our weekend

Our weekend started on Thursday night with some backyard pumpkin carving, our annual jack-o-lantern pizza and a pan full of homemade brownies. Yum. The weather lately has been so gorgeous that we are trying to take advantage of it as much as possible before the snow flies, especially because Olivia loves being outside! Penelope spent the evening in her Moses Basket chilling out next to us. What a fun night with our girls.

Friday was busy and a bit of a blur, but both girls took a solid afternoon nap and I cranked out some roasted pumpkin seeds while they caught some Zzzs so it wasn't all bad. That night we planned to have Olivia stay over at Nana's house but I got a call at 11pm that Olivia hadn't yet fallen asleep and missed "Mama and the Baby" so she wanted to come home. I couldn't help but love her more so I headed out to pick her up and she finally crawled into her bed at home around midnight. I don't think she had any idea it was so late but wow was I ever tired!

On Saturday we relaxed and between cleaning and a few errands, I camped out on the couch with Penelope asleep on me watching some movies. The past few weekends have felt so, so busy. And while I love having things going on, a slow Saturday was just what I was craving! 

We've been doing a lot of redecorating (I call it nesting, which Dustin claims I do even when I'm not pregnant!) and we put up a gallery wall in our basement with these floral antlers. I had been on the hunt for antlers for a long time and fell in love with the simplicity of these and just love how our gallery wall turned out with them at the center!

This weekend we also picked up our new dining room chairs. I found and ordered them last week and just loved the rustic touch they add to our dining room and how surprisingly comfortable they are!

On Sunday we hosted a Sip & See for Penelope and it was wonderful to have so many friends and family come from near and far to celebrate our new little lady. She slept through most of it, which made for lots of cuddles for all the people that love her so much! 

This week we have almost nothing on the agenda aside from some more pumpkin carving, fall baking and relaxing...and I couldn't be happier! Hope your week is off to a great start! I can't believe it's almost November! 

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