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Happy Tuesday! We have been staying busy with our trio of little girls and planning Adaline's Sip & See for next month. I can hardly believe March is almost here and that our baby girl is 3 weeks old already. This is my second week home with the girls since Dustin went back to work and slowly but surely we are falling into a natural routine and it feels so good to be finding our new normal.

Della is still in the sleepy newborn phase so she can nap anywhere, anytime; she usually wakes between 8:30 and 9:30am in the morning, a bit after her older sisters, which has been nice since it gives me some time to shower and make breakfast for the girls and myself before our day really starts. She is up twice in the night to eat and the times she is waking are pretty consistent which makes it a little easier to crawl out of my cozy bed to feed her.

We have been trying to get outside as much as possible with the girls when the temps allow and are aching for Spring to get here, fresh air is so good for the soul! If we're not at the park on a walk, it's usually some form of baking in the kitchen after breakfast or before nap time. Between muffins, rice krispie bars, brownies...we are never short on treats around here.

Olivia and Penelope are also really into sticker books right now, so that is an activity they often are doing while I am sitting and nursing Della. Olivia has loved stickers for a long time but Poppy is now just getting to an age (17 months) where she loves them too. Our all time favorite sticker book is this one, it seriously has so many stickers and is so fun for the two of them. I have reordered it four times over the past year we love it so much. 

The hardest part of the transition from two to three so far is preschool drop off and pick up, which requires me to carry both a carseat and Penelope at the same time while simultaneously trying to hold Olivia's hand. Poppy has been walking for a few months but with icy/wet parking lots, it's easier just to swoop her up and make our way in and out quickly. Thankfully it's just two days a week and while I could use a stroller to make life a little easier, the time it takes to unload, put them in, etc. isn't worth it to me, at least not until Della's carseat gets too heavy to carry ;) 

I'll share more soon about how Dustin and I manage three, now that we are officially outnumbered, as well as a closer look at our day to day routine. For now, we are loving having a baby around and I definitely cry every time I think of her growing up, blame it on the hormones but goodness it is going too fast!! 

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