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I've shared countless favorite children's books here over the past two years of blogging and on instagram @blessednestblog in my Lit List series and this time of year I normally do a round up of our favorite classic Fall books. Instead, I thought it would be fun to share the 10 books the girls are loving the most, some related to Fall and others just being newly released books that are beautifully illustrated & have equally wonderful stories. For a look at our favorite traditional Fall books, you can find last year's roundup here

// We also love her first picture book, Adventures with Barefoot Critters...all about teaching children their ABCs. The illustrations in this book are so charming and perfect for not only grasping the concept of counting but naming all different types of animals //

Sam and Dave Dig A Hole by Mac Barnett
// A story about two boys on a quest to find something spectacular. They don't find what they are looking for but end up having quite a great time in the process. This book is all about finding joy in the ordinary, even if it looks different than you imagined it would. I love the warm and simple illustrations and the surprise at the end for the readers //

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers
// This has been a favorite around our home for a long time, and continues to be one Olivia asks for day after day. She loves laughing at everything that happens as the story goes on and Jeffers' sense of humor is well integrated throughout the book, it's a really fun one for children of all ages //

// With striking and bold illustrations, this book tells the story of a farmer's cat as he journeys through fields, farms, forests and more. Olivia absolutely loves cats (and always tells me they "go to the bathroom in a glitter box") so this is a perfect fit for our bookshelf //

// Author of our favorite books, Dream Animals and Day Dreamers, this is a story about a little bear family that just moved into the woods and their adventure while out on a walk. Olivia loves the fox pup in it and the illustrations are of course so whimsical and darling //

// I included this favorite in our Fall list last year; not only is it perfect for this time of year, but I love the illustrations and Poppy always giggles at the squirrel that appears throughout it. It's a great book to read before taking a walk around the neighborhood and going on a leaf hunt, something Olivia has enjoyed doing after dinner as a family // 

// A quicker read all about a little girl and the magic of nighttime. Simple and sweet //

// This has more lengthy text but remains Olivia's pick each night because it's about two of her favorite things -- princesses and dancing. Bonus: Alison Jay's illustrations are absolutely incredible //

// A beautiful celebration of Fall, the changing leaves and animals preparing for winter //

// The first book I bought for our babe on the way, this one makes me tear up every time I read it, it it just so sweet. It would make a beautiful gift for an expectant mama or new baby and a great addition to any child's library //

What books are your little ones loving this Fall?! Hope this gives you a few new ideas for the season! Happy Monday!!

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  1. Thanks! I just added The Cat at Night to my list. I already had Stuck on my list. We read Sam and Dave Dig a Hole last year and loved it.


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