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Since moving in to our home after getting married, we have completed a lot of renovations -- our entire basement, our basement bathroom, our laundry room and most recently last Spring, our master bathroom. Four major renovations in less than 3 years through 2 pregnancies, one with a toddler. Looking back I'm not quite sure how we did it, especially since Dustin did a lot of it himself with his background in plumbing & construction and the time he put in to it was on nights and weekends. But we absolutely love how everything turned out and each of those spots in our home are ones we enjoy every single day. It's amazing to think back at how those rooms were before because the transformation was so dramatic.

We've also done lots of little projects here and there and have really spent time making our house a home. I want every single room to be my favorite room in our home and it's been a lot of fun making those changes one at a time, putting our mark on these four walls and bringing our visions to life. The last piece of the puzzle is updating our kitchen to more reflect our rustic style and function for our family and lifestyle. We've been going back and forth at when we want to take the project on and finally decided that June & July are perfect, since most of our time is spent outside anyway and we grill almost all of our meals...the ideal time to be without an oven and stove! Plus warmer weather always makes for easier demo, haul away and less stress when replacing windows, doors, etc.

We have Olivia's birthday party toward the end of May and then plan to get started on our demo shortly after in early June. Below is some inspiration I'm loving for our new kitchen. Find me on Pinterest @blessednestblog to follow along and see all my favorite home ideas.
All images taken from Pinterest.

We are turning one of our kitchen walls into an open shelving pantry with rustic wood shelves, uniform glass jars and shiplap! Dustin has been wanting to do shiplap in our home for quite some time (we are loyal fixer upper fans over here) and our smallest kitchen wall is the perfect spot for it. I love the look of open shelves over shiplap and have always wanted to fill glass jars with food for easy access and a fun, functional decor piece.


We also want to get a farmhouse sink and I've always had my eye on a hammered copper one. We found a few we like and can't wait to put that in with a new faucet.

We don't have a dishwasher right now so we will be shifting our sink and kitchen window (which looks in to our backyard) slightly left to fit one in next to our backdoor and then do a smaller open shelving unit above it to tie in with the adjacent wall's open shelving, a lot like the photo above. My plan is to store all our dishes on that shelving unit above the dishwasher and to use the other exclusively for food in our jars. I haven't decided yet if I want to do floating shelves mounted in to the wall or to use some fun antique-looking brackets.

My absolute favorite style of countertops has always been a butcher block so I'm really excited to put that in. Then we'll be getting new white cabinets, putting in a classic white subway tile backsplash and combination oven/range {ours as separate right now} as well as new flooring. Good thing Dustin is so good at what he does...I probably wouldn't know where to start! Other than pinning the dozens of ideas I want to incorporate!

Have you done any home renovations?! They are a lot of work but always worth it in the end. Not only do they greatly increase your home's resale value but really allow you to put your stamp on your home and customize it to best fit your family's needs. Knowing the right people and having the tools or expertise to do some (or all) of it yourself also helps a lot and saves a ton of money. I can't wait to share our progress as we conquer our newest project! 

Hope you're having a great week! XO

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