fall favorites for mama

I still am in shock that November is only two days away, but there are so many things I am looking forward to next month -- the start of the holiday season, family traditions, good food, lots of naps, leftover turkey sandwiches, putting up Christmas decorations, ornament shopping, holiday baking, and making new memories with my little family. I am especially excited that Olivia will be able to enjoy it all with us since she is now at an age where she knows what is going on and gets super excited about it. These are going to be the best holidays yet.

Today I've rounded up a few of my Fall Favorites for us Mamas that are serious life-changers. Last Saturday I spent the day to myself out and about and stumbled across some of my new favorite things. I can't get enough of them, and I used coupons everywhere I went so I got almost everything at 50% off or more. As many of you know, when it comes to clothes and shoes, I refuse to pay full price, including for pieces that rarely go on sale. There is always a way to get a deal, sometimes you just have to get creative.

I have been on the hunt for a gorgeous and cozy plaid scarf for awhile now and this is the scarf my dreams are made of. Oversized, super soft and with a nice pop of color that is so desperately needed in my black-and-gray wardrobe, I have been wearing this every single day / plaid blanket scarf

Because one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day is by taking a bubble bath and I'm wild about all-things-almond, this holiday exclusive bubble bath+shower gel combo from Philosophy was a must-have...P.S. the Peppermint Stick shower gel would make a great stocking stuffer and is definitely on my Christmas wish list /
Philosophy almond glazed shower gel + bubble bath

I wear a lot of flats but I wanted a pair of booties that would look great with both skinnies and skirts or holiday dresses, and when I saw these (above) I immediately fell in love. They are classy, comfortable and super versatile / Nine West Lazona Wedge Bootie in Black

Speaking of the flats I wear all the time...these black ballet flats (above) made by Audrey Brooke are my new go-to pair. I only wish I had discovered these sooner, because they are lovely in every way. They are unbelievably comfortable, work with almost any outfit and are a super great price for the quality / Audrey Brooke Pierre ballet flats in Black

Finally, one of my last stops was where I found my favorite piece of all - a  high waisted skirt with mini scalloping that I knew I couldn't pass up (above). At such a great price and so comfortable, I couldn't believe any of these were still left in stock! It is perfect paired with basic colored tops and flats, but looks phenomenal with my new booties and a dressier blouse, which I plan to rock all November and December for holiday parties. If you're looking for the perfect black skirt, this is it / Not available online but similar here & here / It is seriously so good that if you want it and know your size (available in S, M and L), I will buy it and ship it to you!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy almost-November!


fall afternoon apple crisp [gf]

Fall isn't complete in our home without at least one batch of apple crisp, and this one is too good not to share. Filled with crisp sweet apples & topped with an overload of oats + butter, this is a feel-good comfort food that you'll be glad you added to your Fall traditions this October. The best part? Leftovers make for a pretty lovely breakfast the next morning. Oh, and did I mention its so easy you could probably make it in your sleep? Double win.

fall afternoon apple crisp 

what you'll need

apple filling
5-6 cups of firm, tart apples -- approximately 8-12 apples depending on size // Granny Smith is traditional but I used Honeycrisp because its what I had on hand and loved it
2 tsp cinnamon
1/4-1/2 cup brown sugar // Adjust according to preferences; I didn't want it to be too sweet so I only used 1/4 cup but if your apples are extra tart, you'll want more

oat crumble topping
3 cups of rolled oats // I use TJ's gluten free oats & like a good, rich topping but if you want it lighter, you can do 2 cups of oats
1 cup of flour // I use Cup4Cup Gluten Free Flour
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup of cold butter [1 stick] 
1 TBSP cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

9x13 glass baking dish
softened butter to coat baking dish

what you'll do
» preheat oven to 350 degrees + lightly coat baking dish with [room temperature] butter
» peel + thinly slice apples
» toss apples with 2 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 cup brown sugar 
» pour apple filling into baking dish

assemble your topping:
» in a large mixing bowl, combine oats, flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and salt
» cut in cold butter to create a crumble // I cube my cold stick of butter before cutting it in
» spread oat topping evenly over apple filling

» bake 35-45 minutes until crust is golden brown and filling is bubbly
» remove, let cool just slightly, cut + serve warm with homemade whipped cream or vanilla ice cream 



shop spotlight || coral + cloud

I am always on the lookout for gorgeous jewelry that is durable, modern, and versatile; extra bonus if I can match with my Mini. Coral + Cloud is all that & more. And it's owned by the sweetest mama, Miko, who has an eye for design and is rich in both creativity and talent.

