only make a perfect shoe for the first weeks and months (Poppy wore her Size 0 pair until about 4 months old), but also a beautiful keepsake as your child grows. I love that they are soft-soled, especially as your baby's feet are growing, because they have just the right amount of give for comfort without being restrictive or stretching too much.

Olivia wore them as a baby up until about age 2.5 and they were just as functional when she started walking as they were when all she did was sit and play around the house. At 13 months, Poppy is currently in Size 2 and they are my go-to shoe on our way out the door because they keep her feet perfectly toasty even without socks, ideal as the temps drop. They are easy to get on and off and most importantly, stay on once they're put on. Poppy loves to pull her shoes off, so I love that these stay on so well. A few favorites of ours are the gold, rose gold, green camo & weathered brown (the perfect neutral!)

four // a solly baby wrap

If you haven't yet heard of Solly Baby, it's a company founded in 2011 by Elle (Mama to 3 and named after her 2nd child, Solomon) which specializes in the comfiest functional infant wraps and coordinating swaddles. These saved me after I had Penelope because it allowed me to be hands free with Olivia, and thinking about adding #3 in to the mix, I can pretty much guarantee I will be wrapping her daily. Now living in San Diego, California, Solly Baby works with a small manufacturer to produce their sought-after wraps, overseeing every step of production and keeping everything United States based. Their wraps are not only beautiful but work so well to carry your baby closely and comfortable, from newborn up to age 1. We also love their stretchy soft swaddles, which you can get in sets of two and select your favorite colors and patterns. A few favorites are the Rifle Paper Co wrap (above), Natural & Grey Stripe wrap and the Solly Swaddle Set.

five // a mobile from petite pehr

Petite Pehr is one of our favorite brands for all things baby, child, nursery & home and their mobiles are no exception. This new Swan Lake mobile (above) is my absolute favorite for our girls but I also love this gender neutral Sparrows one. We never purchased a mobile when Olivia was a baby but then were gifted several for Penelope. I have a large one hanging over her crib and then the sparrows one over her changing pad. I love the detail and movement they add to a space, the perfect finishing touch. Not to mention they capture a baby's attention and (hopefully) soothe them in the process. We also love their pom pom bins for storage of toys, blankets, dolls & more around the house.

After trying just about every diaper & wipe out there since Olivia was born in 2013, I've finally found a brand I absolutely love, Parasol Co. They are my go-to diapers for Penelope and wipes that our whole family uses because they're so soft but still durable and they smell like cucumbers and aloe, so refreshing! They're perfect for wiping hands, faces, our highchair, carts, you name it. I keep them in my diaper bag and our car in addition to being stocked in our nursery & bathrooms. With modern hand-drawn artist designs on the diapers and created for comfort while still maintaining superior absorbency, Parasol diapers and wipes are a must have for our little lady on the way and a monthly subscription makes a beautiful and practical gift for a new mom. You can save 20% off your first subscription using the code BLESSEDNEST at checkout here. You can also try the diapers & wipes before subscribing with their free trial. The best part? The diapers are not only luxuriously soft but they are safe for your baby -- hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, fragrance-, lotion-, and latex-free. Their subscriptions deliver diaper bundles + wipes to your door every month, a must for busy moms and a convenience I'll definitely be taking advantage of when our 3rd baby arrives!

seven // blankets & bedding essentials from stella & lu

If you're looking for the coziest blankets, loveys, boppy covers and more, Stella & Lu is your shop. With hundreds (literally: hundreds) of patterns to choose from, Stella & Lu offers coordinating bedding, changing pad covers, crib sheets and more, all available in the softest minky fabric and backed in their signature faux furs. Now, to be totally honest I have never been a huge faux fur person (because what I'd felt had never been super soft or it shed a ton) but when Poppy's blanket arrived many months ago in the mail, I was tempted to keep it for myself it was that soft. If I put it in her crib for nap time, she is pretty much guaranteed to bury herself in it and fall asleep immediately. This vintage rose pattern is so feminine and dainty, perfect for our third little babe on the way. Whitney loves working with each customer to create the perfect blanket or bedding item for your little ones and also designing a nursery using coordinating pieces. I also love this mustard gold lace boppy cover and this navy and pink wholecloth baby blanket as well as this chartreuse cross lovey, a great gender neutral option for gifting!

