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Having a baby the second time around is so much different than the first. Instead of just camping out in one room to take care of Penelope all day, I often move all around the house with her because I'm also watching and entertaining Olivia. One of my favorite products that makes life as a Mama of two so much easier is my DockATot.

Created in Sweden with a strict emphasis on design and comfort, DockATot is a multi-functional lounging, playing, resting and snuggling dock for your babe that can easily be transported anywhere. Yes, anywhere! It can be used for safe co-sleeping, changing, and more. With its built in handle, I love that I can pick it up and move it room to room to follow Olivia. 

The DockATot features a plush cocoon-like design for optimal protection and durability. Shortly after she was born, I noticed Penelope loved laying on her changing pad while I was changing or dressing her. I don't know if it was the fact that it was cozy and plush, had raised edges or both. But before we even tried it, I knew she would love the DockATot because of it's innovative design and quality materials. Of course as Moms we know that babies need a nurturing and cozy surrounding and naturally feel calmer in a smaller environment which mimics the womb. The DockATot creates that in a stylish, travel-friendly product available in two different sizes ranging from 0-36 months, based on the age of your child. 

The DockATot Deluxe is made for babies from birth to 8 months (Stage 1 / approximately 5-22 lbs). The DockATot Grand is made for babies 9 months to 36 months (Stage 2 / approximately 22-40 lbs). The Grand can be used for all the same activities as the Deluxe as well as a way to facilitate comfortable sleeping in toddler beds. Additionally, the bumpers on the Grand act as a bed guard for young kids, allowing them to settle more easily in a bigger bed and allow for a smoother crib to bed transition.
Penelope loves lounging in her DockATot after feedings and for tummy time, especially because she can prop up on one edge and see more of the world around her than she would if she was completely flat on her stomach. I also love that she can lay in bed with Dustin and I while we read books to Olivia before bedtime without feeling like she'll be unsafe or uncomfortable since she has her own designated spot. On the weekends we love watching movies after Olivia goes to bed and having Poppy lay on the couch next to us in her dock is so nice, she's just an arms reach away. 

If you're thinking about getting your own DockATot, I highly recommend it not only for it's convenience and practicality but for how cozy it is for your babe or toddler. I wish it came in my size! Olivia has sneakily tried to lay in Poppy's dock when my back is turned because of how comfy it is, though she is definitely much too big! 

For more tips on how to use it or to decide which size is best for your family, you can visit the FAQ page here. DockATot features a fully removable 100% cotton cover (a necessity with a baby and a toddler around) which makes machine washing easy. I feel like I do laundry seven days a week (any other Mamas feel that way?) and it's so handy that I can just throw the cover in as needed.

To see DockATot's full collection and shop, visit their website here. Blessed Nest readers can save 10% off their total purchase this week using the code BLESSEDNEST10 at checkout (discount valid November 4 through November 10, 2021 only). Happy Wednesday!

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