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Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to be launching a one of a kind gift guide this holiday season to share my very favorite products by category to make shopping simple & fun. Over the coming weeks I'll be featuring 5 Gift Guides by category, each with my Top 5 Favorite products. All of these products are either things our family uses & loves or ones that I have on my own wishlist this Christmas! I find so many gift guides to be overwhelming because of the endless options and wanted to launch a unique format that gives all of you a handful of tried and true ideas for each of the loved ones on your list.

First up: Gifts for Guys. 

Finding unique but useful gifts for Dustin and my Dad seems to be the most challenging part of my shopping each year. Maybe because when I ask Dustin what he wants, he never comes up with anything...he is a contractor by trade so he owns every tool you can think of. He's the least picky person ever -- which I actually think makes it harder to shop -- because he will appreciate anything I get him, but then I'm overwhelmed with options. So to kick off my 5x5 Holiday Gift Guide, here are my Top 5 picks for the men in your life.

This Christmas Eve will mark 10 years since Dustin and I met. Yes, we met on Christmas Eve! And I was only 16 years old then...wow how things have changed! For such a special occasion, I wanted to give Dustin a Christmas gift that he could not only use on a daily basis, but one that would remind him of the journey we've been on together and how much he means to me. To be totally honest, I find 95% of wallets in stores to be so boring...they are all the same, mass produced and therefore lacking in character and quality. When I stumbled upon Red Leaf Leather, the handmade leather wallets immediately caught my eye; then having the option to personalize them?! Hands down, best gift ever. Each wallet is handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah by Kelsey Roberts. The leather is as soft as butter, and such high quality. Being able to include a special quote for him inside the wallet sealed the deal. A wallet is something every guy uses, and I love giving practical gifts that still hold sentimental value, so this was a total win. Now the hard part is waiting another month to give it to him! Enter BLESSEDNEST10 at checkout for 10% off your Red Leaf Leather purchase today through Thursday December 1.

Daniel Wellington watches are just so classy. They are thin, minimalistic and refined, making them perfect to pair with any + every outfit and style, even for guys that normally skip the watch altogether. Dustin wears his casually and equally as much when he's all dressed up (find his brown one here + his black one here). The leather bands add to the overall elegant look of the watch and with so many options for the face (including their new classic black collection below, my favorite!), you can be sure to find one that suits his needs. Enter BLESSEDNEST at checkout for 15% off your DW purchase today through January 15. 

three | bluetooth wireless earbuds from sudio sweden

Featuring cutting edge Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the Sudio Vasa Bl疇 earbuds offer up to 8 hours of unlimited play-time. Offered in 4 colors (rose gold black, rose gold white, blue and pink), these are one of the gifts going under the tree for Dustin that I'm pretty sure I'm going to borrow for myself (and had to try out before I wrapped them...oops!) I love their modern look, outstanding sound quality and light weight design. Oh and anytime black and rose gold are paired together, sign me up. Enter ABLESSEDNEST at checkout for 15% off your Sudio Sweden purchase. No expiration.

four | handmade soap from mirasol farm

This may seem more like a gift for the women in your life but handmade soap actually makes a great stocking stuffer for your man. Our favorite soap company, Mirasol Farm Organics, offers a wide range of gender neutral and masculine scents and it's the only soap I buy for Dustin (and our whole family!), we love it so much! Their soap is vegan, organic and made with essential oils, plus lathers really well and they all smell amazing! His favorites are Rosemary Mint, Litsea & Avocado and Northern Lights, which is a nice woodsy scent perfect for Winter. They offer soap sampler packs where you can get a pack of 4 mini bars and can try a variety of scents. PS If you're in the market for your own soap, I can't get enough of the Lavender & Patchouli. The Lavender Oatmeal (yes, I'm obsessed with lavender!) is another favorite of mine for exfoliating.

five | a one of a kind bookmark

Dustin loves to read. He can be found reading a half dozen books at any given moment; he just finished Driven By Eternity and hasn't stopped talking about it since. A few weeks ago I asked him for a few ideas of small gifts he'd like and he mentioned he'd love a nice bookmark. I loved this idea and honestly had never thought of it before (probably because I barely have time to read...) but it makes a simple and inexpensive gift, an ideal stocking stuffer or even something you can have your kids help you with to make by hand. I love this classic leather bookmark, this bookmark that can be personalized (a name would be fun but I thought a favorite quote or lyric would be even better), this longitude latitude bookmark (another option for personalization), and this set of sprout bookmarks, which I love for marking multiple pages or sections. Olivia and I decided we would make him some by hand for Christmas, she loves crafts and I have loads of supplies on hand from my scrapbooking days (another pre-kid activity) so we'll see how they turn out!

What are you giving the main men in your life?! Hope this gives you a few new ideas if you're stuck like I tend to be! And Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! We are dreaming of our family recipe cranberry apple salad, Nana's stuffing and our favorite pumpkin pie! XO

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