I always joke with my husband that candles are a love language -- alongside icecream, bubble baths and fresh flowers. For me, there is no such thing as having too many candles, because not only are they useful {we almost always have a candle burning, day + night} but they are beautiful just sitting out in your home, they make great gifts, and you can always find one you'll love because the variety these days is seriously endless.

My favorite types of candles always come in pretty jars with gorgeous packaging...the kind you find nestled in a corner of a little local boutique, those that aren't mass produced across the country for big box stores but that are hand-poured, high quality gems in a jar. That's why I'm so thrilled to be sharing Vellabox, an incredible candle subscription service that actually delivers these beauties to your door each month. Now, seriously, could mail days get any better?

"Vellabox is a subscription box service that delivers amazing artisan candles every month. We wish to bring new energy & excitement to the hand-pouring artisans of the candle industry.  It’s our belief that in comparison to the “corporate” candle market, these artisans offer a superior product at a better value & their candles are made with greater passion.  We plan on providing an outlet for the most incredible candles in all the land, showcasing brands that are truly unique."

"The candles that we choose and deliver are artisan, all natural 100% soy candles ( and perhaps sometimes Beeswax).  The large majority if not all of the candle makers we are working with hand pour their candles- They are not mass produced with any of the harmful and non eco-friendly chemicals that you find in other some larger mass produced candles/ candle companies.   All of the candle companies we seek out and are currently working with are both based, and produce their candles in the USA."

"It’s our mission to curate the absolute best seasonal selection of all-natural candles. When we discover that perfect candle, we feel truly compelled to share it with you. It’s our promise to continue to deliver them to your door month after month. You’ll be thrilled with any option you choose. The time has come to light up your life with Vellabox."

Vellabox sent May's Luxe box my way to try out and they seriously nailed it with both of the candles! They are two I would undoubtedly buy myself had I come across them in a store. They are both light and refreshing, perfect for Springtime but not overpowering. Being pregnant, I am incredibly sensitive to a lot of scents, especially those in candles if they are too strong. Both of these are such high quality and brands that I recognized immediately. They came packaged in the most lovely box and were the perfect pick me up for the rainy day they arrived on.

I'd love for you to try out Vellabox if you are as much of a candle lover as I am! You can sign up for each subscription level below and save $5 off the first month of any of the three box levels using the code MOTHERSDAY /
** Valid Friday May 8 through Thursday May 14 only **
Simply click the links below to sign up yourself or gift a subscription to a loved one!!

>> The Standard <<
$10 / month + 1 {4 oz} candle monthly with approx. 25 hours of burn time
$2 S&H

>> The Aficionado <<
$20 / month + 1 {8 oz} candle monthly with approx. 50 hours of burn time
Free shipping

>> The Luxe <<
$30 / month + 1-2 candles {12 oz} with approx. 75 hours of burn time
Free shipping

Hope you have a great weekend!! I'll be heading to one of my favorite craft fairs on Saturday morning with my Mom and then sleeping in and enjoying a lazy breakfast in bed on Sunday morning with my hubby and little girls. Happy {early} Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mamas out there! XO

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