Coral + Cloud offers 'hanging objects for humans and homes' in a wide variety of colors, fit for every wardrobe, style and season. She hand paints all her beads and in her shop you will find necklaces for both Mamas and their little ladies, as well as equally as beautiful mobiles perfect for a nursery or playroom. 

Miko shares more about her shop below

"I started working with the beads at Christmas time last year, since I had recently quit a full-time job and we were on a tighter budget for gifts. I made a lot of different gifts for people, and didn't intend to start selling any of them -- but I received such a favourable response from my friends, and they really encouraged me to open up shop. So I finally decided to go for it in the spring of this year, and opened up the Etsy shop in May."

"Choosing a shop name was a difficult process! I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to find what felt like the perfect name. I knew I wanted to have two words, to reflect the different elements in my necklaces - for example, the round and the geometric; the smooth and the sharp, etc. - and that I was making (at least) two products (necklaces and mobiles). I was drawn to "cloud" because that matched the image I had of my products being suspended objects, but it's such a common word, I wasn't sure how to make it unique. And after going through lists and lists of various words combined with each other, it just clicked. I like that "coral" can refer to the colour, which I obviously love, and to the organic substance and its shape. And "cloud" too can refer to a colour."

"I am inspired by almost anything design-related! I really do love all things design, whether it's interior design, graphic design, fashion, housewares, etc. I could get lost in Pinterest for hours!

"In terms of the necklaces and mobiles specifically, the initial inspiration was to create objects that embraced my love of colour (which I think was really re-awakened when I was styling my daughter's nursery) in a whimsical and upbeat way, but also being really modern and not childish. I like that the kids necklaces can be worn by women, and the mobiles can be used in any room of the house. And in the broadest sense, my daughter inspires me. She was the main motivation for me to leave my stable, full-time job so I could spend more time with her, which meant I had time and energy to start being more creative. And I love that she values the fact I am making things for her and for others. She has been saying to people that her "Mama is a good maker". 

I think the fact that there just aren't enough hours in the day (night!) is probably the most challenging. This is just a fact, and there's nothing I can do about it! But I have had some pretty exhausting, stressful days this month and I feel badly when I can't be the energetic, upbeat mom I want to be. 

"On the flip side, at this stage in my life I think the best part about owning my own shop is the flexibility. In other words, I basically have a night job that never ends, but at least I can do it from home in the comfort of my pjs! But I love that I'm the only one driving this ship -- I'm a very driven person so I am hustling to grow the business as best I can; but I call the shots and I don't have anyone to answer to if other priorities arise, like a sick kid in the middle of the night. I think also just finally having a business centred around handmade products is really so fulfilling for me."

"I have the most fun after I've painted all the beads and can start to put together colour ways and designs. Seeing a pattern come together and how the design just "clicks" is really exciting. I also really love interacting with customers, hearing the stories behind their purchases, and working with them (on custom orders, for example) to be a part of a special day or event."

