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I recently shared in a post here about how we keep the girls' clothing to a minimum and aim to have a  capsule wardrobe for all 3 of them. Olivia will be starting her second year of PreK this September and I wanted her to have a handful of Fall staples that I didn't have to spend much money on, but that were cute, comfortable and functional for playing inside & out. 

I love shopping small as much as possible, but I am not going to send Olivia to school in Alice + Ames dresses or Childhoods hoodies. Because the day I do will be the day she comes home covered in purple paint. And those are the pieces I want to last to pass down to her younger sisters. So I splurge on a few 'small shop' pieces each season and then typically buy 8-10 new neutral, layering pieces for Fall & Winter if she has outgrown what I purchased last year. I resell or donate 85% of her old clothing, especially if the season it will fit Penelope for is off, and then I start fresh with new pieces! All this to say, Old Navy & Gap had some goooooood selections this year and I love what I got her so much that I wish they came in my size!!
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

 I love that I can mix & match the tops with the jeggings, black leggings (our fav here) or classic blue jeans. The cowl neck poncho {three} is so darling on and perfect to throw over some of the jersey scoop-neck long sleeve tees we love. I also got Olivia a pair of denim overalls that I'll pair with the long sleeve tees, I just loved how versatile and classic they were. 

Olivia wears 5T across almost all brands but also fits in XS in Girls clothing, so I had fun picking out some pieces for her from that section since I've never before shopped it. I especially love Old Navy's Athletic line, including this bright orchid one (her favorite color!) and this gray open-front jacket that is almost identical to a sweater I recently got from Athleta (here).

I picked up some super basic neutral sweatshirts {four, eight} which will be perfect for school and layering under vests. This one from the girls section with the sleeve stripes totally reminded me of old school hoodies I wore in high school. It's a longer length and so cute on, especially with skinny jeans.

A classic black top {two} is always nice to have on hand and it also comes in the prettiest cowboy blue, which we have this top in. 

Both the girls and toddler section has cute "Fit and Flare" dresses {one} that remind me of Alice + Ames but that I will actually send her to school in ;) I got the classic B&W striped one here and then this mustard one.

The only new bottoms I picked up this season were these olive leggings {eleven} which are easily one of my favorite pieces in her wardrobe and then these go-warm mini-stripe leggings. They look so cute on and they are her first "real" pair of athletic leggings. I plan to pair them with casual hoodies and her tennis shoes {twelve} for school.

I also picked up the ruffle-hem top in gray {five} for both Olivia and Penelope; it is so soft and reminds me of my favorite gray dresses that all 3 girls have worn from Gap since they were just a few months old. Perfect to pair with colorful leggings and tights! I grabbed this hat in ivory for Poppy since the one she had last Winter is way too small (but will soon fit Adaline!) and this jacket and this polka dot onesie {seven} for Della for Fall. I love keeping the girls' clothing as neutral as possible and the black onesie will look so cute with festive tights underneath or a cute pom bonnet!

What items are you loving this Fall?? I'd love to hear your top picks!! Have the best weekend!! We are off to celebrate our 5th anniversary tonight and enjoy some family time on Saturday & Sunday!!

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