our weekend

We have been spending every moment possible outdoors this month, as the weather has been incredible and we know all too soon the snow will be flying!! We have a tradition of going to our local landscape arboretum each October with our girls and we took advantage of the beautiful weather and visited this past weekend. 

They have miles and miles of walking (and driving) trails through the woods, dozens of gardens, flowers & plants, water fountains and water falls (anyone else have kids who are obsessed with water fountains??) and then this time of year, pumpkin houses, scarecrows throughout and lots of fun festive decor. The girls love counting pumpkins, running through the woods crunching leaves, treasuring hunting for acorns and of course, enjoying snacks and a picnic lunch amongst the gorgeous scenery! If there is ever a time to get outside and admire all the breathtaking views and changing leaves, October is it. 

Hope you had the best weekend as well!!

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