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Happy Monday! I am still smiling after the weekend we had, it was just such a good one spent as a family. Beautiful weather, lots of laughter, good food and so many new memories. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well and had some time to relax!! I am still in shock that it's already mid-March and nearly Easter! Here is a little recap of our weekend.

Dustin and  I decided it would be fun to take on one new DIY project per month and as of early last week, our February one is finally complete -- a rustic kitchen island inspired by a design from Pottery Barn. My hubby really did it all, but I chose the vintage drawer handle so that counts for something, right?

In January we added an open shelving unit to our dining room wall & although the island was quite a bit more work than that, I am over the moon with how it turned out. We talked about adding wheels but because we may eventually move and use it somewhere other than our kitchen {since it's such a versatile design}, I wanted to leave the wheels off for now so that we have that option.

I still haven't decided what our DIY for March is going to be...and being that we're already two weeks in, I better think quick!

This weekend we had absolutely incredible Spring weather so on Saturday we took the girls to our local zoo. Olivia has been there many times and her favorite animals to see are always the polar bears. It was Penelope's first time and she slept through most of it, but woke in time to see a few animals & watch us eat pretzels and drink lemonade.

We also visited the zoo conservatory and Olivia and I had fun looking at {and smelling} all the beautiful flowers. Fresh flowers are forever my love language.

Afterward we headed home, grabbed some lunch on the way and then put the girls down for their naps. Dustin did some grocery shopping {gotta love a man who willingly runs all the errands I normally do so I can relax at home} and picked up pad thai for dinner. While he was out and about, I put together the girls' Easter baskets.

Many of these items were ones I featured in my Easter Basket gift guide here a few weeks ago. Olivia loves puzzles and I'm so excited for her to see her bird puzzle and start playing with it in less than two weeks! Poppy is getting a few new things to cuddle, some bibs, and a teether. I also picked up a few new books for them to share and some baby mice for Olivia's doll house. So much fun being a Mama and getting to put together baskets for two little girls this year!!

On Sunday we slept in, relaxed, had a big breakfast & then Dustin took Olivia to her favorite local indoor playground since it was rather gloomy out. While they were gone, Poppy was my little assistant as I cleaned the house, did a bunch of laundry, put some new Spring bedding on and worked on her baby food prep.

For those of you who plan to make your own baby food, our favorite containers for freezing it in 1 oz cubes are these. With Olivia I made all my own baby food and was surprised to discover it was way easier than I thought it would be. For Penelope, we plan to do a combination of homemade purees and baby led weaning as she gets closer to 7/8 months and can fully sit up on her own and begin feeding herself, so for now I just bought a ton of fruits and veggies (both fresh + frozen), chopped and steamed everything, used a food processor to puree it and then froze it in cubes using the trays I linked above. Once fully frozen, I pop them out of the trays (super easy to get out because trays are silicone) and put them into labeled freezer bags with the date. Because they are 1 oz perfect squares, they stack perfectly and I can fit 16 individual (1 oz) portions in each quart freezer bag. This weekend I made butternut squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, red split lentils and a beet, carrot, parsnip combo. When it's time to eat, I pull out a few ounces, heat them in a small sauce pan on the stove, add coconut oil and serve. Of course pouches are another easy route and there is no shame in reaching for those on busy days. Our favorites are these & especially this one. It was always Olivia's top choice as a baby so I guess it's no surprise it's her little sister's favorite too.

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!!

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