kitchen update + our week

This week has been an exciting one, as our backsplash went in on Tuesday and we have been enjoying our new (and almost complete) kitchen! We started demo back in early June and it's been a busy summer of taking on such a major renovation with two kids running around and so much heat + humidity but seeing our vision come to life has been so worth it.

Our goal was to be finished by the end of August and we just have a few final touches (outlet covers, open shelving above the dishwasher and touching up trim) that we're planning on finishing up this weekend before we add some art to our shiplap wall and really make the space ours, so it feels amazing to be ahead of schedule and to have a full kitchen back to cook in again! I'm pretty sure I've made just about every one of our favorite dinners and baked nearly every night since our appliances went in!

This week we spent some time at the local Farmer's Market with the girls and Olivia chose a bouquet of sunflowers to bring home, seriously one of my favorite flowers ever. And these were about the size of Poppy's head!!

On Monday night two of our closest friends dropped off loads of fresh produce from their farm + garden so we've been enjoying making meals out of that...I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend the weekend boiling and freezing sweet corn, because we have oh about 20 ears of it which will last all winter in soups + stews.

My go-to breakfast lately has been a tomato basil scramble with chicken maple sausage, both girls love it as much as I do and I love being able to make us all breakfast at the same time now that Poppy pretty much eats whatever Olivia and I have.

For dinner this week we made homemade gluten free pizzas with applegate uncured pepperoni (we love how big the slices are!) and fresh basil and then BLTs with fresh tomatoes and romaine. I always feel like I'm in a dinner rut because I overthink my meal planning and often tend to make the same meals over and over, but I forget that dinners can be super simple by just utilizing fresh ingredients on hand. 

This weekend we have our annual summer event at our favorite waterpark with a bunch of families from our marriage small group, which is often one of the highlights of our summer. I plan to make homemade caramel rolls to kick off Saturday morning, always a favorite breakfast around here. More kitchen sneak peeks coming soon. Hope you have the best weekend!! XO

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