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I have always loved creating -- crafting, card-making, DIY projects of any and every sort, and have even tried my hand at sewing and quilting a few times. There is so much joy in having a vision and then bringing it to life with your own two hands, making something beautiful out of what was once nothing more than an idea in your head. 

This week's Shop Spotlight is extra special because it features a shop that does just that -- creates something beautiful out of fabrics and thread purely for the love and joy of creating. Bonbonsito is owned by beautiful Mama Eunice, who started entertaining the idea of making dolls when she had her first son. She expressed at that time she never knew where to start, but then began creating her handmade dolls after her second son was born. The real dream of doll-making fully came to life when she found out she was having her third little one -- a baby girl. All the things she ever wanted as a child started flourishing within her and by the time her daughter was six months old, she had completed her first doll.

Her shop name, Bonbonsito, comes from the nickname she calls her kids -- bonbonsitos, meaning "little marshmallows" and as soon as it came to her, she knew it was a natural fit. Eunice's inspiration comes from children and children's stories -- anything magical and with imagination. "I'll be sitting and just day dream about a forest girl with bunny ears and dress," she shared. She enjoys sitting at her desk and drawing out designs as they come to her, entertaining any and every idea that comes to mind. Eunice expressed that the most enjoyable part of owning her own business is having people -- especially children -- gasp when they see her work. She describes it as confirmation that there is magic in her pieces, though she considers herself more of a maker than a business owner. 

Aside from her gorgeous shop, Eunice loves spending time with her husband and three children. She enjoys the outdoors and her boys love climbing rocks and the freedom of nature. Both her and her husband work full time so free time is often scarce, but they are actively involved in church ministries and she has the help of her own Mom, who is both a babysitter for her three little ones and a seamstress who worked in the bridal industry for over 30 years!

In dreaming of this absolutely gorgeous doll for our sweet Penelope, all I shared was that I love vintage floral. Together we decided on a bunny and I left the rest up to Eunice's imagination. As soon as she arrived -- packaged in the most beautiful sheer bag with a tiny tiny button closure, my heart swelled at her beauty. As much as I love to create, my own two hands would never come close to making such a perfect, flawless doll. The love poured into every inch of this doll is truly unmistakable and even pictures could never do her justice. I am forever grateful to be giving such an exquisite doll to our sweet baby girl. She has no idea the treasure that is waiting for her once she arrives, but what a gem it is! 

I love Eunice's kind and thoughtful heart, her creative perspective, and her passion for creating. In addition to her custom dolls, she makes beautiful bears which she sells in order to raise funds for orphanages in Honduras. One of her dear friends lives out there and has a desire to incorporate music programs into the orphanages for the children. For each bear doll she sells, not only does she make another for the orphanage but she donates all profits made from each sale. 

If you are looking for a one of a kind piece for your own child, a gift that will forever be cherished, a personalized piece for a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion, a doll from Bonbonsito could not be more fitting. I have been so privileged to display a beautiful doll from her shop in our home -- in Poppy's nursery -- and would love to give away a $50 shop credit to one of you to apply toward your own custom doll! Head over to my instagram @blessednestblog to enter to win. 

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