eight // a wild creek co. rattle

You can bet if something is made of wood, it's probably my jam. We have more toys made of wood than any other material. There is just something so timeless and classic about them. Wild Creek Co makes beautiful wood rattles, teethers and pacifier clips I just adore. Their round rattle (below) is the perfect new baby gift and equally beautiful sitting in a nursery once a baby has grown or passed down to your next little one.

nine // a swaddle from coveted things

There is no such thing as having too many swaddles. Am I right?! We use them for everything under the sun around here, and Olivia still sleeps with the ones she had as a baby. Coveted Things makes incredibly beautiful swaddle blankets that are not only so soft but make for beautiful photo backdrops as well. A few favorites of mine are the black and white Dream Together swaddle, the blue Wings Swaddle and the blush Life Grows Lovely swaddle (pictured above).

ten // a bodomint diaper bag

I've been using my Bodomint diaper bag for about a month now and every time I go somewhere I discover something new I love about it. I shared a sneak peek of it a few weeks ago on the blog here in a Friday Favorites post shortly after it arrived, as well as the story on how it was created. Of all the incredible features it boasts, my favorite is just how spacious it is. With baby #3 on the way, I'll be carrying things for three little girls...and myself. That requires plenty of space and this bag has that and more. I feel like I can fit so much inside but because of the many pockets, I still stay totally organized. Another feature I love are the two outer pockets, something my previous diaper bag didn't have. If you have a little one, they're ideal for bottles (there are also two interior bottle pockets) but I love them for my own water bottle and sippy cups for the girls. The back has an additional pocket which snaps shut and is the perfect spot for my wallet and phone or anything I'm carrying that I want to stay within close reach and secure. There is also two side by side pockets inside, perfect for a handful of diapers and a pack of wipes as well as a pocket which holds a portable changing pad...and for us, pouches & extra snacks.

I also love the versatility of the Bodomint design, allowing the bag to be used in 3 ways -- messenger style across your body, worn as a backpack (so nice with full hands!!) and clipped to your stroller using stroller hooks (best invention ever). There is also a heavy duty handle that allows you to carry it as a purse, which I find myself doing a lot when I'm bringing the girls in from the car and don't want to swing it over my body because I already have Poppy in my arms. Of course the stripes are such a fun feature but Bodomint bags also come in solid black. It's durable & wipeable (must-haves with toddlers) and multi-functional but doesn't sacrifice in style. Both styles of Bodomint diaper bags are available for preorder here and will ship in early December.


So there you have it! Our Top 10 favorites for our third little lady. Are any of these your must-haves as well?! Be sure to follow along on instagram @blessednestblog to see more of the pieces I've been collecting for her and our favorite shops for each! Hope you are having the best week!! XO


best of the nest | the wooden wagon

Nearly a week into October and I still keep asking myself where all the time is going. We have been staying busy enjoying everything this season has to offer & spending as much time outside as possible before it gets too cold and we're stuck indoors. Today I'm so excited to share one of my favorite shops for our girls in my Best of the Nest series, The Wooden Wagon. They offer the most incredible selection of all different types of toys, including the Ostheimer wooden animals that both Olivia and Penelope love so much. 

We try to keep the toys in our home to a minimum, and instead of toys and stuff cluttering every corner, we love having lots of open space to play, dance and make memories. That means the toys we do invest in and keep around our home are so important, and The Wooden Wagon is my go-to spot for all things handmade, sparking creativity and imagination in my girls and even me!

I've rounded up a handful of my favorite pieces from The Wooden Wagon, including the new rainbow stacking tunnel we've been enjoying. As soon as it arrived Olivia said, "Wow! It's a rainbow like in Noah's ark!" (her favorite bible story...probably because of all the animals) and both of them love stacking it, making tunnels with it for animals and cars and it looks just as beautiful sitting on a shelf waiting to be played with.
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

We love countless pieces from The Wooden Wagon, but two of our favorite brands are Ostheimer and Grimm's. Grimm's is most known for their eye-catching, colorful wooden toys that are carefully designed to appeal to children of all ages with their simple and reduced design, beautiful coloring and inviting surface feel. All their toys are created from sustainable wood and are produced by hand in Hochdorf, Germany. When the rainbow arrived, I couldn't believe how lightweight it was and the colors are even more beautiful in person. Anything that has multiple pieces that can fit inside one another or be rearranged in different ways is something Olivia is always drawn to.

