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I mentioned in Olivia's revamped room tour that we recently transitioned her from her crib to a twin bed. Being that it was my first time doing this, I had no idea how it would go and didn't even really know what to expect. I just knew I wanted to do it at least two months before Penelope arrives so that Olivia could fully adjust and we could move the crib into the new nursery.

Instead of converting her crib into a toddler bed, we opted to move her up to a twin bed from the get go. Even though it seemed like such a big jump from a crib due to its size, it made sense for us since we not only wanted to reuse the crib for Poppy, but invest in a bed that Olivia can use for years to come. 

The Jenny Lind bed we chose is offered in both a toddler & twin size, as well as full and queen and in other colors aside from white. It comes with an 18-year quality guarantee and I love that it is made of solid poplar with intricate wood turnings -- it has so much charm!

Olivia has always been a great sleeper, but I had no idea if or how the transition would affect her. From birth to three months she slept in a bassinet next to our bed, and then at 3 months we moved her to a crib in her own room. I knew I wanted to transition her out of her crib right around age two, and doing so at 25 months has been the perfect timing for us as we prepare for Miss Penelope's arrival.

My biggest fears going into the transition were (1) that she would get out of her bed during naps or in the middle of the night and want to play/read/leave her room and (2) that she would fall out of her bed during the night. Our master bedroom shares a wall with her room and we have a video monitor, but I didn't want her wandering around upstairs when she was supposed to be sleeping or getting hurt.

Overall, the transition has been a huge success. It's been over three weeks now and Olivia hasn't tried to get out of her bed once, which was a pleasant {and welcome} surprise! Both at nap time and bedtime, I lay down next to her and we read at least two books, then I rub her back or stomach.

I got her this Twilight Turtle after a friend recommended it and it has seriously made the transition so easy! We had never used a nightlight with her but I felt that she would want one now that she isn't in a crib, and the turtle was the perfect solution. I love that it can be placed anywhere in the room and that it projects stars and the moon onto her bedroom ceiling and walls. I set it to rotate through the three colors {green, blue and amber}, it runs on batteries and it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes.

I also think a solid bedtime routine has played a huge role in making this a smooth transition. Since we don't always do a bath right before bed, I try to keep it super simple and comforting -- we get in pajamas, she chooses 2-3 books from her bookshelf and then the blanket she wants to sleep with and we both climb in her bed together. I love that I can lay next to her and cuddle, something I obviously couldn't do when she slept in a crib. It's something I look forward to all day long. After reading books, we usually listen to a song or two and then say a little prayer while I snuggle her before tucking her in for the night. She always wraps her arms around me and pulls me in for hugs and kisses before I leave the room. Melt my Mama heart.

Finally, I was concerned about her falling or rolling off the bed in the middle of the night, since she wasn't used to sleeping without being surrounded on all sides. We have one side of the bed against the wall and for the other side, we put on a guard railing that is made for her bed. Initially when I ordered it, I wasn't sure if I would like it or not (I didn't want her to feel like she was in a crib again with sides), but I absolutely love it! The bed is still super accessible and I love the look of it. It's perfect to drape an extra blanket over during the day and incredibly practical. It can easily be removed as she learns her boundaries.

I've also found positive reinforcement has been really successful with her so I reward her with stickers every time she sleeps through her nap and through the night. While every toddler is totally different, this has also been a huge help!

Now that we've transitioned V to her bed and smoothly adjusted to a new routine, I have to face the fact that it's time to start potty training. Wish this 8 month pregnant Mama luck!! 

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  1. Cute! We haven't transitioned Jase yet because I wanted a different crib for Elyse anyways. Plus Jase hasn't tried to climb out yet. BUT I will probably begin the transition soon because I also will start potty training here shortly as well. I hope it goes as well as it did for you!


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