It's a GIRL!

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a relaxing Fall weekend. We took it pretty easy, did a few small projects around the house and spent a lot of time outside with the girls. Olivia loves crunching the leaves & going on leaf hunts and of course the colors this time of year are always so pretty, especially on early morning walks around our neighborhood. We rounded out our weekend with a slow breakfast on Sunday morning of cheese souffl├ęs and donuts, a long walk in our pajamas, a visit to the park before nap time and then a pizza night and pumpkin carving with the girls in the evening. How many times have I said it, this time of year is my favorite!!

Last week on instagram @blesesdnestblog I shared that Baby #3 is a GIRL and thought it would be fun to do a little update here on the blog! The photo below was our official announcement, taken at our recent Late Summer Lifestyle session. I had so much fun planning the session, incorporating old fashioned props like this vintage typewriter, suitcases and a quilt. I'll be sharing more of our favorites here soon, it was hands down my favorite session yet.

We found out we were having another little girl about 3 weeks ago at our 20 week ultrasound and you guys, I haven't stopped smiling since. In some ways I was shocked, because deep down it was my heart's desire to have another little girl and I couldn't believe my dream was coming true a third time. But in other ways I wasn't surprised at all, because I'd had multiple dreams of her early on in my pregnancy, one where I actually saw her swaddled in the hospital in a bassinet sleeping beside my bed, right after she was born. Her eyes were closed and she had a pink hat on. The dream was so vivid I can still see her sweet little face if I close my eyes hard enough.

We had also been seeing her name everywhere, including her nickname, which I'd never met or known anyone to have. This whole pregnancy, especially finding out it was another girl has been so special to me, because I had been praying for her & praying over her since September 17 of 2015, when Penelope was just one week old.

That day, Poppy was asleep on me and Olivia was upstairs napping while Dustin and I watched a movie together. I remember being exhausted from having a newborn, nursing around the clock and snacking on a caramel apple while the movie rolled. As soon as I heard the name, I just knew. We were going to have a little girl and name her that. I was certain. Her middle name will be the same as mine, which comes from my Great Grandma. And her nickname (also from the movie) is old-fashioned and so darling, we can't wait to share it. I spent many months praying for her before we began trying to conceive, and then began having dreams and feelings early on in my pregnancy that it was her, just like I'd had dreams of both Olivia and Penelope. Finding out at the ultrasound just confirmed everything I knew to be true, and we are all just over the moon.

I'm 23 weeks along and I think it just dawned on me last week that we are less than 4 months until my due date. February still feels so far away but before I know it, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and ringing in the New Year and then the countdown will really be on. Having another girl, there is really nothing we need or need to do, which has been so nice. I have all the clothing, bedding, etc and won't be changing paint or any furniture in the nursery other than getting a new crib since Penelope will still be in hers when we move her into Olivia's room.

They say the 2nd trimester is the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy, and for me it truly has been. I was nauseous what felt like 24-7 the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, on top of living in a construction zone while we completed a major kitchen renovation (ourselves). I was constantly exhausted and had no energy to do anything all summer. Once August hit and I made it to the 13/14 week mark, I felt like a new person. I got my energy back, my nausea subsided and I hit that sweet spot where you feel great, still sleep well and aren't uncomfortably big yet. Ha. When I start feeling flutters, kicks and somersaults, pregnancy is my very favorite. I love knowing our sweet little girl is always with me no matter where I go, and seeing Olivia so excited to meet her and always wanting to talk to her and kiss my belly makes my heart so full. I'm not quite sure Poppy knows what she's in for, being that she is only 13 months, and I still haven't fully wrapped my head around the fact that she is going to be a big sister, cause she still feels so much like our baby. But the thought of her snuggling with her baby sister in a few months makes us so happy. And she can already say the baby's nickname, which is the sweetest.

More to come soon on nursery favorites, my top picks in new baby essentials and the girls' shared room design in collaboration with all my favorite brands! Have the best week!!

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