Healthy Eating Series with Replay | Day 11 {Leafy Greens}

It's no secret that leafy greens have become what everyone seems to consider a superfood, and for good reason - they are as nutritionally packed as they are rumored to be. Introducing them into your child's diet can be surprisingly fun and easy. I love watching Olivia slurp down a smoothie that is filled with baby spinach and kale, knowing she has no idea what is actually in it and she can't get enough! When using the term "power greens," I'm specifically referring to spinach, kale and swiss chard - which are the three greens used in these recipes, but you can swap them out for any greens you regularly keep on hand.

One of the easiest ways to amp up the greens in your little one's diet is by adding them to fruit smoothies. Smoothies don't have to be all fruit and pure sugar - they can be protein-packed by adding greek yogurt, chia seeds or flax, and you can easily disguise a few handfuls of baby greens amidst blueberries and raspberries, two fruits extremely high in antioxidants. You can customize a smoothie in any way you want to fit your child's tastes and preferences, or simply use what you have on hand.


{A great addition to any breakfast, this Green Smoothie is a drink us girls love to whip up in the morning to refresh up and get us started for the day! Keep in mind that all measurements are approximate, since I just throw in what I have on hand}

what you'll need:
+ 2 large handfuls of spinach or any leafy greens {I love buying a mixture of baby spinach, swiss chard and kale from TJs}
+ ½ cup whole milk {easily sub almond milk, coconut milk, or 2% milk}
+ ½ cup plain yogurt {easily sub greek yogurt or vanilla flavored yogurt}
+ ½ cup frozen fruit - I usually use blueberries and raspberries but you can sub whatever you have on hand
+ 1-2 TBSP ground flax seed or chia seeds
+ ½ banana

what you'll do:
+ Put the leafy greens in a blender or vitamix and pour the milk over it; blend until relatively smooth
+ Add the remaining ingredients and blend well; add ice to thicken if desired or more milk to thin out
+ Taste and adjust according to preferences; you can also add a squeeze of honey {if your child is over 1 year}, agave, or a splash of vanilla to sweeten it!


{We eat a lot of eggs in our home and I love how versatile an omelette can be - I always think of it as a blank canvas to which I can add anything I want; add chopped spinach into your regular omelette to supply your little one with some power greens for their day!}

what you'll need:
+ 1 whole egg
+ Small handful of baby spinach {or any leafy green}, rinsed, dried and chopped
+ 1-2 TBSP cheese of choice {We love parmesan with spinach!}
+ Avocado oil / S&P
+ Small frying pan

what you'll do:
+ Pour a few drops of avocado oil into a small frying pan; heat over medium heat
+ Crack an egg in a small bowl and scramble it with a fork; add S&P to season and chopped greens
+ Once your pan is heated, pour egg+greens mixture in to cover entire pan
+ Let cook 1-2 minutes and then 1 TBSP of cheese onto half
+ Using a small spatula, lift half the cooked egg and fold it over the other half
+ Flip the omelette over and cook 1-2 more minutes
+ Cut into bite sized pieces, wedges or strips depending on your child’s age and preference


{Olivia really enjoys eating turkey sandwiches, but I am always looking for a way to jazz them up so she doesn’t grow tired of them. Adding in your child’s favorite white cheese and a thin layer of leafy greens and then warming it through on the stove to melt the cheese creates a delectable sandwich with the volume turned way up!}

what you'll need {to make half a sandwich}:
+ 1 piece of bread of choice
+ 1 slice of turkey of choice {we love Boar’s head brand turkey}
+ 1 slice of white cheese of choice {White Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone, etc.}
+ Handful of leafy greens
+ Butter, softened
+ Small frying pan

what you'll do:
+ Make your sandwich by laying the turkey, cheese and greens
+ Once assembled, butter each side of the bread with softened butter
+ In a small frying pan, over medium-low heat, place sandwich and cook 3-5 minutes per side depending on heat level or until cheese is melted and bread is golden brown
+ Serve warm and cut into wedges or as desired

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Have a wonderful weekend! Last weekend we had a lot going on so we are looking forward to a low-key one full of relaxing, good food and some Spring cleaning! XO

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  1. I don't know how I've gotten behind on your sweet blog but I love this! It's so easy to get 'stuck in a rut' and not know what to fix even when we have a fridge and pantry full of yummy and healthy foods. Thank you!


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