our weekend

What a weekend!! Dustin had Thursday and Friday off so we enjoyed a long 4-day one filled with lots of our favorite things. We didn't have a ton on our agenda going into the weekend {usually how I like it} but once Thursday afternoon came, it seemed more and more plans were made and we had such a blast. With less than 6 weeks to go until I'm full term, I think we both have the sense that we want to take advantage of all our time with just Olivia and fill our weekends with opportunities to make lots of new memories, which we definitely did this past one!

Our weekend was filled with homemade lemonade {a craving that has lasted my entire pregnancy!}, lots of delicious food and almost all our time spent outside in beautiful weather as a family.

On Thursday, we took a trip to the local strawberry patch for more fresh berries and our favorite strawberry rhubarb turnovers. We made a pit stop on the way home to get Olivia a kiddie crunch cone at a tiny hole-in-the-wall icecream shop. She loved it, of course. Girl after my own heart. That night we grilled out with my parents and didn't come inside until well after 9pm. I love how long the days are this time of year. I made an angel food cake to pile all our fresh berries on and homemade whipped cream. Yum.

On Friday, we took a fun trip just the two of us to IKEA and went out to lunch at our favorite local pizza joint. I did some grocery shopping during V's nap and then we made homemade summer rolls for dinner, ate outside and settled in for movies and popcorn after Olivia had fallen asleep. 

Saturday we slept in, relaxed, did some DIY projects {more on those coming soon} and then headed over to our best friends' house for homemade pizzas on the grill and root beer floats. Olivia had a blast blowing bubbles with Dad and I got lots of newborn snuggles in, since my dear friend just had her second little one two weeks ago! I can't believe we'll have our own little bundle in less than two months!

On Sunday, we visited the cutest bakery that serves the most enormous muffins I've ever seen and the tastiest scones. Goodness gracious, this Mama was in heaven. Afterward, we explored a new Farmer's Market and then enjoyed an afternoon at my parents' pool in the sunshine. Sunday wrapped up with a good ol' dinner of chipotle and chips+guac {another craving that hasn't gone away} before one final trip to the park and an early bedtime for our little lady.

It was a packed one but so, so good! Hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be, whether totally relaxing or crazy-busy or somewhere in between! XO

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