why we believe in chiropractic care

One of the ways in which we pursue a natural lifestyle -- and one of the reasons I believe our kids stay so healthy year round, sleep great and are generally in very good moods -- is by receiving regular chiropractic care. I mentioned in another post here that we go to an incredible Christ-centered clinic nearby, which specializes in chiropractic care for both adults and children/babies. Each of our girls has been receiving adjustments since birth, even just days old. I think a lot of people are scared of chiropractors (whether they just haven't found a good one or they have had a negative experience in the past) or picture someone adjusting a tiny baby's neck with a big crack. Thankfully, it's not that way at all. 

The most important thing, again, when seeking out a chiropractor is finding one you LOVE. Not just like, but LOVE. You are trusting them with your precious babies and children, and you want to be sure your values on health & wellness as well as your beliefs align with theirs. We love taking the girls for regular adjustments to keep their spine aligned and every other part of their body functioning at its highest potential. 

Every single organ in the body is innervated and those nerves/the nervous system is housed within the spine; if any area of the spine is out of place, it causes nerve interference and subsequently issues with the corresponding organs. Chiropractic is based on the belief that the relationship between the body's structure (primarily that of the spine) and its function (as coordinated by the nervous system) affects the overall health of the body. 

I also want to mention (in relation to the next point) that so many problems babies and children face can be solved naturally with chiropractic care -- such as acid reflux, gas & tummy troubles, colic, ear infections, even regular colds and the flu. If you take your child to a traditional MD for any of the above, they are going to prescribe medicine -- an antibiotic, a steroid, etc. So many medications do more harm than good, especially in a baby's tiny body. Many parents (including us) have success taking their babies and children to see a chiropractor; when they commit to receiving regular adjustments, those problems almost always would improve or disappear completely.

Regular neck adjustments facilitate drainage to prevent ear infections. Regular low back adjustments help with digestion, constipation, acid reflux, etc. because all those nerves housed in the lower part of the spine innervate the digestive organs. Babies who are just incredibly fussy all the time, won't sleep or have colic -- any time I hear about that, I tell moms to bring them to the chiropractor. The science is so simple and it's been proven time and time again that by taking care of the spine, the whole body responds positively. If you think of the trauma of birth ALONE -- even a completely natural, unmedicated birth like I had with Penelope and Adaline (I received an epidural with Olivia), can trigger so many issues for a baby in their head, neck and spine.

We have found personally that our girls are so healthy and feel their best when they are receiving regular adjustments. They have always been incredible sleepers from a very early age and we have never dealt with any colic or even much fussiness in any of them. 95% of newborns have misalignments or cervical strain (neck tightness or pain) after birth...that alone, left untreated, would contribute to colic and sleeplessness. Think of how miserable you feel when your neck is sore or you have a pinched nerve. Additionally, chiropractic care has been shown to be 90% effective at treating infantile colic; I personally have never had a baby with colic but from what I've heard, it is so stressful and challenging, I would think at that point you would try anything to get some relief and given how successful it has proven to be, I always recommend to my friends to start with a chiropractic visit.

Additionally, when our girls seem to have a cold or any type of sickness coming on (or if something is going around at school/church/etc), or when they are teething (obviously Olivia isn't any more, but Poppy still is), we bring them in for extra adjustments because they jumpstart the immune system to fight back whatever they're dealing with. The nervous system controls the immune system and therefore, when the spine is misaligned it causes nerve interference by placing pressure on nerves, which in turn negatively affects the immune system and inhibits it from doing it's job.

If you are really interested in learning more about this and how we've personally seen various things change in our own family through it, I can do a full separate post on it. All this to say, I swear by it and cannot recommend it enough.

Below are a few articles provided to me by our chiropractic clinic that may be helpful in learning more if you are interested or have specific questions:

FAQs about Children & Chiropractic Care
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One of the 3 chiropractors at our clinic also wrote an eGuidebook for Healthy Kids, which addresses many common problems + sicknesses that a child deals with and how they can be treated naturally. That can be accessed here. There is also a one minute video about why children should be adjusted that can be viewed here.

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