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Happy Friday!! December has been a whirlwind for us and I can't believe we are just two days away from a new year. This month we have been staying busy with our master bedroom renovation, Dustin's job and our girls, as well as family events, Christmas and of course counting down the final weeks before our baby girl arrives. Olivia has had the past two weeks off school and dance so most days have been spent at home reading books in bed, doing puzzles, baking and taking lots of bubble baths. Our evenings have been filled with watching Disney movies, eating icecream and grasshopper pie (mine and Olivia's favorite treat this time of year...oreo piecrust, peppermint bon bon icecream, serve topped with hot fudge and whipped cream) and relaxing as a family of 4. Lots of yummy soup, chili, lasagna and cesar salads have been on rotation and now that all our Christmas cookies are gone I think I'm ready to whip up another batch of peanut butter blossoms, even though it's nearly January!

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We had a wonderful, very low-key Christmas at home and Dustin had some extra time off work so us girls always enjoy that. Last Friday the 23rd we took the girls on a fun lunch date and to an old-fashioned candy store afterward.

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Olivia asked for kitty socks and candy in her stocking this year and being that we were two days away from Christmas and I had no candy yet, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to take her to pick some out. She chose tootsie pops and mini gummy bears and had so much fun eating a few gummy bears each day, naming the colors and mentioning how cute and tiny they were. Girl after my own heart. I definitely think gummy bears in stockings is going to be a new Christmas tradition for our girls! Dustin and I watched our 3 favorite Christmas movies over the weekend after the girls had gone to bed (The Holiday, Home Alone and Elf) and spent Christmas Eve at my Aunt and Uncle's house, then hosted Christmas day.

On Monday the 26th my Mom and I went out for coffee and did our annual after-Christmas shopping and picked up a few things for next Christmas as well as some fun birthday gifts for Olivia. She doesn't turn 4 until May but I found an old fashioned paper doll kit and the sweetest tooth fairy book & pillow set so I scooped those up on sale. Shopping for little girls is so much fun, I have my eye on a Little House on the Prairie coloring book for her...one of my favorite books growing up.

When I got home, I got to work immediately taking down all our Christmas decor and though I planned to leave the tree up until the 31st, I had my Dad come over and haul it out a few days ago while Dustin was at work. It's amazing how much room you realize you have in your home when the tree is gone and all the decor is packed away. It felt so good to have a fresh, clean space and not be cleaning pine needles up for the millionth day in a row! I will miss the glow of the lights every night but the open space is so nice.

We are headed into the weekend with a fun date night on the agenda tonight and then ringing in the New Year at home tomorrow with the girls. I'm thinking some good Mexican food and homemade malts. Sunday is looking to be beautiful weather so we hope to get outside and enjoy some warmer temps and sunshine. We are just over 40 days from my due date and I am forever dreaming of meeting our new baby girl in 2017. Happy New Year, friends!! XO

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