mother's day weekend

It's hard to believe we are nearly halfway through May and that I just celebrated my third Mother's Day. We had the most beautiful weather for the weekend which always makes for a good time since we can be outside with the girls in the sunshine. Dustin worked Saturday and then on Saturday night we went to a garden party with a bunch of other couples. Lots of good food, kid-free conversation and the dreamiest setting. We were there way too late and I still wonder how I used to stay out past midnight during my college days because it seems when we do that now, it takes me a week to recover! 

On Sunday I slept in a bit (my one big request for Mother's Day) and then we went to brunch with my parents. The restaurant had hundreds of balloons blown up for kids on Sunday so we came home with about a dozen...Olivia loves balloons and that has provided for lots of entertainment this week. On Sunday afternoon I wanted to update some of our landscaping in the front yard so my Dad, Dustin and I worked on that all afternoon. There is something so therapeutic about getting your hands dirty and working the ground. I am hoping to build Dustin will build some planter boxes for me to garden vegetables this summer once our new backyard fence is finished this week! 

Sunday night we relaxed and it was early to bed for all of us because I was still exhausted from Saturday. This year for Mother's Day, Dustin gave me a mini session with my girls done by our wonderful photographer and it was definitely my favorite gift yet. As soon as I got them back, I printed them all and updated the frames in our home. The joy of seeing our photos each day continues to fill my heart over and over again. These girls that made me a Mama are my dream come true. We have our family lifestyle session coming up in just a few weeks, but before that we've got a very special 3rd birthday to celebrate! Lots to look forward to this month & next.

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far! It's been cold and rainy here so we have been baking, staying in our pajamas and watching movies. Not a bad way to spend our days but we're ready for some sunshine soon. I hope each of you Mamas had the best weekend and know how amazing you are for all that you do! XO

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