I have also shared my love of Ostheimer toys many times before on the blog, which are also made in Germany. We have baskets of them around the house and they continue to be the toys my girls reach for most often; because of their design and high quality and how well they inspire Olivia to imagine and pretend, these are toys I never mind having left out. I also love that there are no small parts or rough edges, making them completely safe for Poppy and even babies younger than her. Being that they are produced in Germany, they are a bit harder to find here in the US and thats why we love The Wooden Wagon so much, because they have the most incredible selection of every figure being made!

Because we love so many items from The Wooden Wagon, Blessed Nest readers can save 15% off your total purchase with the code BLESSEDNEST15 today through Thursday October 13, 2021 {password is case sensitive}. It's a perfect time to pick out a few favorites and save them for upcoming holidays.
>> Start shopping here <<

Have the best Thursday!! XO


best of the nest | bitte shop

This week in my Best of the Nest series I'm so excited to introduce a newfound shop run by a mother-daughter duo that has quickly become a favorite in our home, Bitte Shop. Bitte features a collection of the loveliest products from so many brands that I've loved for years (and also introduced me to incredible brands I'd never heard of before!) with products that are not only well made, eco-friendly and safe, but undeniably beautiful. Bitte's wide range of products encourage play, creativity and imagination in my girls and within our home. Right up our alley in every way!

In German, “bitte” means both, and that essence of respect and humble gratitude translates into everything Bitte does. Created by daughter-mother duo, Maia McDonald Smith and Sara Jonnes McDonald, Bitte focuses on sustainable practices and modern design to create a unique shopping experience. Maia and Sara understand that young parents are concerned not only with caring for their little ones, but also with ensuring the world they live in will continue to be a fair and beautiful place. With that in mind, they culled through the small batch and artisan community to find brands that hold these same values at their core, curating the offering with an eye for refined style. Many of the featured brands are created by individuals with a clear passion for what they do, whether it’s outfitting little ones or designing toys to set their imaginations racing. Bitte is built to last, and here, you’ll find toys and clothing that will be cherished for years to come.

Bitte offers products from countless categories, including soft and wooden toys, pieces for make-believe, dress up, creative projects, crafts and more. They also stock clothing, a collection of beautiful books (with so many of our favorites, including the two below!) and items for the home as well. If that weren't enough, their website is clean + easy to navigate, where you can shop by brand, by category or even for gifts in specific parameters. I've rounded up 10 of my all time favorite products from Bitte below!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

We have nearly every single one of these products in our home and they all get so much love from both our one year old and three year old. I love that their selection includes a wide variety of options for even the smallest babies, like this cozy bear lovie {five} or sleepy-wakey maileg elephant {seven}. Many of their toys and books are perfect for teaching concepts, such as letters, numbers and states. This set of US Blocks is gorgeous and would be perfect as your child begins to recognize letters, state shapes and state abbreviations. Of course they can be used just to stack and build with too, which is more Poppy's style these days ;)

We love Bitte so much that you can save 15% off your total purchase using the code BLESSEDNEST15 today through Monday September 19. Bitte always offers free shipping on all standard orders within the US. Be sure to follow along with Bitte below for new product releases, special promotions and more. You can also start shopping here!

Hope your week is off to a great start!! We are getting ready for Penelope's party this weekend and enjoying the cool breezes we wake to every morning. Fall is my favorite! 


organizational favorites with pehr designs

As the end of summer rolls around and Olivia heads back to school -- and all the other Fall activities we are involved in kick off -- I always get the urge to get super organized and update the girls' rooms with some fresh accessories for the new season. We try to keep our home pretty minimal as far as toys and "stuff" goes, because we love our open space so much with room to move, dance and play. And I've always believed that a clear home = a clear mind. What mama wouldn't benefit from that?!

As each new season approaches, I go through all the girls clothes, accessories, shoes, and mine + Dustin's closets and belongings as well and try to get rid of as much as possible. I almost always find I can give things away to friends or family that we no longer need or use who will benefit from them or resell clothing that we no longer wear or that has become too small for the girls to fit in. It always feels so good to start a new season with less stuff and more space, and with everything we do have, organized!

