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This week in place of my usual Shop Spotlight, I've partnered with a dear friend of mine to share more about doTERRA essential oils -- how they can be used for you and your family, the countless benefits, how to enroll in your own doTERRA account and of course, a giveaway!!

lemon / peppermint / lavender

Dustin & I have always made an effort to take a more natural approach to our health; we have found various chiropractic and naturopathic treatments to be extremely beneficial in our own lives and intended to raise our children the same way. Even as a BSN-trained RN, I highly believe in natural solutions before traditional ones, and one of the simplest ways to treat illnesses and ailments naturally is through the use of essential oils. They are widely accessible, a small compact size {perfect for on-the-go as a busy Mom!} and can be used in literally hundreds of ways! 

It seems that everyone these days is using essential oils, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with Andrea to share more about them with all of you and learn more about them myself, because I'm just a beginner! I love putting a few drops of lavender on my pillow before sleeping, as it always calms me; it has been really nice especially during pregnancy, since my sleep has been all over the place. I also love putting a few drops of lemon in my water and early on in pregnancy when I had a lot of nausea, simply sniffing the Peppermint helped a lot.

Andrea shares more about herself & how she started using essential oils below

"My name is Andrea and I am a wife and stay at home mother to 3 wonderful children - Kingsley (4), Penelope (2), and Myles (1). I love that I am able to be home with them every day to see them grow and develop.  We love to cook, bake, paint, and create all sorts of different crafts - mainly we love to make a mess!  I love teaching my children about what’s good and not so good which is where doTERRA came into play."

"I was always interested in living a healthy lifestyle so when we first got pregnant we looked around our home to see how we could provide the safest environment for our growing family. We started with our food - we started eating only whole organic non-gmo food. Next, we changed over our cleaning products to all natural non-toxic products. It wasn’t until I had my second child that I found doTERRA essential oils and I knew right away that they were the missing link to our non toxic lifestyle."

"When we first started using the oils, I used them to make body lotion, deodorant, and air fresheners. As I began to do more research I found that essential oils weren't just to make things smell good they could also be used to promote a healthy immune system, calm a child, relieve teething pain, and balance my hormones -- just to name a few. I used them throughout my pregnancy, after birth, and with my newborn. My all time favorite oil is Balance - a grounding blend  - it helped me so much when I brought home my newborn and helps balance me daily."

"Now that's it allergy season, lemon, lavender, and peppermint have been a huge help in my house right now - it's a blend we use to relieve allergy symptoms.  Lastly, OnGuard is hugely important in our home; we use it blended with fractionated coconut oil on our children's feet to strengthen their immune system.  I love that I am able to provide natural solutions for my family and am so happy that I get to share them with other people looking for natural solutions for themselves and loved ones."

Andrea shares her favorite remedies for pregnancy & babies below:


Morning sickness: Ginger (topically, inhalation, or internal), Peppermint (topically or inhalation), Digestzen (topically): Dilute as recommended, and apply 1-3 drops on ears, down jaw bone, and on reflex points of feet.  

Digestive support: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Wild Orange or Digestzen. Dilute and apply to the area of concern

Help falling asleep: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Serenity. Apply to bottom of the feet, back of neck, chest to aid the body in relaxation. Add oils to a spray bottle of water for a wonderfully relaxing “sleepy spray” for your sheets.

Lemon: add one drop to your water daily for a gentle cleanse


1. Calming: Dilute Lavender, Roman Cham. or Serenity and apply the the feet and on your chest if you are holding them to promote relaxation. You can wipe extra on their blanket/clothes (we’ve found that doTERRA oils and their Fractionated Coconut oil do not stain! yay!). Diffusing is also very helpful as well as daily infant massage.
2. Digestive support : Dilute 1 drop each of lavender and orange or digestzen in 2 TB carrier oil and rub baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction for at least 30 seconds for digestive support. Apply every 15-30 mins until their tummy is settled.
3. Owie Spray:10-20 drops each of Melaleuca, Lavender, &  Frankincense in a glass spray bottle, topped with distilled water. Spray on owes as needed to promote fast healing. 
4. Skin: Dilute 1 drop of each of Lavender and Melaleuca in unrefined or fractionated coconut oil to soothe the skin. Apply each time you change their diaper. I like to use a glass spray bottle for this. 
5. Teething: Use diluted Lavender, Roman Chamomile, or Serenity along the jawline as often as every 15-30 minutes to soothe. For older babies Ive used diluted Clove (doTERRA only) or White Fir 1 drop in 1 oz of fractionated coconut oil or other carrier, and applied to gums to numb without chemicals!

*** As part of our collaboration, if you are interested in getting started with doTERRA essential oils, Andrea is offering an incredible deal exclusively for Blessed Nest followers! With the purchase of the Family Physician Kit* -- which includes 10 of the most used doTERRA oils {see complete list below} -- you will also receive the following products free of charge:
(1) An essential oil diffuser
(2) Essential oils usage guide
(3) Fractionated coconut oil {for diluting the oils}
(4) Rollerball {to make your own oil blend}

*Family Physician Kit includes 5 mL bottles of: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, and On Guard

Please note: You must purchase by April 30 to receive these gifts with purchase / Contact Andrea at Akelly1009@gmail.com with any questions and to get started // To purchase, visit her website here, click the "Join & Save" tab, complete the language prompt and then click the "Wholesale Account" box

Andrea is so generously offering a trio of doTERRA oils to one lucky reader! You will receive the three oils pictured above - lemon, peppermint & lavender. There are countless uses for these 3 oils and it is a great way to get started on your own essential oil journey!


  1. I have really been wanting to get my own kit for awhile, and I'm excited about this great offer thru you and the oil mama! I think my favorite oil so far is on guard but I haven't used many oils, and I can't wait to try more

    1. Hi @bhthomas1013 It's Andrea - @the_oil_mama :) if you would like to try some samples I would love to send you some!! Please email me at akelly1009@gmail.com

  2. I recently began using doTerra EOs and absolutely love them. I especially love the citrus flavored to add to my water and the lavender is great on pillows and in baths.

  3. I just started using them so I'm still in the learning phase. So fat I have loved using the Breathe on my chest for congestion

  4. I loved this post as I have heard so many great things about these oils. I have been wanting to try them for all of the health benefits, especially being pregnant and with an infant!

    1. Hi s0uthern blonde! It's Andrea - @the_oil_mama :) if you would like to try some samples I would love to send you some!! Please email me at akelly1009@gmail.com

  5. We use them as natural cold remedies for our family!

  6. We love to use them as substitutes for over the counter medicines and cleaning supplies!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn! It's Andrea - @the_oil_mama :) if you would like to try some samples I would love to send you some!! Please email me at akelly1009@gmail.com

  7. I have tried some samples at whole foods. I have been experimenting with DIY creams and would love to add essential oil.

  8. I have tried some samples at whole foods. I have been experimenting with DIY creams and would love to add essential oil.

  9. I've used lavender a bit with my son

  10. We own the basics; Lavender, Peppermint, Euc and Tea Tree. I use them on myself and diffuse is LO's room. I'm wanting to expand but unsure where to go from here

  11. I don't own any oils yet but have wanted to try them for forever. I have heard wonderful things about them. I am really interested in using them as an alternative to traditionally prescribed medicines.

  12. I love essential oils!! I just got into them last summer when someone bought the gentle baby blend from young living for me as a baby shower gift. I thought oils were hokey until giving them a try. We are obsessed with the gentle baby blend and use it nightly on our little one. I've heard such good things about doterra too but haven't been able to try those yet.


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