why our family takes probiotics

I shared in a recent post about the 5 ways our family pursues a natural lifestyle and the benefits we have seen from it. One way is by supplementation in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Find a list of all the supplements we take here. 

One of the main types of supplements we take are probiotics. Below is a little more information on what they are and how they work. 

Probiotics are constantly being talked about and are incredibly beneficial in a diet and through supplementation. Probiotics are live bacteria (live microorganisms) that are beneficial for your body, especially your digestive system. They have been shown to promote a healthy digestive tract and healthy immune system. 

Think of your gut (when it is healthy) as a flourishing rainforest -- it is full of lush, healthy, good bacteria that is incredibly beneficial. But at times, there is also bad bacteria in it (and in your body in general). 

When you take an antibiotic, it knocks out the bad bacteria in your body, but also takes all the good bacteria out with it. This leaves you (or your child) more susceptible to recurring sickness. Good bacteria benefits your body by keeping your gut healthy, keeping your immune system strong and helping your body systems function as they were designed to. 

You often hear about children that are sick over & over who can't seem to get healthy...the cause of this is almost always because a child was on antibiotics, often round after round. Dustin and I recently watched a documentary on the topic of antibiotics and learned that a single course of an antibiotic (say, 7-10 days usually) knocks out the good bacteria for a full year. Without any supplementation, it takes one full year for the gut to rebuild the rainforest that is the healthy flora after just a single course of ABX. Think of kids (and adults) who have been on one after another and how long it could take to rebuild that good gut health. This is why probiotics are so imperative for children, and why in our family we try to avoid antibiotics are much as possible and instead look to more natural alternatives, such as colloidal silver, essential oils and regular chiropractic care, which you can read more about here.

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