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As some of you may know, we are currently in the process of renovating our upstairs bathroom. My husband is a master licensed plumber so that makes things a bit easier, since he knows what he is doing and I would be totally clueless! He has been plumbing since age 18 {almost 12 years!} and it's so neat to see my husband completely in his element in our own home, since I don't get to see that side of him when he is away at work. 

We began with a 3-week demo, which honestly seemed like the worst of it. I probably said "We are never renovating again!" a hundred times in those three weeks. My husband works full time during the week and then would spend his evenings and weekends doing the demo. This makes for extremely long days for us both, lots of noise and even more dust. 

After the demo was done, that's when we really began to enjoy it again. This is our 4th major renovation since moving into our home three years ago and while the process can sometimes be painstaking, the end result is always worth it. We started off completely re-doing our basement in Winter 2012, and then last Spring we re-did our basement bathroom {which you can find here} and this past Fall we re-did our laundry room, which is now a total dream and actually makes me want to do laundry. Ha. Our upstairs bathroom was the last thing on our my list, mainly because I wanted a deep soaking tub so I can take bubble baths every night.

From the beginning, we wanted to create a rustic and cozy space that is inviting and extremely comfortable to be in. We knew we would incorporate modern touches, but still wanted an overall rustic, natural vibe. We chose gorgeous barnwood tile flooring that I am so in love with. It is porcelain tile that is made to look like real wood. I love the details of the knots and nail holes and how much character it will bring to the space. We decided on heating flooring as well, which just has me completely giddy.

Our first trip to the wholesale house for our fixtures in February was a huge success, as we found all our shower trim, a super modern faucet & an extra long soaking tub that was probably made just for our bathroom. Just kidding, but it was a total win - the exact {odd} length we needed and the extra deep style I wanted.

Next we chose our floating vanity and sink top, which are a rich dark brown and currently sitting in our basement waiting to be installed. We have been so happy with everything we own from IKEA and I love the deep, soft-close drawers that the vanity offers and the look of it being floating. It just creates so much more space. We decided on a single sink top instead of a double, because we are rarely using the sink at the same time {if ever} and I wanted some solid, functional counter space.

We just settled on our lights last week {above}, which I am so excited about. We debated between doing a vanity light, can lights or pendant lighting, and ultimately decided 3 pendants above the vanity would be the way to go with a can light in the shower. The pendants will be on a dimmer {best invention ever} and the can light over the shower will be on it's own switch. I just think pendants create so much elegance and interest, especially with the Edison bulbs. I love their rustic appeal.

From the actual renovation side, all our framing has been done. Our new closet has been built. Dustin has put in our tub and done all the plumbing and all of our electric and heated floor was completed last week. Sheet rock will go up this week and then all that's left is drywall, painting, and tiling. Then comes my favorite part - decorating! I've already found DIY shelving I want to make for behind the toilet and a gorgeous wooden sign for above the light switches. I know it will be even better than we envisioned it when it all comes together, and I can't wait to share a tour of it on here in the coming weeks! 


  1. Ive been a follower on IG for awhile and love all your pictures. Your tile is beyond dreamy and I love the light fixtures with Edison bulbs, anxiously awaiting the reveal.

  2. That tile is so gorgeous!!! I want that in my bathroom! Can't wait to see the finished pics

  3. we are currently doing a bathroom makeover in our master bath. I have done all the painting and gotten most of the styling pieces figured out. Our two main things we have left are picking out the tile and getting new mirrors (trying to decide between medicine cabinets and vintage mirrors)

  4. How fun! The most we have done to where we are is just paint and try to make it feel like home. I can't wait for us to own a house and be able to make all the rooms how we dreamed. :)


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