It seems there are so many options for storage these days, everything from baskets to bins and more. We love using them for everything in our home -- from the girls' books, toys, blocks and blankets to dolls, crib sheets, shoes and more. I love that because they're open, it's always an invitation for kids to play and create. Poppy loves pulling blocks and toys out of bins in our playroom and when we go in the backyard, I just grab a bin of books or toys for the girls to play with on a blanket. They add convenience and make clean up a breeze, since Olivia knows where everything goes and can easily put it back when she's done.

I've partnered with one of my favorite companies for home and children's decor, Pehr Designs to share our favorite storage solutions. Launched in 2010 by childhood friends Jennifer Kelly and Rebecca Perren, Pehr Designs offers a line of classically simple yet modern home accessories. Below are a few of my top picks from their wide variety of beautiful storage items.

We have a set of these grey pom pom bins in varying sizes and I love that they're neutral but still add some fun texture and style to whatever room they're in and versatile enough to be moved around the house as needed. It seems like the girls want to be in different spots to play every 5 minutes so being able to grab our bins with all our toys and move as they do keeps life simple. I love how versatile their sizing is, making them function for all your needs big or small.

Pehr Designs is offering 30% off their entire range of storage items to help you and your family get organized as the new school year approaches, both at Pehr Home & Petit Pehr, their complementary children's collection. To take advantage of this offer, simply enter the code PENCILS at checkout. The promotion is valid today through Sunday August 21st.

To start shopping, visit any of the links above for a specific piece or find all their storage products here. Happy organizing! 


parasol favorite features + a giveaway

A few weeks ago in a post here I shared our newest obsession with Parasol Co. and their amazing natural diapers + wipes. The diapers are modern + fun and so fluffy soft without being bulky or stiff. The quilted wipes make me feel like I'm at a spa {because they smell like cucumber + aloe} instead of changing a diaper and they are conveniently delivered every month to my doorstep in the exact size I need. Total mom win, right?! 

Over the coming months, I'm partnering with a handful of my favorite brands to feature all of our must-have baby essentials and what could be more essential than diapers + wipes?!

I shared just about everything we love about Parasol Co. in July's post and gave an in-depth look at what sets their products apart and what the company stands for. Now that we've been using them for about 6 weeks with Poppy, I thought I'd give an update on our favorite features as well as how long each month's box lasts us and how you can try them out yourself if you haven't yet.

F A V O R I T E  F E A T U R E S

+ I love how luxuriously soft Parasol diapers are while still maintaining their eco-friendly, natural status 

+ I can't get enough of the fun modern prints. In the summer Poppy wears dresses every day and I don't even feel the need to put bloomers on her because the diapers are so stylish, why would I cover them up?!

+ I love how absorbent the diapers are. We have tried just about every diaper out there and these rank the highest as far as combined comfort + absorbency goes.

+ The wipes. I could probably write an entire post on the wipes themselves, they're just that good. We use them for everything around here -- diaper changes, in the bathroom, in the car, in my diaper bag, wiping hands and faces and more. They smell great, feel great and are thick + durable but still super gentle on my girls and myself. I also love that they're naturally scented with a refreshing cucumber and aloe but that it doesn't linger or create a sticky residue like wipes with synthetic fragrances.

+ I love the convenience of Parasol's monthly subscriptions. This is a no-brainer, but being able to have my diapers and wipes delivered to my door makes life so much easier. Yes, I run errands often but by the time I get Olivia in the front of the cart, Poppy in her carseat in the main part of the cart and add stuff some groceries around them, the last thing I have room for is a big box of diapers. Anyone else?! Subscribing is super easy and I love that I can go into my account anytime and adjust my subscription -- you can change the frequency of your deliveries (every 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-weeks) as well as the diaper designs and size. This makes it super simple to size up as your baby grows and try out all the different designs they have. I have my subscription set to arrive every 5 weeks, because I was finding that I didn't finish a full box of diapers in one month. The wipes, however, I cruised through because we literally use them for everything. When I'm running low I love that I can just order individual packs of wipes in either the full size (72 total in each) or a handful of travel packs (20 total in each) here under their SHOP tab. For parents of multiples, setting a delivery frequency of 3 weeks ensures you have enough diapers for both your babes

H O W  T O  T R Y  T H E M  O U T 

+ Parasol Co. offers monthly subscriptions tailored to your child and family's needs as I shared above. You can visit their website here and click on "SUBSCRIBE NOW" / Parasol offers both a Diaper-only subscription and a Diapers & Wipes subscription, which is what we do. Having an account allows you to easily log in to see when your next box is shipping, grab the tracking number once it does, modify your size & design for next month and change how frequently they arrive based on your needs.

