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We are still pretending the long weekend hasn't actually come to an end by continuing our grill-outs, beach days and backyard fun. Dustin went back to work on Wednesday after a 4-day weekend and is staying very busy. His days are long (he told me he got up at 3:50am yesterday morning to get to work by 5:15am, no thank you!!) so we have been trying to make the most of the evenings together as a family, especially when the weather is so beautiful. 

We had a really fun, low-key 4th of July with lots of pool parties, friends & family, campfires & s'mores, burgers (on pretzel buns, my favorite!), popsicles, a few beach trips and fireworks. My Dad bought the girls sparklers and snaps and they had a blast with those all weekend long. I remember doing both as a little girl so it was fun to watch them make the same memories.

This summer the weeks are just flying by and I feel like I am on my phone, blog and instagram much less than usual, which is so refreshing but also leaves this space here extra quiet. So I thought I'd share a Follow Friday to kick off your weekend!

one || One of our fav brands, Childhoods Clothing, released their new camp line yesterday and there are so many pieces I am loving but the new skirts with pockets are darling and perfect to wear all Summer into Fall. I also love the short sleeve henleys, especially the Camp Green color, which I can't wait to put on Poppy!

two || If you've seen any of my grocery tour stories you will know we love cookies. One time all the girls were having meltdowns as I was checking out at the grocery store and the lady felt so bad for me that she gave me a kitchen sink cookie to take home and we are now totally hooked on them. Our Whole Foods had samples out of these white chocolate macadamia nut cookies when we went grocery shopping earlier this week and you guys, they are so good. I picked up a pack to bring to our beach playdate today but not eating them beforehand took all the self-control I had.

three || I feel like the girls live in their swimsuits these days and we are either running through the sprinkler, headed to the splash pad or spending the day at the beach. I picked up these hooded cover ups for Olivia and Penelope (in white) and they have been so handy for all our summertime adventures. In the mornings before we head out, I dress the girls in their suits and cover ups, and then coming home they just wear the cover ups and I can easily rinse the girls in the tub before nap time. All I have to pack is an extra diaper for Poppy and a pair of underwear for Olivia instead of bringing a change of clothes for each of them on top of everything else I'm lugging along. They are warm and cozy without being too hot and the girls love putting them on and zipping them up on our way out the door.

four || This book is the girls' current favorite. Poppy has so much fun lifting the flaps, so much so that I think they have been taped back on about 50 times. All day long I hear the girls saying the cute phrases from the book and I just have to laugh out loud every time. A great summer read with bright colors and such fun illustrations!

five || Our favorite latte bowls were just released in a gorgeous bright blue SLATE color that scream summertime. We have a handful of different colors and love them for everything under the sun. We also love their latte mugs.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun in the sun!! XO

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  1. Your favorites are always so good! I always find myself clicking literally every link in your posts lol. Seriously. So much great stuff!


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