toddler meals | week 6

Fall is officially here & Olivia has been enjoying all things pumpkin right alongside Dustin & me! Her favorite new 'treat' is my pumpkin donut holes and of course pumpkin yogurt. Today is the 6th post in my toddler meal series, where I share simple and healthy meals for playful kids by offering a easy breakfast, lunch and dinner menu suitable for any day of the week. As a busy Mom, I want to serve meals that can be put together in no time at all but that still provide the nutrition my growing toddler needs!

breakfast || pumpkin yogurt, diced peaches & pumpkin spice waffles

+ We eat a lot of gluten free foods in our home just because we all feel better doing so, and I love making my own waffles using my favorite waffle cookbook and then freezing them to use as needed. I either use King Arthur's Gluten Free Pancake mix (equally perfect for waffles) or Cup4Cup Gluten Free flour in my recipes. I make a big batch on a Sunday afternoon, freeze them in quart sized freezer bags and just toast them before serving! Nature's Path also makes gluten free Pumpkin Spice waffles if you're looking for something extra convenient.

the how to ||

» pumpkin yogurt // Our favorite kinds are here & here // I serve very small amounts just because of the sugar, but since Olivia doesn't drink milk, whole milk yogurt is a great way for her to get enough calcium (and cheese of course!)

» diced peaches // I've been buying crates of fresh peaches from Trader Joe's and they have been phenomenal. I love to slice mine thin and throw it in the freezer for a treat, and for Olivia I just dice a few slices for her

» pumpkin waffles // I use any pumpkin waffle recipe that catches my eye & I simply sub the flour with gluten free flour (see above) or I use the King Arthur mix to make them; I freeze them in quart sized freezer bags for up to a month

lunch || tuna salad, string cheese, pinto beans & sweet potatoes

+ Tuna can be an excellent source of protein and healthy fat that your growing toddler needs; be sure to choose a high quality tuna that is the lowest in mercury, such as Tongol, labeled "chunk light." Look for tuna that is wild caught, not farmed. Natural Sea is our favorite brand because it is pole and line caught, packed in spring water and there is no BPA in the can lining. Keep in mind that the smaller the tuna, naturally the less mercury it will contain. Albacore is the largest of the tuna family and should be avoided for toddlers. Fish can also be an allergen so it isn't recommended that tuna is served to a child under one year and if you have any concerns, check with your health care provider before incorporating tuna into your toddler's diet +

the how to ||
» Warm pinto beans on the stovetop in a little bit of olive oil or coconut oil

» Peel, cube and steam sweet potatoes // I do this on Sunday nights and have them ready for the week ahead of time and then just heat up each serving as needed

» Peel apart string cheese or cut into small pieces // Our favorite here // Olivia absolutely loves string cheese and it's a great snack to share together -- I peel and she eats!

» Toddler Tuna Salad // I take one 5 oz can of high quality Tongol tuna [our favorite here] and drain it; add 1 TBSP of Just Mayo, 1 TBSP of finely minced organic celery and S+P, then I split it into 2 servings // You could add shredded carrots, red onion, green onion, etc. to accommodate your child's preferences. Also be sure to purchase tuna that is packed in water, not oil & I love Natural Sea brand because it's packed in spring water that is so refreshing and yummy!

dinner || white cheddar bunnies, diced avocado & warm quinoa salad

+ Last week I made a capres矇 quinoa salad for a lunch date with a girlfriend and I thought it would be fun to see if Olivia liked quinoa as much as I do, especially because its inexpensive, packed with nutrients, super easy to prepare and naturally gluten free. She went absolutely crazy for it plain, so I amped it up a bit with some chicken sausage and steamed butternut squash to make a toddler-friendly warm quinoa salad, perfect for cool nights this Fall +

the how to ||
» White cheddar bunnies are a treat that Olivia gets every once in awhile, and about the only thing she eats that comes prepackaged...there is just something so yummy and rich about white cheddar // Our favorite here

» Dice a ripe avocado into age-appropriate pieces // I serve half an avocado as a side to her meal and store the other half in the fridge with the pit left in to prevent browning

» Cook quinoa according to instructions; add cooked chicken or turkey sausage (our favorite here) and steamed butternut squash // While my quinoa is cooking, I remove the casing from the sausage and cut it into medallions, then heat them in avocado oil in a small frying pan and dice them; I also steam cubed butternut squash to add but you could sub any of your child's favorite vegetables!

I'll be sharing a few more meals as the month goes on as well as a special feature on Re-Play, my favorite shop for toddler-friendly dishware!


  1. Love these meals you put together! Have you found any bibs with pockets that are similar to this material? These look fabulous, but I think Charlotte needs a pocket to catch any food that drops! rather than her lap. What has been your experience? :)

  2. This is just great! I have been wanting to try quinoa for a long time and I think you just gave me the push I needed!!



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