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Happy Monday! It seems every weekend comes and goes faster than the one before (how is it already mid-July?), but we are so excited as we count down the weekends left before baby girl arrives. We enjoyed lots of time outside and finished up a few DIYs that have been on my wish list. I also finalized most of the pieces going on our bedroom gallery wall and can't wait to share more with you guys soon!

To kick off a new week, I'm excited to be sharing a shop that creates incredible skincare products for both Mamas and babies! Double win. Today's Shop Spotlight is on Blueberries and Lace Organics, luxury vegan skincare products that are 100% natural and 100% toxin- and animal-free. Founded and owned by Heather Puett, Blueberries and Lace began when Heather found the selection of high-quality vegan skincare products on the market to be virtually nonexistent. Each time she needed a new skincare item, she created it herself. 

Heather shares more of her story below

"In 2008, I transitioned from a vegetarian to a vegan lifestyle. While there were plenty of dietary options in Nashville at the time, I had a lot of difficulty finding the right skincare products to correspond with my beliefs. Most notably, I couldn't find a deodorant that had 3 important attributes: Vegan, Natural, and Effective! That was when I first took matters into my own hands. After a lot of testing, I was proud to have fulfilled my 3 requirements. Soon after, most of my friends were asking me to make them deodorant. With their feedback and support, I followed that same process with several other skincare products."

"The story behind the Blueberries + Lace name is so simple! My other great passion is vintage fashion and styling. As a teenager, I started an Etsy page so I could share my fashion tastes on a larger scale. When it came time to pick a name, I wrote down my two favorite things: Blueberries (because they're delicious!) and Lace (because there's something about lace that embodies elegance to me). When it came time to name the Handcrafted + Vegan + Organic skincare line, I considered changing the name. However, Blueberries + Lace has come to represent the spirit of my business. It's simple. It expresses me for who I am. It makes me happy."

"Though the Women's Deodorant Cream is probably the dearest in my heart because it reminds me of my humble beginnings, I've really enjoyed making safe, natural, affordable products for new mothers as they welcome a new member into their families. Baby Oil and Mama Oil are two favorites because it brings me joy to know I've made an impact on the growing relationship between new mothers and their babies."

"My boyfriend and I grew my hobby into a real business in our quaint "treehouse" of an apartment in Venice, CA. We recently moved back to Nashville so I could return to my roots and so we'd have more space to expand the business. My favorite aspect of owning Blueberries + Lace is the time we spend at our home using our hands to make a product we believe in. It gives us ample opportunity to enjoy one another and discuss plans for the future."

Because I feel it is so important to have quality skincare products made from ingredients I can both understand and pronounce, I just love Blueberries and Lace, both for myself and my daughters. Being 8 months pregnant, even finding a really simple way to pamper myself makes me happy and for that I love their charcoal detox mask. It's an easy way for me to take a trip to the spa in my own home in the middle of nap time or after a long day of nesting (though I think I nest all the time even when I'm not pregnant!)

Another product that both my husband and I enjoy is the daily moisturizer. Although my skin normally isn't overly dry, the summer heat combined with pregnancy has me always wanting to put extra moisture into it, especially after showering and washing my face. Made with coconut oil, vitamin E, aloe vera and lavender oil, it's the perfect blend to keep my skin feeling great all day without clogging my pores or weighing me down.

After Penelope is born, I'll be using B+L's breastfeeding butter and diaper balm. I love that the breastfeeding butter is lanolin-free and made with calendula-infused extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil & shea butter. It's safe for breastfeeding Mamas and their new babies, which is so important to me. I've used the diaper balm with Olivia and love the consistency and how effectively it absorbs moisture, which is especially important in the summer heat! 

If you're expecting like I am, another great product from B+L is their belly balm, formulated to maintain healthy moisture that soothes the skin and combats stretch marks.

And because we can't forget the men in our life, Blueberries and Lace even offers products for them, including men's deodorant cream, beard oil and coffee scrub (though I am all about that coffee scrub for myself!)

If you're interested in trying B+L products in your own home, Blessed Nest readers can save 15% off their total purchase from Blueberries and Lace using the code BN15 at checkout. I have been so happy with everything I've tried and I love how healthy and safe it is for me and my loved ones. Discount valid today through June 19 only / start shopping here

Hope your week is off to a great start!!

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