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Happy Monday! After a fun & full weekend, we have a slow week ahead, which I'm really looking forward to. No appointments, commitments, or anything on the calendar. This upcoming weekend is another busy one, with Dustin's 30th Birthday (how is he already turning 30? When we met, he was only 21!!) and a wedding, so I'm soaking in these week days with no agenda or schedule. I definitely foresee french toast brunch and pajama days in our future.

Friday night was the kickoff of a large marriage group we attend at our church, in which Dustin and I lead a small group alongside two of our best friends. This is our second year as small group leaders and we absolutely love it. We have made so many incredible connections and built life long friendships with so many other couples in the same stage of life as us, so that was a lot of fun to start up again and reconnect with everyone after a busy summer.

On Saturday, we made our (weekly) trip to our favorite apple orchard. The weather this weekend was unbelievably gorgeous and I couldn't wait to get the girls back to the orchard for a morning of apple turnovers, apple picking and a lunch picnic in the sunshine. It was Penelope's second trip there and she slept through it all, but Olivia had a blast as usual, and you can't beat going home stocked with fresh apples, cider and turnovers for the week ahead. 

Saturday afternoon, once Olivia woke from her nap, we headed to the park for a bit. There are few things in the world that make that little girl happier than the park. That night we relaxed at home. My mom made a pan of my favorite lasagna to drop off so I wouldn't have to cook (aren't moms the best?) and we made big caesar salads to go along with it, then tucked the girls into bed and settled in for a movie and some popcorn. 

Most of Sunday was busy with church, cleaning, laundry, some errands and getting ready for the week ahead. But I ended the night taking a long, quiet bubble bath, so all in all a good day with no complaints! Penelope is only waking twice at night now to eat, so I feel like I am settling back into a more "normal" routine and finally getting a little bit more rest. It's hard to believe she is two and a half weeks old already; we just got our newborn + lifestyle photos back, taken when she was 6 days old, and I can't wait to share more favorites soon! But for now, here's a peek. My hubby with our daughters will forever melt my heart.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! XO

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