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Adaline turned 6 months old on August 1st so we have spent the month introducing her to solids! With all 3 of our girls, the first foods we started with were avocado, sweet potato and cooked egg yolks (hard boil eggs, let cool and remove the white then mash up the cooked yolk to add to any & all foods). All three of those are powerhouse foods, chock full of nutrients that our growing babies need for their growth and development. Since then, we've also introduced carrots, blueberries, bananas, pears, butternut squash, beets, zucchini, peas, broccoli and quinoa as well as coconut oil, which I add to most every puree when I blend them for bonus nutrients and healthy fat.

When Olivia first began eating solids in 2013, I set out to make my own baby food, then continued doing so with Penelope and now Adaline. But one thing I didn't have the first two times around is the kitchen gadget I reach for most often these days, our Beaba Babycook Plus. If you haven't heard of a Beaba Babycook, it is a sleek, modern way to steam and puree all different kinds of food, and of course it makes the process of making homemade baby food easier than ever because no pots, pans, blenders or food processors are required. A total Mom win.

Beaba's Babycook is a 4 in 1 baby food maker, which allows you to steam, blend, defrost and reheat all with one machine. You can steam, cook and puree food in as little as 15 minutes and as a Mom of three I love the time-saving aspect. The Babycook Plus model allows you to make two different sets of food at once, which comes in so handy when Della's big sisters want to taste everything I am making, even though they are 2 and 4 ;) You want steamed broccoli mixed with peas for your afternoon snack?? Help yourself!!

I love that the Babycook Plus design is sleek without sacrificing on function; it's something I don't mind looking at sitting on my counter on a daily basis, a definite perk because I keep it within reach for making Della's food fresh nearly every day. It takes me just a few moments to prep the food (usually just peeling and chopping) and then fill the water chambers for steaming and I love that I can easily combine different foods for new flavors all in the same containers. Another bonus is being able to steam veggies for our dinner on one side while prepping Della's meal on the other instead of getting out another pot and using our stovetop.

 Start to finish, it's incredibly user friendly and easy to clean. There are lots of accessories you can use alongside your Beaba Babycook as well. One of my favorite accessories are Beaba's clip containers (available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz sizes), which I use for storing freshly made purees in the fridge and packing snacks for her big sisters in my diaper bag. They can also be used to reheat and defrost food and with the built in vertical and horizontal locking mechanisms, it makes organization extra easy. We have been using Beaba's spoons as well and their multiportions silicone trays for freezing her food.

We have kept Adaline's diet pretty simple since she has only been on solids for 3 weeks, but I am excited to really take advantage of having the Babycook Plus model specifically, by preparing a fruit puree in one side and then a meat and vegetable puree in the other. Olivia and Penelope both loved wild caught cod & salmon as well as chicken and turkey (and still do!) so those are next on our list to introduce to Della.

One of my favorite blends for Adaline is sweet potatoes, carrots, coconut oil and a little cinnamon. It's so simple but such "comfort food" and she loves it. I also use our Beaba Babycook to make smoothies for the girls in the morning and for that, it has been a game changer! 

I'd love to know your little one's favorite foods, blends and recipes so we can add them to our lineup! Beaba's blog, The Crib, has tons of recipe ideas too so I am looking forward to trying lots of those, including this pumpkin one for Fall! 

It's Friday here for us since Dustin has tomorrow off and I am headed to get a massage this afternoon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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