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Today I thought I would share how I organize Olivia's clothing and how I make an effort to keep everything to a minimum. I absolutely love shopping for Via and always dreamed of buying clothes for my little girl, but I still believe in moderation and honestly, I've found that I'm so happy with how I manage her wardrobe; she's always in fresh, fun clothes but I'm rarely spending much money. I have been doing this since she was about 6 months old and plan to do it with all our babes.

Plus, on top of it being stress-free, how can you beat saving money? I refuse to pay more than a few dollars for everyday clothing for a toddler, so I shop smart by using a gap card and stacking coupons + discounts where I am able. For example, I just purchased $166 worth of gap clothes for Olivia for only $22 {!!!!} using gap cash & a $40 reward that I earned by buying groceries + gas. 

This is my philosophy...

+ I only keep Olivia's clothes in her dresser, not in a closet. If it doesn't fit in her dresser, I don't buy it. When seasons change {and every 2-3 months anyway}, I go through her dresser and try to sell at least 1/3 of what she had worn the previous few months. What I don't sell, I save for future babies! I wash it, iron it and fold it and then pack it away by size in a large {clear} storage bin which we keep in our basement closet. When I do need to pull out all those clothes again, it will be no work at all.

+ By only using a dresser, it keeps me from overbuying and overspending. 
The dresser has 7 drawers, 4 of which are dedicated to clothing: 

(1) for pajamas, sweatpants & onesies {comfy clothing}
(1) for leggings & skirts {bottoms}
(1) for dressier pieces and coordinating outfits
& (1) for sweaters, pullovers and all seasons t-shirts

+ When I do buy clothing for a change of season, I buy multiple pieces from the same collection/line or pieces that will coordinate well together. For example, I choose one pair of leggings that will go with 3-4 tops. This ensures I will always have matching outfits but doesn't require me to buy pants with every shirt. Not only does that get expensive, but I don't have the space for it. When she was a newborn, we were given so many clothes that she didn't even have time to wear them all before growing out of them. The same is true now. I never want to buy clothes that she won't have time to wear, so I keep it really simple and always coordinate outfits.

+ I also buy a few special pieces {often neutral} that will work for church, events or special occasions -- such as a pretty dress, a fancier top or a bonnet {below} that I can add to every outfit all season long {my favorite bonnets here} / These are often my 'splurge' pieces and those that are from handmade shops that I love to support. By only buying a few of these, I stay in budget AND they get a ton of use!

+ Finally, I always have a few neutral cardigans on hand that can be thrown over every outfit and that will always match! For shoes, I stick to 1-2 pairs at a time and buy them AHEAD on sales {Mother's Day sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.}. Once she grows out of them, I sell them and get a new pair or two. We have loved Rose Gold moccasins so much the past 6 months and its been a perfect neutral to pair with every outfit / our other favorite pair this winter has been Moccasin Boots from The Little Design Co.

If you're looking to cut back on your child's wardrobe and incorporate a minimal method, it's so easy and so refreshing it will amaze you!!

Here's how:

+ Before buying any new clothing for Spring, sort through what your child has and either sell or donate 1/3 of it {or whatever you don't plan to save for the future}. Keep neutral pieces that still fit your child and that will serve as a foundation of their wardrobe {jeans, black or grey leggings, neutral sweaters and sweatshirts, etc.}

+ Then choose 8-10 pieces that will work all season long -- 2-3 pairs of bottoms, 2-3 tops, 2-3 special pieces and a new pair of pajamas or sweatpants {something comfy for lazy days}. If you can get them on sale or at a discount, even better! 

+ As the season goes on, pay attention to what you dress your child in the most. Do you put them in sweatpants more than leggings or coordinating outfits? Do you tend to favor the same top over others? This will tell you how to direct your shopping for the next season

{I noticed when Olivia was 3-12 months, I put her in the same outfits all the time -- a cute top and coordinating leggings ... I didn't put her in onesies often at all, so I started buying less of those and more 'outfits' / Paying attention to what your habit is will ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and the most use out of your clothing!}

AND if you aren't as amped up for Spring as I am, below is a peek at what I scored using my gapCASH for only $22! See if that gets you in the mood for Spring! PS If you have gapCASH to use, there are so many great pieces out right now and you can get crazy good deals through 2/4! 

You can see how everything coordinates but that I still have countless outfit options! {I have 2 neutral cardigans and 2 pairs of sweatpants already from last season that I'll also incorporate along with the black & grey leggings I always keep on hand}!

Happy Monday!! xo


  1. Such a great post. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. We're you able to use a promo code with GAP in addition to the gap cash?


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