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Happy Friday! Who else is beyond excited that the weekend is finally here?! It's our first weekend in quite some time that Dustin isn't working so us three girls are extra happy campers. 

I wanted to round up a few of my Friday Favorites to finish off the week. Friday Favorites are the posts I have some of the most fun putting together and a great way to kick off the weekend!

1 // I absolutely love the letter boards from Letter Folk Co. The company is run by husband & wife team Johnny and Joanna. Their mission was to repurpose and reimagine yesterday's letter board for today's home. I love the creativity their letter boards allow and the freedom to change them out as little or as often as you like. I asked Dustin to start leaving me notes on our Poet board before work...I'll keep you updated on the progress of that! ;)

2 // I had a rare opportunity yesterday afternoon to run a few errands solo and one of my weekly stops is Target & Trader Joe's. I came across these Method Foaming Hand Soaps in collaboration with brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Atwood and seriously, I bought two of every scent. We are basically foaming hand soap hoarders around here and I love their sleek, modern and muted look. Herb Garden is in our kitchen and I can't get enough. They're triclosan-free {many scented soaps on the market contain it and it is thought to be a hormone disrupter among other things} as well as gluten-free, phthalate-free, extract free & hypoallergenic. I also picked up Sandalwood & Sea Spray. You know you're an adult when you get excited about foaming hand soaps, right?!

3 // Another item I discovered that I didn't even know existed was the new set of shampoo + body wash and conditioner by Honest. We are lovers of lavender in our home in every way possible. Their original shampoo + body wash and conditioner are staples in the girls' bath time routine {as well as their bubble bath} and I was so excited to see they released similar versions in a calming lavender scent. Because by the time bathtime rolls around, we all need a little calm in our lives. Did I mention we do bath time at 10am?!

4 // With Spring right around the corner I've been picking up a few new pieces for the girls' wardrobe and my go-to spot to shop is Mini Boden. I love the overall look and style of their pieces and the quality is so much higher than a lot of other places I've bought from in the past. Olivia still has tops from a year and a half ago that fit and look brand new. I bought both of their newly released sweatshirts for Poppy for Spring and next Fall and just love all their new Spring pieces for little girls. You can save 20% off plus get free shipping + free returns on your first order now through February 6th using the discount code 9H3E at checkout. PS I basically want to buy this reversible top in the event I ever have a boy...dinosaurs are just the best.

5 // Last but not least, I've started a new hashtag on instagram @blessednestblog called #MyMotherhood2016 that I'm really, really excited about. I wanted to create a space where Mamas in the same season of life can connect with other Moms in an authentic, transparent and honest unfiltered way. So much of the time I think what social media portrays is so far from real life. As Moms we compare ourselves to everyone else and wonder if our lives will ever live up to those we are looking at through tiny squares. All the while they're doing the same with ours. Motherhood has so many ups and downs, challenges and victories and often takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions on a daily basis. I want us to share in those together and build each other up through them. I would encourage each of you to post regular photos of YOUR motherhood. What does it look like? What are you going through? What struggles have you been having and what joys have you experienced lately? What does motherhood look like through your eyes, in your home, with your family? My hope is that it will minimize the loneliness that we so often face as moms and stay at home moms especially. I've asked 50 of my favorite Mamas to join in over the next week and share their Motherhood and I would love to hear from all of you. To join in, simply post a photo of what motherhood looks like for you and use the hashtag #MyMotherhood2016 with it anytime; tag me @blessednestblog so I can see it! And whenever you need some encouragement, click on the tag and scroll through to see what other Moms are facing to know you're not alone in your journey. We are all fighting the same battle and after the same goal...to love our children endlessly and in the best way we know how. That looks different for everyone, and that's the beauty of it. Instead of comparing our lives and our stuff and the beauty we share through photos, let's join together to create community & foster hope & cultivate encouragement amongst ourselves. 

Have a wonderful weekend!! XO

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