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When you're expecting your first baby, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you actually need and what you think you need but won't ever use. Between our registries and gifts, we definitely ended up with products for Olivia that we never used, and going into baby #2, I want to keep it super simple and only focus on the basic essentials. Below are items we have waiting in the nursery for our little bundle that I know will get a lot of use, not only because many were favorites with Olivia but because they are made by some of my favorite companies.

We absolutely love A&A swaddle blankets {1} and even though we didn't actually swaddle Olivia with them, they were the perfect everyday blanket - for over the carseat or stroller, for warmth and snuggles when being held or fed, for wiping up spills and spit up after feedings, and more. She still sleeps with one every day during her nap and I love not only how breathable they are, but that they truly do get softer with every wash. We also love their security blankets, which Olivia took a liking to early on and still uses today in place of a pacifier.

I am so excited to be partnering with 4moms in 2015 and to be sharing some of my favorite 4moms products. When I was pregnant with Olivia, we purchased a Graco pack and play that I planned to use regularly. Honestly? I didn't use it once, because it was so bulky, hard to assemble and took up so much space. I knew I wanted to get a Breeze {2} for Baby #2 because of how easy it is to unfold and collapse again. Baby will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first two months but I plan to use the breeze in all rooms of our home and even in the backyard. I absolutely love the design, style and overall quality of it. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.

Olivia was never a baby that liked to be carried in a sling or carriers of any type. I tried a Moby with her and didn't like how hot I got wearing it - before she was even in it! Too much fabric to deal with. I also had an Ergo, which we attempted to use a few times on walks around the neighborhood but she just wanted to get out as soon as she was put in. I think part of that was her independent personality and part of it was that I didn't start it from Day 1 as a newborn. My hope is to carry this babe a lot more than I carried Via since I will be twice as busy caring for a toddler at the same time as my newborn. Since finding out we were expecting, I knew I wanted to use a Solly Baby wrap {3} and it was one of my very first purchases. I love how lightweight it is and that it is made in the US. Hopefully this babe will be a cuddler and enjoy being carried, because otherwise my hands are going to be full!

I love the Nature Baby booties {4} for newborns because they are soft and cozy to keep tiny feet warm without the constriction of socks. Especially being due in early September, I have no idea what the weather will be like so I have a few pairs of these on hand to keep baby's little toes toasty this Fall.

One of the items we used most often with Olivia when we transitioned her to a crib from her bassinet around 3 months was our halo sleepsack swaddle {5}. I love that it is a safe way to swaddle your baby without lots of extra fabric and having to tuck a million corners in! The swaddling sacks are made for babies up to 6 months, and then you can use regular Halo sleep sacks from there. We used them until she was about 15 months and they always kept her warm during colder months over her pajamas.

Because our house tends to be dry as we move into cooler months, I wanted a high quality humidifier for the nursery and it's no secret that I am crazy about Crane! I love how little space the drop humidifier {6} takes up and how many bright colors it comes in. It is whisper quiet and can run up to 24 hours, two additional features I wanted in a humidifier. I'm thrilled to be partnering with Crane this Spring to share more about their company and products and will be featuring a full review on their drop humidifier soon.

Although Olivia never used a pacifier, I have a few of these Natursutten ones {7} on hand incase this baby is totally different than her! I really like that they are environmentally friendly, made from pure natural rubber and latex-free. They don't contain any artificial colors, parabens, phthalates, or chemical softeners and are softer than silicone.

Another item I hoped to have for our second baby was the 4moms MamaRoo {8}; we chose it in silver plush and I love the modern design and functionality of it. It is a swing that moves the way a mom would with five unique motions. Olivia loved her swing as a baby so much and I can't wait to put our babe in the MamaRoo. 

V loved her Sophie giraffe both for chewing on and the squeaky noise it made. It was a great little friend in the first months of her life, so I picked up the fawn {9} for our babe on the way!

Now that we have a nice new soaking tub, I definitely want to give our babe a bath in it instead of using an infant tub like we did with Olivia. I love the AngelCare baby bath support {10} which is designed for baby's comfort and safety while bathing and takes the stress out of bath time.

I was privileged to win an Ubbi diaper pail {11} a few months ago and have used it in Olivia's room for quite awhile. Of course now it will go in the new baby's room and I love how sleek it is, that you can use any bags you want inside and that it can be locked so sneaky big sisters can't open it!

Finally, during my first pregnancy, I nannied a family that had a video monitor and I loved how much peace of mind it offered. We decided to get one with Olivia {12} and I am so glad I did. It was an essential that I used every day and night and still use in her room now. Summer Infant was so kind to send us a second one for our new baby and I know we will be so glad we have it!

I'll be sharing more posts about bringing home baby in the coming weeks and 
I'd love to know what your top new baby essentials are as well!

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