+ When you subscribe, you'll be prompted to answer questions about your baby (name, gender, age and weight), select your diaper size and your design collection (both of which can always be modified for future deliveries) as well as enter BLESSEDNEST in the PromoCode box to save 20% off your first subscription!

+ Parasol Co. also offers a free trial if you'd like to give their diapers and wipes a try before subscribing monthly. To take advantage of their free trial, you can visit their website here and click on the "Free Trial" tab. You'll get 8 diapers in your choice of size and a 20-count pack of their wipes for only $5 shipping. This is a great way to see if they're a fit for your family. 

And of course, what's a Monday without a little giveaway?! 

I am so grateful to be able to share the products we believe in + love using in our own family with each of you so I've teamed up with Parasol Co. to give away ONE MONTH OF DIAPERS & WIPES {$85 value} in the SIZE & DESIGN of WINNER'S CHOICE to one of you! To enter,  head over to my instagram @blessednestblog to the giveaway post here.

For an extra entry, leave a blog comment below sharing a little bit more about yourself or your family! Giveaway runs today through Sunday August 21 and the winner will be announced on the original IG post once the giveaway closes. 

Hope your week is off to a great start!! XO


best of the nest | ellia may designs

Having little girls, it seems there are endless options for bows & hair accessories, our favorite of which are always handmade. This year I've had the opportunity to share a few of the very best in my Best of the Nest series, along with a handful of other brands and products we love and use everyday in our home and for our family.

Today is all about one of my favorite shops for high quality modern and stylish bows, Ellia May Designs, which is owned and run by Mama of two, Tessa. She offers a variety of fabric bows, our favorite of which are the sailor bows. I love their shape and overall look and they come in just about every color and pattern you could imagine, with new ones continually being released. Her new Fall collection just came out and this evening teal one is my absolute fav.

Tessa shares more about herself and her shop below:

"Hi I'm Tessa! I am a mama to two of the most spirited fun loving little rascals who know how to keep me on my toes! I am mommy/wife first and a bow maker second! Being a mom and a wife has left me with very little time for myself and to do things I love. I tried lots of things before finding out that making hair accessories was my niche."

"I created Ellia May Designs in June 2014 (named after my daughter, Ellia May) shortly after she was born. I wanted to make bows and hair accessories that were simple and classic in style, but I also had to have some bright and funky ones too. Making them ideal for tiny newborns to older girls was my goal. With so many gorgeous prints, patterns and textures in all the fabrics, I choose only the best and I am always meticulous with my work. If I wouldn't buy it, I am not selling it."

"I love to have plenty of options for any customer; so there are lots of great solid colors, and fun bright prints and patterns designed to go with every season or holiday. I even create and design some of my own fabrics so they're truly one of a kind. I wanted the bows to be timeless and fun and last through every adventure. So I got to work and I created this little business!"

"Being a wife and a mom is a full time job, especially for our family since my husband is a firefighter and his schedule is pretty grueling. We try and make the most out of family time together. Summers are spent doing lots of water activities, being in Northern California it gets pretty hot! When I'm not making bows, we can be found at drive in movies, spending time with friends and family, and having dance parties...Lots of dance parties!"

Tessa's bows are the perfect size for all ages, I love that they make a statement without being too big. Now that Poppy is almost 11 months, she tends to reach for and pull off bows when they're extra big. I love the size of these because she doesn't even notice she's wearing them!

All the bows from Ellia May Designs can be put on nylon that will stretch to fit almost every head size and grow with your baby, making them last longer. They can also be made in to clips for toddlers and older children. I love this magenta polka dot sailor bow and this white daisy one {below}, which has such a fun vintage look to it. This Liberty of London floral sailor bow is another favorite, so perfect for transitioning from summer to fall.

Because we love Ellia May Designs bows so much, I teamed up with Tessa to give some away to you! Not only can you save 20% off your total purchase using the code ABN20 at checkout (discount valid Monday August 8 through Sunday August 14 only), you can also enter to win a $50 shop credit to Ellia May Designs over on my instagram @blessednestblog here. Giveaway runs today through Sunday and the winner will be announced on the original post. 

Hope you're having a wonderful start to your week!! XO

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