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Olivia will be turning 4 next month and she has always been a wonderful helper but I have really watched her shine over the past few months since Adaline has been born and am continually amazed at how much she does for me, for her sisters and around the house, often times without even being asked. 

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the chores she has right now and a neat chore graphic I found that may be helpful if you are looking to start incorporating chores into your child's routine. 

These chores obviously don't include picking up after herself, putting away toys/books/etc., these are in addition. As soon as the girls started walking and talking, they were responsible for putting away everything they take out and so far, they are both great at following through. I think starting this habit at a young age has been a big key in them continuing to do it without much prompting or reminding, especially because Poppy sees Olivia doing it and then naturally follows suit.

Below are the chores we began introducing around age 3:
+ Taking clothes out of the dryer and putting them into a hamper (to be folded)

+ Folding simple laundry -- such as washcloths, blankets, pants, underwear and matching up socks

+ Clearing 3 things off the dinner table each night (one for each year)

+ Getting water bottles out of the fridge for her and Penelope before meals

+ Putting a new bag in the trash after I've taken out the garbage

 + Picking up pinecones from the backyard (we have a huge pine tree) and putting them in a bag; this helps when mowing/raking/etc that they aren't all over the yard and she thinks its so fun, we call it a pinecone treasure hunt and she counts them as she goes, which is also a great way to work on higher number counting

Below are the chores we began introducing around 3.5:
+ Emptying the dishwasher -- As soon as the dishwasher is done running, I open it to let everything air dry and remove all the knives (I usually do this before bed), then in the morning before breakfast she empties it by taking everything out and stacking the plates on the counter in front of the cabinets they belong in, putting silverware in the drawer and bowls on the counter (This is one she actually wasn't taught and just randomly started doing when she saw an open dishwasher...I figured it was a great job for her age and she actually loves doing it)

+ Unpack groceries and put away what she can and then set the rest on the counter

+ Making her bed

+ Setting her backpack out for school and packing what she needs in it

+ Helping me clean the toilet and bathroom

Below are the chores we are introducing as she reaches 4:
+ Transfer laundry from washer to dryer (she will need a step stool to do this so I got one to keep handy in the laundry room)

+ Helping me water our herb garden and plants both inside and out

+ Dusting and wiping down the table after meals

+ Swiffering and sweeping the floor 

I loved this chore chart that I randomly came across last week on Pinterest. It gave me some great ideas for new chores to add. Olivia is a girl after my own heart, she loves to clean and help in any way she can, so for us this has just been a really fun way to create new routines and a bonus that it keeps our home extra clean and tidy.

What chores are your little ones doing at their age? Hope you're having a great week!!

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