memorial day weekend

What a weekend! Definitely the best memorial weekend thus far, being able to enjoy both our little girls, beautiful weather and lots of good food & the best company. I am always amazed at how much changes in a year. Last year at this time I was twenty-something weeks pregnant with Poppy and Olivia had just turned two.

Our weekend kicked off on Friday with grilling out and playing with the girls in the backyard. Between a tent, kiddie pool, buckets of outdoor toys, a bubble machine and hammock, those girls never run out of things to do out there. I like to lay down a big quilt for Poppy to play on and often bring out a basket of books for the girls if they tire of their toys.

On Saturday us girls slept in and relaxed most of the day. Dustin got up early to run some errands and hit up the gym, then Dustin and Olivia spent the morning park-hopping while Poppy napped and I cleaned. We started the first major portion of our kitchen demo on Saturday and it's always so thrilling to watch the process start to finish of a major renovation. This is our 5th renovation since moving in to our home and I'm so excited to see our vision come to life!

On Sunday we spent the day at the lake, made a stop at our favorite bakery for our all-time favorite cookies and after the girls were in bed, watched a movie and popped up some popcorn to accompany our leftover treats. We were up way too late but it felt so good to have so much time just the two of us, laughing endlessly and just being together. That quality one on one time with Dustin always refreshes my soul.

On Monday Dustin worked on kitchen demo all day while I spent the day with the girls at my parents' pool. My Mom picked Olivia up for breakfast during Poppy's nap and then we packed up and headed over. Being in the pool is so much fun now that Olivia is older and loves swimming. I feel like last summer she just wanted to get in and out, in and out and it was a lot of work! She's now at an age where she enjoys being in the water for longer periods of time and it makes for much less work for mama ;) We had a picnic lunch there and then I came home just in time to get the girls down for their naps and peek at Dustin's demo progress in the kitchen. 

We had my parents over for dinner on Monday evening; we grilled burgers, corn and the yummiest asparagus from our friends' farm. Then of course, what memorial weekend would be complete without a backyard fire & s'mores?! 

Feeling extra thankful for my little family and for all those who have served & sacrificed themselves for our country. Hope your weekend was the best!! XO

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