our girls christmas wishlist

Christmas is less than a month away and Dustin & I have had so much fun shopping for our girls this year. Olivia and Penelope are at the ages where they totally know what Christmas is about and get so excited about it. The other day we were running errands and Poppy saw a bunch of trees with lights and said, "Mama, Christmas is ALL AROUND!!" and it melted my heart. 

They are also at the age where they know very specifically what they want. Olivia asked for slippers, new legos & paints and Poppy asked for a triangle. Like, a musical triangle ;) It made me laugh out loud but she's got her heart set on it so of course we will get her one. Della is a little too young to ask for anything but she loves everything her sisters do so she is probably the easiest to shop for. I thought it would be so much fun to share what is on their wishlist this Christmas!! 
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve

I found the cutest glitter slippers (one) on sale from Mini Boden this past weekend and can't wait to give them to Olivia!! She will also be getting a Cinderella Castle lego set (two) and Poppy will be getting this coordinating lego set. We started getting Olivia legos for her 5th birthday this past Spring and they have become one of the girls' favorite toys. They grew up with Lego Duplos and always loved those but the bigger (smaller pieced) sets are so much fun for them. We use these stacking containers to organize their legos by color and when Della is napping on the weekends they will spend hours playing together with them. Olivia also asked for this Ski Lift lego set to go with her Ski Chalet. Building sets with them is even fun for me!!

I've shared this before but I created Amazon wishlists for each of our girls and anytime I come across something they'd like or they ask for something specific, I add it to their list. Then when Christmas (or their birthday) comes, I send the link to family and friends who ask what they'd like. It makes gifting so easy!!

The other gifts we are so excited to give them are pretend makeup sets. My best friend has a three year old daughter who has pretend makeup and anytime we are at their house, all the girls love playing pretend with makeup. Poppy even stands on her stepstool when I'm getting ready in the morning and plays with my brushes, its the sweetest thing. They are at the age of loving to play dress up so Olivia and Penelope will each get a makeup set (three / eight - both are so cute in person!) and then a dress up necklace (nine) to go with it.

Olivia is learning to write and Poppy of course wants to do everything her big sister does so we are getting this Unicorn stationary set (ten) for Olivia and then the most darling letter tracing practice book for Poppy (four). 

Other things on their list that family will be gifting them are Cook in a Book! books (seven), cat puzzles (five) and art supplies (eleven).

For Della, her favorite toys right now are her wooden Ostheimer animals (twelve) so we will be giving her a few more of those and then the prettiest magnolia quilt from one of our fav shops, Clementine Kids.

The hardest part is the countdown until we can gift them everything! What is on your littles' wishlist this year?? Hope your holiday season is off to a magical start!! XO

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