"Finally, I live in Vancouver, Canada with my sweet husband, adorable 4-year-old daughter, and cranky 6-year-old cat. I currently work as a freelance part-time administrator for a non-profit dance company and also do volunteer work for a Japanese Canadian arts festival. So I'm juggling a lot of things but I'm also really trying to focus on my daughter and enjoy this last year with her before she starts school. Other trivia: My past career life has included being a magazine editor at my university, Programme Director for the campus radio station, and Executive Director at a Japanese cultural centre. I'm a huge indie rock fan and have been in various bands in my younger years, haha. My husband is a musician and we've played a bit together -- the last project we worked on was a recording of Christmas songs a couple years ago. We'd love to have a real "family band" some day and involve our daughter when she's a bit older."

what coral + cloud is known for || hanging objects for humans + homes -- necklaces made of hand-painted wooden beads in a variety of shapes and colors / mama + mini necklace sets / mobiles offered in the same vibrant colors and modern design

what sets coral + cloud apart || everything from the products themselves, the color ways that Miko offers, the fact that she hand paints her beads herself and her shop concept of 'hanging objects for humans and homes' // I have never come across jewelry quite as unique and equally as stunning as the jewelry from Coral + Cloud -- it is perfect for busy Mamas on the go -- a necklace adds femininity but is still relaxed and can be paired with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a sweater and yoga pants!

my favorite products || I am currently swooning over this gorgeous necklace for Fall, which combines plum, dusty purple, gold & mint // I also am loving this lovely coral ombre + copper necklace & this petite purple + gold necklace

quality + craftsmanship || Each wooden bean is painted by hand with 3-6 coats of paint plus non-toxic sealer and then is strung onto the coziest, comfy necklace strings cut from recycled t-shirts / The bead and string quality makes for a durable, comfortable necklace that I can wear out and about running errands or just lounging at home. The time & care that Miko puts into each piece is clear as soon as it arrives and you put it on.

overall opinion || If I could, I would own a necklace set for Olivia and me in every color. The beads are chunky which creates a fun look, but the necklace is still so lightweight / I forget that I'm wearing it and it seems Olivia does too! I also love that you can knot the necklace at any length depending on what you're wearing. So versatile.

value + recommendation || I adore Coral + Cloud and everything Miko makes and sells. I am so grateful she listened to her friends and decided to open up a shop. I highly recommend all of her products and think they would make lovely gifts. They are modern, eye catching, unique and versatile. They are well-made, perfectly priced and a piece that you cannot find anywhere else. Miko is truly a joy and her products are equally as wonderful // start shopping here

giveaway || Us Mamas need to treat ourselves once in awhile so this week I'm giving away the necklace pictured above to one lucky Mama! To enter, simply complete the steps below in the Rafflecopter. The giveaway is open to residents in US and Canada and will run from Monday, October 13 through Sunday, October 19.


our neutral fall mantel

I'm so excited to be sharing our neutral Fall mantel today on the blog. I absolutely love decorating as the seasons change but prefer to keep decor rather neutral so that (1) it always looks good with the natural wood tones in our home and (2) it can be put out earlier and kept out longer even as holidays come and go. Silvers, grays, browns and whites are the prominent colors atop a rich dark brown wood hutch this season in our home.

We have a large antique 'hutch' (I've always called it that but when I use that word hutch nobody knows what I'm talking about) in our living room under our mounted flat screen. The hutch was the first piece of furniture that Dustin bought after buying this home years ago before we were even married. I think of it as his 'bachelor' piece but secretly believe he bought it knowing I would love it and one day get to decorate it after we wed. Side note: He was right, because it's my favorite piece in our home and I intend to take it with me no matter where we move. That, and all our light fixtures.

The hutch and its mantel have become the focal point of our living room and one of the main places I display special photographs. It is also a great place for breakable items since its one of the few places Olivia can't reach (yet). The majority of the photos I frame tend to be black and white because well, those are my favorite colors, but I also love B&W photos because they transition well into every season.

Height is something else to consider when arranging a Fall mantel -- I like placing tall pieces on each end and varying the height of all the items throughout by using vintage vases, various sized picture frames, and flowers or gold branches. Having one focal piece in the center -- such as a 5x7 photo in a glass frame -- draws the eye in without being overwhelming in size.

Many stores sell glass pumpkins and gourds in neutral colors (as well as some brighter oranges and greens) as well as small Fall figurines, such as pumpkins, pears or apples. Target had a lot of great neutral Fall decor this year and I found our silver iron pumpkin a few weeks ago at HomeGoods and fell in love. I knew it would be the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving and then decided I would probably be able to keep it out until December 1! I can make my own rules now that I'm a mom, right?

