our fall bucket list

Our favorite season is here and even if it isn't "officially" Fall yet, it most certainly feels like it in our house! The girls have loved wearing cozy jammies to bed and sleeping with their bedroom windows open and I have a never-ending list of all the fall recipes I want to start whipping up. A few of the leaves have already started turning here and some have even fallen to the ground so I spend the majority of my time outside these days making sure Della doesn't eat them when I'm not looking ;)

We have already visited our local apple orchard to kick off the season, a family tradition we started last year on Labor Day. There is so much to look forward to in the days and weeks ahead, even just the simple afternoons spent in the backyard on our gathre mats with quilts & stacks of the girls' favorite books. I love the cooler weather, cozy sweaters, dressing the girls in boots, tights & hoodies and of course putting Della in our favorite bonnets. Olivia is at such a fun age where she is right by my side for all the activities and genuinely appreciating them as much as I do. I cherish the time spent with my girls and especially love watching as my first baby girl has grown to be my best little friend. We are looking forward to carving pumpkins, roasting the seeds, visiting the orchard about a dozen more times and bringing home cider licks to enjoy after dinner.

I always love reading about what other families look forward to most this time of year so I thought it would be fun to share our Fall Bucket List! 

Olivia loves crafts and art of all kinds so I am excited to do some special crafts with her as well as find some that I can include Poppy in, beyond just coloring with crayons. Every year we love going on walks and collecting leaves for art, you can see in the photo above her hand is full of them that she found at the orchard! Creating leaf families or collages using lots of different colored leaves is definitely on our list.

I also have always wanted to make homemade apple sauce (using this recipe), not just because it looks & sounds amazing, but because I can just imagine how incredible our house will smell all afternoon! A few other favorite Fall foods in our home are chili & cornbread, roasted acorn squash (topped with a little bit of sea salt & brown sugar) and hot apple cider, steeped on the stove in a big pot with lots of mulling spices. We host a small group in our home every other month and hot apple cider is always a hit for entertaining too.

When Olivia and I have some time at home just the two of us (usually during the afternoon when her sisters are sleeping), we go straight to the hammock in the backyard to snuggle up and either just relax or read together. I am looking forward to doing that with her as long as we can, with our coziest quilts and some pumpkin snacks.

Whether you keep it super simple or go all out for the season ahead, I think there is just something so magical about this time of year. Having little girls to share the season with just makes it that much sweeter. So thankful for our family and all the good things ahead!! What are you looking forward to most this Fall??

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