one month

Sweet Adaline is one month old. Hello, fastest month of my life. I feel like just yesterday I was headed to the hospital, wondering what she would look like and what life would be like once she was here.

Adaline is so calm and mellow; you can just sense something so peaceful when you are near her or holding her...that is perhaps one of my favorite things about her. Amidst the busyness that is three children, she has become my quiet place, as I find myself savoring the minutes spent nursing her, holding her, just being in silence and admiring her and all that she is. She is the littlest one that has stolen my heart and now that she is here I cannot imagine life without her. It's amazing how you live for so long one way, feeling like your family is complete and life is just so good...and then you add another baby and wonder how you ever lived without them or how life could possibly have gotten even better. But it does.

I also find it so incredible that you can love each of your children the same amount, but that the love you have for them individually is so different. Do any of you Mamas know what I mean?! Each of my daughters fill a different part of my heart and satisfy a different part of my soul. They each have different needs and abilities and make me laugh & smile in different ways for different reasons. I think one of the very best parts about motherhood is being able to experience love in so many different forms. And that when you add another to your family, the love just multiplies a million times.

I shared a peek on an instagram story today (@blessednestblog) of a delicious breakfast quiche that Olivia and I made this morning. I hope to have the recipe up this week on the blog. It was so easy and so delicious! 

And of course, happy March! We are looking forward to all that Spring will bring as a family of 5! XO


  1. Not a mama, but I love seeing your sweet girls on your blog. Can't wait till my heart (and arms) are full with little ones one day!



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