Another great way to add Fall flair to your mantel is by buying small white pumpkins. I found mine for only .69 cents each at Trader Joe's, and also chose them in varying sizes. They look great lined up in front of photos or alongside your other Fall decor. They will also work perfectly for our Thanksgiving table in November.

Finally, no Fall mantel in our home is complete without some type of candy. Our favorite homemade dark chocolate sea salt caramels and almond toffee tends to win out, and I dress it up by placing it in a glass candy jar leftover from our wedding day. I love working candy or food into displays because not only does it add to the overall look but it serves a delicious purpose. You can find inexpensive clear jars of all sorts at places like Home Goods or Marshalls or even use mason jars and fill them with festive candy or potpourri. As we move into winter in a few months, I plan to fill jars with cinnamon sticks and vases with pinecones and swap some of my pumpkins out for those.

I'd love to hear about & see your Fall mantels || Share your photos on instagram and tag @blessednestblog!


our favorite halloween reads

I love reading seasonal books to Via and of course for the past few weeks as we look ahead to October 31st, we've been reading lots of Halloween books together. Today I'm sharing my favorites that are suitable even for very young children because they're not scary at all and many even offer lessons -- such as teaching about colors, numbers & the body, or about pumpkins and scarecrows. A personal favorite of ours has been Room on the Broom, which I read really, really fast and Olivia laughs and laughs. 

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 

I love Ghosts in the House [#1] as well as the same author's newer book, The Midnight Library [#5]. Both are easy to read with minimal wording but playful illustrations. Ghosts in the House is offered in board book form and The Midnight library in paperback -- a perfect pairing on the shelf together

The babyLit collection offers a few that I thought were so fitting for this time of year -- Dracula [#3], Frankenstein [#6] and The Wizard of Oz [#9]. All are board books which makes them perfect for Olivia to look at on her own and they offer learning on basic concepts such as colors and numbers.

Because I grew up reading both the Hello Kitty series and The Berenstein Bears, Hello Kitty and Me: Trick or Treat [#7] was one I picked up a few weeks ago when I saw how sweet it was. I love the entire Hello Kitty and Me series and have set aside a few for Olivia's Christmas gifts. The colors are vibrant and the illustrations are so cute in every single one.

Otis and the Scarecrow [#11] is a newly discovered book that we just adore. The illustrations are unbelievable and the story has depth and is pleasurable to read out loud before bedtime. A fall winner.

What books have you been reading for Halloween?


replay fall photo shoot

I was privileged to photograph Replay products last weekend for a festive fall photo shoot and I'm so happy with how they photos turned out. I was so grateful to have a beautiful afternoon and evening for shooting and wrapped up just as the sun was setting. Below are a few of my favorites.

Pictured in these photos is the Replay Harvest Seasonal Set
Read more about why I love Replay Recycled products here.


mama + mini must haves | october

Our all-time favorite month has arrived and I've been seeing so many fun pieces pop up for littles that I wanted to share a few of my favorites for little ladies, as well as some Fall staples for us Mamas. 

I've been living in leggings and oversized sweaters [my all time favorite sweater here] and I just picked up the leg warmers pictured below & can't wait to get them on Olivia's busy little legs or maybe keep them for myself. V has been cozy in our favorite new top from mabo kids [#12] & the floral sweatshirt that was too lovely not to take home [#5]. Swoon. Over the past two weeks, I've come across a few things that just screamed Fall for both me & V, and naturally we celebrated October 1st with a trip to Target, complete with choosing new flannel sheets [#1] & a few more decorative pumpkins.

I'm already dreaming of how cozy our bed will be with these new flannel sheets in gray plaid [#1]; I just love flannel for cold weather and couldn't believe that before we got married, my husband had never used flannel sheets. Thank goodness I converted him.

