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We have been enjoying a slow December so far, with some of our favorite holiday traditions and starting some new ones too. The girls are at such fun ages right now (Olivia is 3.5 and Poppy is 15 months) and I am trying to soak it all in before most everything changes come February. We are all so excited to meet our sweet little babe, but I am also being intentional about enjoying time spent with my two little girls before we add another, and making memories as a family of four this season. 

At the very end of November we went to our favorite local tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree. I grew up always having an artificial one but it was important to me and Dustin that we go to a little extra work and get a real one each year, especially when our girls are young. The smell + sight of it + experience of choosing it together, sawing it and hauling it home is so special to us. This was the first year Olivia really got into the decorating part of it, and every day she tells me "Mama, you helped me put the ornaments on the tree!" (Not the other way around...lol) 

She always points out her favorite (a honey bear bottle) and today rearranged a few and when I noticed I said, "Oh, it looks like the stork moved from one side of the tree to the other" and her response was, "Yeah, I put the stork by Wendell the narwhal so they could be friends." (We have a narwhal ornament she named Wendell after one of her favorite books). Um, seriously?! Definitely what Christmas is all about. These precious memories and seeing everything -- even tree decorations -- through her sweet little eyes.

We have also been doing a few simple Christmas crafts (drying orange slices for ornaments + garlands is definitely a new tradition added to our list), baking together (peanut butter blossoms are my absolute favorite) and watching sheets of snow fall and fall and cover everything in sight. We haven't gotten out yet to play in it, since it's been quite cold, but the snow right now is so light and fluffy. Snow angels + a snowman are definitely on our agenda this week!

We have also been watching lots of movies, making popcorn and malts and reading lots of favorite winter books and doing puzzles. Olivia had never seen Frozen before (probably the only 3 year old ever) but it happened to be on ABC last night and I was excited to see if she enjoyed it. Dustin put Poppy to bed and the two of us curled up on the couch watching it. She held my hand or laid her head on my chest for most of the movie and I just never want to forget those moments together, still and silent, snuggled up with my first baby girl. It really doesn't get much better than that.

We are also redoing our master bedroom, which of course I decided was a top priority at the beginning of my 3rd trimester. Dustin and my Dad got to work right away painting two weeks ago and our new bed + mattress arrived this past weekend. I have a few pieces of art I'm debating about hanging in there and still on the search for the perfect area rug & light fixture but have a few in mind. We have a ceiling fan now and while its been nice, I am looking forward to putting up something with a bit more rustic charm. It's been fun to see the transformation little by little and has definitely been much less work than our kitchen reno this summer! ;)

On cold days when Olivia doesn't have preschool, we tend to sleep in and enjoy a long slow breakfast and then the girls love taking a morning bath. Today they spent over an hour in the tub; I love letting them pick a handful of toys and then I throw in a few empty shampoo or bubble bath bottles they can fill and squirt with, some bubble wands and of course lots of bubbles. It's the perfect way to spend those cold mornings having fun indoors. 

I have my 32 week OB appointment this week and Olivia has her holiday dance recital, which she is so excited for. We are also picking up a custom barn door this week that was made for our living room that I can't wait to hang up & share!! Less than two months until my due date and all that's left to get is a crib! Hope you are all having a wonderful week and memorable December!! XO

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