our favorite bathtime essentials

Bathtime is hands down the favorite part of the girls' day and most mornings they're in the tub playing together for well over an hour. It's usually the first thing we do when we wake up ... I take a quick shower and as soon as I'm out, I fill the tub up and Olivia adds the bubbles and then all her toys. We have a bucket full of all types of bath toys and I usually put music on or make a smoothie for V to enjoy in the tub. 

Today I've rounded up our favorite bath time essentials incase you have little ones that love the tub as much as our girls do. I love bath toys that are modern, high quality & made to last. Many of these are toys we've had since Olivia was a baby and they still look brand new. Take a peek at our favorites below.
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When it comes to drying off after bath time, we love hooded towels {1}. Olivia has a pink unicorn towel from PBK that I got on clearance a few years ago and is still in great shape and I love this sleepy kitty one of the same brand. I just recently got this one for Poppy. PBK currently has their Friends & Family sale going on so you can save 20% off your total purchase and get free shipping by using the code FRIENDS at checkout. 

I love using bubble bath, body wash, shampoo & conditioners that are not only yummy smelling but safe and natural for the girls. A few of our favorite brands are Wash with Water {2} & Honest Co. {3}. Sweet Pea & Me is our absolute favorite scent from Wash with Water and they just recently released kissable skin lotion in that scent, so we love to put that on the girls after bath time. Our other favorite lotion for after baths can be found here

Our go-to brand for bath toys is Boon. They are so much fun and come in bright eye-catching colors. Olivia's current favorites are the creatures, pipes {7} & stacking boatsHer Easter basket this year will have a few of their new toys, including the cogs {5} & jelly fish {6}. A few other fun toys we enjoy are the origami boats {9}, raincloud {12} and stacking ducks {13}.

Finally, items we use every single day include the angel care bath support for Poppy {10}, muslin washcloths for both girls {11} & the whale bath kneeler for me {8}, which I didn't think I would need but after nearly 3 years of giving baths am so glad I've had. 

Have a favorite bath time product? I'd love to hear the essentials you are loving right now! 

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start! XO

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