Before Olivia was born, I used to paint my nails all the time, and then I realized over the past 15 months I had barely painted them once because I viewed it as so much work, when in reality it's none at all. My 'me time' is when V is napping and I have a few hours to paint my nails and read Real Simple or pin, and I feel extra feminine with painted nails. I'm especially loving Take It Outside with the Matte About You topcoat [#2]. Stellar combo.

I picked up a new makeup bag for myself after Olivia claimed my old one as hers. I couldn't really complain though, because Orla Kiely gets me every time and I was so excited to see a new line of cosmetic bags featuring her beautiful designs [#3].

Illume's Woodfire [#4] is one of my all time favorite candles for Fall, and no October is complete without it.

Creatures [#7] is another Orla Kiely favorite -- in board book form. I picked it up a few months ago alongside the other 3 in the set and Olivia and I love laying in bed and looking at the beautiful illustrations and making the sounds of each of the animals. I'm still stumped on what sound a giraffe makes.

The gold wing bowl [#9] is another Target find that is so versatile -- whether for an office, coffee table, dining room or bedroom for jewelry, I love the modern look and size of it. It's the perfect decor piece for Fall, alongside the gold fruit [#11] that caught my eye weeks ago even when our temperatures were still in the 70s.

Finally, the striped top from Mabo Kids [#12] is my favorite everyday essential for Olivia. Paired with leggings, jeans, or a skirt...it's the softest organic cotton and looks great with every accessory, especially festive scarves and hats. I would put her in it every day if I could. Scooping them up in all the colors is next on my to-do list as the holidays approach. 

What are your Fall must haves for you and your mini? 


gotta have handmade | october

I am so excited for the launch of my newest series, Gotta Have Handmade // Gotta Have Handmade is a curated collection of modern picks and products paired together by season from my favorite handmade vendors. At the beginning of each month, I style 5-10 of my favorite handmade products together to create a cohesive collection by season and theme!

October's line up is top notch & the best part? You'll have a chance to win it all each month!

o c t o b e r 

riley hat in your choice of color || sweet eloise designs
radiant orchid head wrap || wonderfully stitched
green gingham head wrap || wise looks
mustard polka dot bow || shop emily gold
mustard pom infinity scarf || lilibelle boutique
'lets be adventurers, darling' pullover || seed by heather
distressed savannah brown leather boots || threads & arrows
brown bow ballet flats || the little design co.

christina || sweet eloise designs

My name is Cristina D'Andrea and I run Sweet Eloise Designs, a shop dedicated to making quality handmade crochet items for all ages. I taught myself how to crochet three years ago when my daughter was born. I found I was spending a lot of time on the couch and decided to find a hobby that I could do while I was sitting! Naturally, the first items I made were newborn hats, but I quickly found myself exploring lots of different patterns and styles. I honestly enjoy making each and every item, knowing that someone else will get to enjoy them. 

Before my daughter Lucy Eloise was born, I was a first grade teacher. I absolutely loved teaching and may go back to it someday. I graduated from ASU with a teaching degree and a dance minor.  I was a dance major for three years until I decided I wanted to do elementary education instead. I currently teach dance at the studio I grew up in and have taught there for the last fourteen years in some capacity. 

I used to crochet in my spare time, but now I don't have much spare time due to crocheting! When I do have some time, I spend as much of it as possible with my daughter. We like to shop, do crafts, play princesses, and dance! 

morgan || wonderfully stitched

Our shop is Wonderfully Stitched and we make handmade headbands that fit adults and babies. When our little girl was born she was rushed to the NICU and stayed for 7 days. We will never forget the families that we met and the love that was poured out on our girl by so many. While she was in the NICU she received a little baby beanie super small and handmade that was donated to us and we still have it in her memory box. Such a simple gesture but it warmed our hearts to have a piece of normal in such a hectic and not normal situation. We continue to have a heart for these little squishies so each purchase that you make in the shop we will donate a headband to a local children’s hospital. Hopefully this will warm some families hearts in the same way that beanie warmed ours.   

