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Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing a few nursery inspiration posts and first up is a neutral nursery board. You can read more about what we've done so far in the nursery in this post.

We don't know {yet} if we are having a baby boy or baby girl, so I pulled together my favorite must-have pieces for the nursery that will work with either gender. I definitely want to add pops of color and plan to do so with pillows, accessories and art. I am going for a really fresh, nature-inspired design; I want to bring in fresh succulents {7} & a lot of wooden items, not only furniture but toys and accessories. I also want an open, organic feel with as few straight lines as possible, and because of that we chose a round rug {8} for the space.

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Olivia's crib was white and although I love it, I wanted something a bit sleeker and less bulky looking for the new baby. The gulliver crib {1} is a great price and will fit the lullaby crib mattress we used with V. We love IKEA products and have had nothing but positive experiences with everything we own from there. I can't wait to pick out bedding once we find out what we're having!

Something else I knew I wanted to have in the nursery was a mobile of some sort, which we didn't have for Olivia. This neutral pom mobile {2} has had me swooning since I first came across it, and I love how cozy it will make the space.

One of the pieces I am most excited about is our roxymarj bear blanket {3}, which I scooped up when we found out we were expecting! I can't wait to have it laying over the cribside while our babe sleeps in a bassinet. It will also be a perfect photo prop and heirloom piece that we'll cherish forever. 

For months, I had my eye on the 6-drawer dresser from IKEA {4} for quite some time now and was so excited to find I could still get it even though it has since been discontinued. I love the clean, simple look of it and it will match the crib we chose perfectly. We never had a 'changing table' with Olivia and it was one of the best nursery choices we made! They grow out of them so quickly, so with her we had a long dresser and simply put a changing pad on top. Our plan is to do the same thing and I love the deep drawers on this dresser and the knob-free design. My dad came over a few weeks ago to build ours and I love everything about it and how well it fits in the space.

One thing I really liked having in Via's nursery was hooks of some sort for towels, jackets, etc., and I love this fun moose coat rack {5}.

A few months ago we bought this Little Castle Savvy glider {6} and I absolutely love it in every way. I always joked with Dust that it was my 'dream glider' before buying it, and it truly lives up to {and surpasses!} every expectation I had. When Olivia was born, we had a basic inexpensive glider that we got from Target and while it definitely worked, I knew with Baby #2 I wanted something a bit cozier. It's only available in stores at Buy Buy Baby but you can use a 20% off coupon toward it and save $100! A great buy and a piece I'm so excited to use in our babe's new space.

Another product I plan to bring in to the nursery is a Crane drop humidifier {9}. I love the modern design and all the bold colors they offer. It will be early fall and then soon after, winter, after we bring home our little bundle and because the air {and our home} gets so dry in those colder months, I knew I would utilize it.

I asked my husband what one of his favorite parts of Olivia's nursery was and he said all the art prints. We plan to incorporate a corner gallery wall of our favorite prints and these are a few of my favorites {10, 11, 12}.

For storage, I am on the hunt for industrial-looking baskets for toys and blankets that will sit underneath one of our windows. The only thing I don't like about these from RH is that they aren't on wheels, but hopefully I can find something similar {and a bit more affordable!} in the next few months. Home Goods and World Market are two places I plan to start. 

Finally, we have a boxful of giant wooden scrabble tiles that we used at our wedding as table markers and I plan to spell out a word on a high shelf, alongside a few pictures and an accessory or two. Of course we also have a book wall with 6 shelves to display picture books and those will serve as functional decor as well!

Stay tuned for my baby girl and baby boy themed nursery inspiration posts coming later this week! XO


  1. Great post, Megan. I love our Ikea crib too (people are so down on Ikea but it meets the same safety standards and definitely feels sturdy). I'm glad to hear you think the glider is worth it. We did the same thing with baby 1 - super cheap rocker and that's the one nursery decision I somewhat regret. It may be worth it to get this glider or a similar one if you think it's worth it (since I know you're thrifty like me it's good to know you can justify what you spent at BB Baby). I also agree with skipping on the changing table. We used the same concept and past 6 months we don't use the pad anyway so that opens up more space for toys, etc. on the dresser. Great tips!

  2. I can't wait to hear if you are having a boy or girl. I love following along on your blog. We are about to have our second little girl and I am so excited! The bear rug and art prints are adorable!!! :) You find such great stuff!


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