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There is no such thing as too many quilts & especially when they are as beautiful as the one I'm sharing with you all today. Handmade by Swell & Cloth, beautiful mama Kristen brought my vision to life with my favorite organic fabric line to create a whimsical and timeless quilt that Olivia and I both immediately fell in love with.

If you haven't ever cuddled under a quilt made with organic fabric, it's a serious game-changer. I never knew how amazingly soft it is and how you can feel such a difference every time you use it. I love the modern stripe layout of this quilt and the generous size, which will be perfect for Olivia's big girl bed when we transition her this Spring. The colors are vibrant and I love how all seasons are represented in the gorgeous fabric {Acorn Trail by Teagan White} -- with the peonies reminding me of Spring, the mint map at the bottom reminiscent of Summer, the laundry day center section of Fall, the birds + branches of Winter & the backing illustrating all four cohesively.

For Olivia's first Christmas, my parents gave her a beautiful crib quilt that was made using Teagan White's Fort Firefly collection, so it was a lot of fun to have another quilt designed using her newest collection. Kristen absolutely blew me away with her execution of this quilt; the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to every detail is so apparent. I believe quilts tell stories, hold memories, and are meant to be passed down to future generations. This quilt is a true heirloom and holds such a special place in our home.

Kristen is the talented Mama and creative mind behind Swell & Cloth, a shop that specializes in modern quilts and cozy swaddle blankets for babies and children. She shares more of her story below.

"I opened my shop in October of last year, pretty much on a whim. I enjoyed sewing and quilting for fun and I admired people who were brave and motivated enough to make it a full time thing. I started to think, "Why couldn't I? I'll make a few quilts, and just throw them up on Etsy...and if they sell, cool, and if not, no big deal." So that's how it all started. My first few sales were to friends and family and that helped build my confidence."

"My biggest hurdle has been the trial and error of finding myself and my own style as a quilter and as an Etsy shop. It's very tough to stand out from the crowd in a place where practically everything has been done. I've just had to trust myself, and constantly reevaluate and evolve accordingly. While sometimes a challenge, it's definitely a fun and rewarding process."

"Recently I've been specializing in whole-cloth quilts. They are a great way to show off cool fabric, since the fabric stays intact and they also give me a more affordable option to offer. Those are some of my bestsellers and a ton of fun to make. And then my newest little side project is going to be a line of more intricately pieced modern quilts, which are all going to be one of a kind and numbered. I'm going to call the line Modern Heirlooms. These will all be my original patterns, very simplistic and geometric."

"I'm inspired by everything around me. I'm a stay at home mom right now so my world is really small in that respect, but something even as simple as my daughters leggings. She has a really cool pair of leggings with a design that I'd love to interpret into a quilt! Lately I've been sketching quilts on graph paper and that's become very addictive. All in all the whole experience has been very fun and fulfilling. It's all a learning process and all about finding balance. I'm newly married and a mom of two girls -- Katherine who just turned 2, and Bonnie who is 10 months -- so things can get crazy, but I love it!"

what Swell & Cloth is known for || modern, handmade quilts and swaddle blankets for babies & children of all ages

what sets Swell & Cloth apart || Kristen is so purposeful in her design and execution; she takes the time to produce quilts that are truly one of a kind; she works closely with each customer to bring their vision to life in designing custom pieces and she wholeheartedly wants you to love the quilts she makes / Her genuine heart and desire for customer satisfaction shine through every interaction and every brilliant product she puts forth!

how to purchase || You can visit her Etsy shop here & purchase directly / Right now, I'm absolutely swooning over her newest geometric quilt that has the perfect splash of color for a baby boy or girl!

giveaway || Kristen has so generously offered to give away a $45 shop credit, which you can apply toward a quilt or swaddle blanket of your choice / To enter, simply complete the steps below in the Rafflectoper. Giveaway runs from Monday, February 23 through Sunday, March 1 / All entries will be verified & the winner will be responsible for contacting A Blessed Nest within 24 hours of being announced.

Happy Monday!


  1. Kristen's newest geometric whole cloth quilt is absolute perfection! So happy to see her featured here šŸ‘?

  2. I absolutely adore the quilt that you had made!!!! I also love the arrow quilt on her easy page! :) I would love love love to win a shop credit to get my girls' a handmade quilt!! Thanks for this opportunity! :)

  3. What a sweet post! I'm seriously in LOVE with that quilt!!!! I'm drooling! My favorite quilts are the triangle ones or the striped quilts like you have. Absolutely adorable- it was so cute I even showed my husband!

  4. I love every single one! All so unique and beautiful! I'd probably go with one of the geometric prints. :)

  5. If you picked these prints yourself you once again prove you have GREAT taste. I love everything about this quilt. It looks like they have a lot of adorable options on their IG page. Thanks for making me aware of their shop!

  6. They are all gorgeous, but the colorful geometric one is my favorite! It really grabs my eye.;)


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