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Happy Friday! I'm pretty sure my blog thinks I have broken up with it because I don't think 2 weeks between posts has happened since I started blogging in 2014, not even when one of my girls was born!! My time catching up here is totally lacking these days, as we are out and about almost 7 days a week, enjoying the beach or park or backyard, pool party playdates and then spending time as a family in the evenings when Dustin is home from work. I am just trying to soak up every bit of summertim! So if you're still here I appreciate you sticking with me and hope you have been enjoying your summer as much as we have!!

So a few things I want to share today! First of all, even though it's almost August (seriously??), we have about 5 more weeks of summertime here before Olivia starts her 2nd year of preschool in mid-September. So I wanted to share my favorite summer essentials, most (if not all) of which work year-round! 

I also wanted to get feedback from you guys on what posts you'd really like to see as we move toward Fall, both here on my blog, on instagram @blessednestblog and in my instastories. Do you want to see more easy weeknight recipes like I've been posting? More motherhood stuff? Natural lifestyle? More on children's books? Our schedule as a family of 5? Our home? Can you guys please do me a huge favor and leave a comment below with some of the things that are most important to you so I can be sure this space is always filled with what you most enjoy seeing and reading!

And last but not least, I wanted to share a little bit about something that is close to my heart. A local friend of mine, Jen Jacobs, is an incredible Mama to 4 little ones (ranging from 8 months to 5 years) and was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, with a tumor near her brainstem that is inoperable. There is going to be a huge auction held on instagram @forjenjacobs, from August 25-30. There will be so many incredible items to bid on, including a 4Moms Moxi stroller (for those of you who entered my giveaway but didn't win), baby carriers and slings, clothing and accessories from the best of the best baby + kid shops, gift cards donated by so many neat brands, and more! So if you are looking to get a few new items for Fall, baby gear or something for yourself or a gift, you can do so by bidding at the end of August and supporting Jen and her beautiful family because 100% of proceeds go directly to her. You can follow along with the auction page here and updates will be posted on there!!

Top 10 Summertime Essentials

We have 3 mats from Gathre and we love them all. We have one maxi circle, which we primarily use in our backyard (since it's pretty big to haul around) and then we have two midi squares (a floral print and a grid print) and I bring them everywhere. They are the perfect size for me and the girls when we go to the park, beach, on a picnic, etc. All 5 of us can fit on the midi size but if you're looking to really spread out (6-8 people), the maxi is perfect for that, just not quite as portable unless you have an extra big basket in your stroller or an extra set of hands ;)

Our favorite place for finding gorgeous heirloom quality bonnets is Briar Handmade, and the added brim on many of their bonnets is perfect for summertime sunshine. One of my favs for Della is this Rust one, totally gender neutral and such a timeless color. We have so many Briar bonnets that we've had since Olivia was a baby, so it's been fun to pass them down to Poppy and Della as they grow.

Melissa & Doug Sand Toys. The girls could probably spend the entire day playing in the sand, whether at the beach or our favorite local nature center that has a huge area for sand & water play (where we were yesterday on a playdate!). I recently picked up these sand toys and the girls are loving them: seaside nesting sand pailssandbloxsand baking set and sand cookie set

For sand toy storage, I am loving this beach mesh bag, perfect for shaking out the sand and it folds up into itself to save space.

This Wet-Dry Bag is perfect for all our summertime outings; I also love that it's super neutral and totally practical.

I searched high and low for the perfect beach bag that would fit not only suits and multiple beach towels, but a small cooler for mine and the girls' lunches, the girls' water bottles, extra clothes, snacks (of course), beach shoes and more and I settled on this Saltwater Canvas one. I ordered it in June and love it so much; many of my friends have ordered their own after seeing mine. Rather inexpensive, so functional and easy to clean/shake out before leaving the beach.

This lunch box for packing mine and my girls' lunches for a day out and about. My glass containers stack perfectly and there is still room for icepacks. I love that there is a zipper pocket in front, which I store a travel pack of our fav Parasol wipes and extra utensils. Then there is a mesh pocked on one side, where I can put snacks that I don't want to get cold or crushed inside, like pouches, apple chips, crackers etc. Lightweight and just the right amount of space for day trips.

We spend a lot of time in the backyard and the girls are always wanting to sit on our patio chairs but for Poppy they are still a bit too big. I picked up these Melissa and Doug folding lawn chairs for the girls (matching of course, as to avoid any arguments of who sits in which) and even though they are little bright for my taste, the girls LOVE them and I love that they collapse for easy storage, unlike most kid chairs that are stuck the size they are and then need to be stored all winter long. They come in a few styles, just scroll down to the bottom of the linked page to see all the options!

This flower sprinkler

This blow up pool. The sprinkler and pool are two of the girls' favorite purchases all summer. Fun fact: I didn't have an air pump on hand when I was trying to get the pool set up for the girls one morning and Dustin was at work, so I decided to get creative to use my Dyson hair dryer to blow it up and you guys, it was amazing!! I used it on the level 3 power (the highest) and coldest temp setting and in minutes it was set to go. So if you're ever without an air pump, give your hairdryer a try!

Hope you guys are having the best summer and enjoying every minute!! I may not be on my computer or phone as much as I used to but I know I'll never look back on this summer and feel I missed out. I will remember this time as always being right there next to my girls, watching them make memories, getting my hands wet, my feet in the sand and just being present with the three little ones that mean the very most to me. And blogging during nap time ;) I hope you are able to do the same!! Have a wonderful weekend! XO


  1. I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for sharing :) I would love to read about your schedule as a family of 5, sleep schedules for the girls, any parenting advice for having three little ones such as sibling fights, whining, how you handle sharing issues etc. I also LOVE your insta story grocery hauls. I would also live to read about how you handle the "mom I'm bored!", especially during the winter. I love your recipes, minimal living posts etc. thank you for taking the time to to read this :)

  2. Oh and I truly enjoy your day in the life of posts! And would also love to read about your cleaning routine! With three little ones, it's always a struggle for me!

  3. I love so much of your content, Megan! Your quick weeknight recipes on IG Stories are helpful and encouraging-- they give me ideas and also remind me that I can pull dinner together quickly for my own family. I also love when you talk about your daily schedule with three littles and how you still manage to get things done. I love your taste and your happy perspective on motherhood!

  4. I love your blog so much as you probably already know haha. I absolutely love your recipes and Instastory food hauls. I would love to read more about your girls play time specifically. Do you do a structured play time/schedule?, what types of play and toys do you encourage and how do you incorporate them throughout their day with limited screen time? Especially with Poppy's age. Also, would love a post on the different stores you shop for groceries at and the products you prefer to buy at the different stores. Closet tours since you mainly use one dresser for clothes, etc. :)


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