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Easter is one of my absolute favorite holidays and with only one month until it's here, we are in full swing of Spring! Olivia and I are avid-Trader Joe shoppers so I rarely leave the store without letting V choose a bouquet of tulips and last week I picked up the cutest vintage milk bottle to use as a vase for them this Spring. I also love how late it stays light now that we are nearing daylight savings! Seeing sunshine stream in through our windows while we eat dinner is such a joy.

Last Easter, Olivia was only 11 months old so she didn't fully understand what was going on, but this year I know she is going to have a blast looking for her Easter Basket and dying eggs with us. I picked up a cute little bunny cupcake decorating set a few weeks ago from Home Goods and plan to bake vanilla cupcakes with her and frost them together using our little kit.

 Last year I started her Easter book collection {all of which have become favorites} and of course we're adding a few more books to it this year. She loves bunnies more than any other animal, so it is always such a fun time of year! Who needs another bunny stuffed animal? Well, when they're floral and extra cuddly, who can resist?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 

We love Freshly Picked moccasins and I'm excited to be collaborating with them again this Spring! Olivia will be finding a shiny pair of Merci moccs {1} in her basket this year just in time for dresses and warmer weather.

We are big fans of Petit Collage and all their 'You Are My Baby' books. I was happy to see they are releasing a new 'Meadow' version {2} for Springtime that is the perfect inexpensive addition to your babe's basket or bookshelf.

We are finishing up a major master bathroom renovation with an all new soaking tub that I can't wait to start enjoying! Olivia will also love taking her baths in a huge tub again so I picked up these stacking ducks  by Skip Hop for her and some cute Easter-themed rubber ducks from Target to play with.

Growing up, I don't think a year went by that I didn't find some sort of wind up chick in my Easter basket, so when I spotted one when we were out at our favorite local boutique, I grabbed one for hers. I know she will love watching it hop across the table and floor and I can just hear her giggling.

We just recently ordered Olivia's big girl bed and that will be part of her 2nd Birthday gift, along with a mini room makeover. As part of her Easter gift, I got her a handmade pillow made from a vintage quilt and a fun little house pillow to go on her new bed as well as some new bedding and a modern clock. I also love the personalized Pantone print {6} and plan to frame that in her big girl room too. So many fun pastels to choose from perfect for this time of year.

Finally, another adorable board book {7} and a springtime sailor bow {8} from one of our favorite bow shops, Free Babes. I also picked up a cute jar of bubbles in the shape of a bunny that we can refill as she uses them. Bubbles are so much fun!

What are you putting in your little one's basket this year? I'd love to hear how you celebrate!


  1. This looks like the kind of easter basket I want to get! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. such great ideas! you're giving me easter fever! (off to go buy all the cadbury cream eggs ;)

  3. We had candy in our Easter baskets growing up but it was always the same things, a chocolate cross & peeps. The rest was fruit & toys for spring. My daughter isn't quite old enough for all the fun spring toys but I've had fun getting chalk and bubbles for her basket this year.

  4. Thank you for some great inspiration for Ellie's Easter basket. I know for sure she will have a book and I was planning on a Jellycats sheep, her fave animal right now but I love the idea of a wind up chick - she would get a kick out of it!!

  5. I just thought last night, oh gosh it's almost Easter and I haven't put together Jase's basket yet! Oops! I hope you do a post on little V's room - I can't wait to see it! We will work on Jase's after baby girl is born.


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