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We're counting down the days to Spring and warmer weather around here. Life lately has been moving at a nice and slow pace. Most days with the girls are spent at home...lots of time in the bathtub (two hours yesterday was a new record), reading our favorite books and rarely getting out of our pajamas. Dustin has been working a lot of overtime because the project he's on has been super busy lately, so my days are much longer than usual and weekends are pretty low-key since he's at work.

We celebrated my 26th birthday on Sunday with a morning of donuts, souffl├ęs and snuggles on the couch with our girls. That afternoon my parents came over and my Mom cooked my favorite homemade meal, Chicken Wellingtons, and then we had german chocolate cake and played charades. Charades is one of my favorite birthday traditions; it's so much fun to see my parents play and Olivia thought all our acting was hilarious.

I also nearly finished filling up the open shelving that Dustin built in our dining room with some of my favorite dishes, cake stands and mugs. It's been so much fun to rearrange everything and choose our bowls and mugs each morning from them. A few weeks ago I shared that one of our goals this year was to complete a DIY project every month. Our February kitchen project is getting rolling this week as Dustin picks up wood after work and I stain it during nap time...any guesses what we'll be making? Can't wait to share!

Hope you are all having a lovely week and staying warm! Here's a fun little morning treat that can be made in just a few minutes for your little ones. All you need is toast, peanut butter (we use honey PB), blueberries & banana slices. Olivia loves "baby bear totes" as she calls it and it makes the regular mornings around here a little extra special! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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