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With a few weeks since Christmas, we have been enjoying playtime with all of Olivia's new toys and I wanted to share our favorites for this age {19/20 months}. Her big gift this year was a vintage kitchen and in this post I shared some of my favorite kitchen accessories to go along with it. I have a few more play kitchen pieces on my radar for her 2nd birthday in May, including a wooden fondue set and wooden mixer. Seriously, can we play kitchen all day? 
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Here is a round up of our favorite 6 toys from Christmas! 

Each year, we have a tradition that both Dustin and I choose a gift for Olivia independently of each other. It's just something special that allows us each to pick out something for her on our own that we think she'll enjoy. Dustin chose a 24-piece Tegu magnetic block set {1} and then a week later, I won the Tegu Magbot! We have been playing with both sets and loving them. They are so much fun to build with and create new things. Olivia loves that they stick together and if not you're familiar with the company, it's a really great one to invest in because they make heirloom quality magnetic wooden blocks that encourage a chid's imagination and creative play, all while supporting responsible harvesting, local communities in Honduras and education for children in Central America.

Olivia loves games and sorting + organizing {most definitely a trait she inherited from her mama}, so I thought the Charley Harper memory game {2} would be a lot of fun. It has been as big of a hit as I had hoped it would be! She loves looking at all the animals and birds, and they are so vibrant and eye-catching. They are fun for her to sort, line up, flip over and I'm looking forward to using it for many years to come with her as she learns more and understands what a memory game is.

Whenever I can buy wooden toys, I opt for that over plastic. This Forest Friends wooden puzzle {3} by Petit Collage is our new favorite. Not only is it the most adorable puzzle, but the figures can all be set up to play with. Olivia loves animals and this is such a high quality, well-made toy. {you can sign up for the petit collage email list + receive a 20% off coupon to apply on your total purchase}

Olivia is learning her letters and colors right now and the wooden alphabet puzzle by Janod {4} has been the perfect toy for doing so! She loves figuring out where each of the letters go and I ask her to pick out letters by color and she really enjoys doing that too.

By far, one of the biggest hits of all her Christmas toys has been her Janod Circus storybox {5}. I bought it on a whim when it was super cheap on Amazon and was so happy that I did! It is a sturdy box that also serves as a circus scene backdrop and is filled with wooden toys. The box doubles as a carrying case for all the pieces and it is so much fun to set up and play with. Every time we head to Olivia's playroom, her circus is the first thing she goes for. I love that it's portable, colorful and wooden. It is so darling and makes a great gift for your own child or for a birthday party!

Finally, the vintage kitchen {6}! Of course this was the star of the show and it is so much fun to watch Olivia be creative. She loves playing with her tea pot and cups, cutting all her veggies and stirring soup in her pot. We are so glad we went with the white because it matches our decor flawlessly and has a crisp, clean look to it! I'd highly recommend this kitchen.

What are the toys your toddlers are loving right now?

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  1. I love wooden toys for my son too. Besides books (which are his absolute favorite things) our favorites are probably the Melissa and Doug toys--specifically the wooden stacking train right now. Evan loves it! Oh and he is a huge fan of puzzles and blocks too. I'll have to get the wooden alphabet puzzle you highlighted!


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