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I'm officially 19 weeks in & so close to the halfway point of my pregnancy. My husband keeps mentioning how fast it has gone by, and most of the time I feel the same way. That is probably because I spend my days chasing a busy toddler instead of napping and relaxing like I did during my first pregnancy! Life is much different now than it was two years ago, but so, so much sweeter.

Being that I'm nearly halfway through, I put together some of the items that have been really helpful during my pregnancy thus far. If you have any of your own pregnancy essentials, I'd love for you to share them below!
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One of the biggest challenges I've faced this pregnancy has been congestion and now that Spring is here, allergies. I absolutely love the Crane Drop Humidifier {1} to run in our bedroom at night while I sleep to keep my congestion at a minimum. It has the perfect nightlight glow and is whisper quiet, which I need because I'm definitely a light sleeper! We have been using ours for months now and I love everything about it! I'll be doing a full review on it in the coming weeks as part of my collaboration with Crane.

Of course, every new baby needs a beautiful baby book, and this one {2} is my favorite. I used it with Olivia and absolutely loved it. I wanted to get started on a book for our little bundle during my pregnancy instead of waiting until they're born, because I know my time will be much more limited. 

One of my favorite ways to stay in shape during pregnancy has been attending prenatal yoga on Saturday mornings. I also love candlelit yoga at night. If you don't belong to a yoga studio or have one near you, all you really need is a good quality yoga mat {3} and your laptop! You can google a bunch of prenatal yoga classes online for free!

On days I haven't been feeling as well but couldn't really sleep when Olivia was napping, I love reading my favorite magazine, Real Simple {4}. Having something light and easy to read has been a great way to unwind amidst a busy day.

I am a huge water drinker, and in fact, it's actually the only thing I really drink, so I am loving this sleek water bottle {5} for pregnancy. Having a nice water bottle encourages drinking more and staying hydrated is so much more fun when it doesn't feel like work!

I mentioned in my pregnancy update post last week that I've also had a lot of headaches during this pregnancy. Since Tylenol is useless, I don't even bother taking it and instead find relief by using aromatic rubs, like #6 on my temples and neck. They smell so good and are so soothing!

Another way I love staying hydrated? Adding fresh squeezed lemon to my water {7}! Actually, I could probably put lemon on everything these days, but putting it in water is so refreshing and gives me the sense that I am drinking something fancier than just plain ol' icewater.

I love taking whole food prenatal vitamins {8} in addition to eating a really healthy diet during pregnancy, and these by my kind organics are my favorite. I took a similar kind during my first pregnancy and was recommended these when the others weren't in stock where I shop and am definitely glad I tried them out!

Fortunately, I didn't battle a lot of morning sickness with this pregnancy {it was very similar to my first}, but when I did have mild nausea, my go-to remedy was warm peppermint tea {9}. Peppermint naturally soothes the stomach and I always keep my favorite brands on hand for a quick fix.

In addition to using a humidifier, I love this breathe easy rub {10} by the Honest Co. It's great for babies and adults and smells so good!

Finally, staying busy with a toddler, a huge renovation, and everything else life throws at me, getting good sleep is so important. Dustin got me a bumpnest pillow {11} for Christmas, before I even knew I was pregnant but after we had conceived. I love it both for naps and at nighttime, and Olivia loves snuggling in it for reading books on our bed.

What items were most helpful to you during pregnancy?
Stay tuned for my new baby essentials post coming later this week! xo

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