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It's a new month (yay for May!) and I'm so excited to be sharing an all new Lit List. Children's books are one of our favorite things and I am always on the hunt for new, modern books that are not only beautiful but meaningful or educational. 

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This month I'll be sharing a handful of board books that we just LOVE! Olivia is now able to sit with picture books and look at them without destroying them, but she still really enjoys board books. I always keep them within access for her, whereas our picture books are generally kept higher on shelves. Flora and the Flamingo is one of our favorites!

In the world of board books, I recently discovered the Alain Gree series {above} and still cannot get over the old school illustrations. My First Book of Letters was the first one I purchased and as soon as it arrived, I ordered the rest! Olivia is really into saying her letters right now and recognizing different objects on each page. These books are perfect for that!

I also love Orla Kiely's board book series, because seriously, I love Orla Kiely and her beautiful designs. I gave this series to Olivia about a year ago and they are still some of her favorites. 

I also spotted this beautiful bound baby book by Orla Kiely, perfect for pregnancy and your first year with baby!

Another favorite board book series is by Xavier Deneux and called TouchThinkLearn. I randomly came across these at a bookstore about a year ago and bought one to see if Olivia would enjoy it. I then ordered the other three in the series a few weeks later. I am ecstatic that two more are being released this August and can't wait to put them on our babe's nursery bookshelves. 

A few interactive board books we've been enjoying are below. Any time I can get Olivia involved and participating, she loves it even more. Whether it is following a trail through a book with her finger, playing with a finger puppet or mix and matching pictures, these are so much fun!

Snuggle the Baby // A PERFECT book for getting a child ready for a new baby, this book is one of V's most requested and I love how she can participate as we read

Finally, a few random board books that we've been enjoying are below. I love their modern illustrations and simple concepts, perfect for a two year old to understand and enjoy.

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