My husband and I knew we had to find a way to give back to help other families find some joy in the midst of their crazy situation. So I went to practice on a birthday present sewing machine that my mom purchased for me.  After nights of practice after my little would go to bed I learned and practiced making headbands.  The vision was very clear to me, everything just clicked.  So through lots of encouragement from my husband, family, and friends I used whatever fabric I had and made my first set and put it out on an Etsy site.  I delivered my first donation of 11 headbands to a local children’s hospital my first month and my heart was so full, being able to do this motivates and fuels me during those late late nights.  Now for this next month I will be delivering 145 headbands to our local children's hospital.  Our next step is Mission Reps for Wonderfully Stitched all over the country that we can send the donated headbands to so we can bless other local hospitals.  We will be doing a search very soon to find a new Mission Rep to send the donated headbands to because as of right now we have California and Washington local hospitals covered.

The uncertainty of the future is always a deterrent for most people to not continue or worse yet, not even start in the first place, but I know what is driving me is the desire to bless families during their hectic times in a NICU/PICU situation. As long as I can encourage at least one family then it has all been worth it!

amy // shop emily gold

My name is Amy and I'm the owner of Emily Gold; a hair accessory shop. I'm the mother of three little girls, who are the reason I started making bows and headbands to begin with. My shop is named after my middle daughter, Emily Grace.

My favorite part of making my own hair pieces is that I get to decide what they look like. It's so fun to come up with new creations and then to see not only my girls wearing them, but my customers children as well.

denise // wise looks

My name is Denise Stone and I am the founder and owner of Wise Looks, a custom hair accessory line for girls of all age. My company was inspired by her two daughters, Malin and Josephine. Since having them I have wanted to invest more time into my creative energy and passion. I studied at Seattle Pacific University, fashion design and merchandising. And have done visual display at Barneys, Anthropologie and Eddie Bauer. I live in the Bay Area, with my husband and two children. I wish I had a more creative way I came up with my name.. my mom and I were shopping at Michael's and saw an owl stamp, I will have to give full credit to my Mom for the name inspired by a stamp of an owl! 

I started just making hair clips, and have since expanded to other things, the most popular being the head wrap. I hope to go on and expand further into other accessories but am just doing what I can handle day by day! I am the only person behind this business with of course the support from my amazing husband.  I love  being inspired by high fashion, street style and travel. One of the most difficult things has been not to take "No's" personally and to keep moving forward when things don't go as planned. A lesson that has helped not just in this business and starting up but in life as a Mom Also, having good time management has been hard and definitely something I am trying to figure out. Making time for family and husband and also time to get done what I need to in the work arena.  Outside of work I love to do fun adventures.. the beach, day trips, biking hanging out with my family and friends. We love to be outside and enjoy the amazing California weather. 

heather || lilibelle boutique

 My name is Heather Carlino, owner and founder of Lili Belle Boutique. My little shop is named after my 3 year old daughter, Liliana Belle. She was born 3 months early, weighing only 2lbs 5oz, and is 100% the inspiration behind each and every piece that I create! 

I started my business just over a year ago, specializing in Crochet Headwraps & Infinity Scarves. My products now include many different patterns/styles of Jersey Knit Headbands, Oversized Infinity Scarves & Cowls, and bow clips. My crocheted items are much more time consuiming than those that I sew, but they are what I am known for, and they'll always be at the center of my work!  

This last year of building my own business from scratch has been the most rewarding experience! (Well, besides being a mother!) I am blessed with some of the most amazing customers, whom are also mothers, and I feel so honored that so many people want their children to own a piece of my work. Most of my days are long and tiring, and some days when it seems I have too many orders to fill and not enough time, I look at all of the adorable photos of little girls wearing my products, and it reminds me why I do what I do!

I am 27 years old, and have been married to my amazing husband, Steve for just over 7 years. We love Jesus, our daughter, and pretty much anything outdoors! My grandparents own a Winery/Vineyard/Tasting Room in the gorgeous Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon, where I have worked since High School, as the Bookkeeper & Wine Club Manager. I only work 2 days a week, and get to take my daughter with me, where she stays with my Grandmother all day, which is the biggest blessing ever!

Starting my own business has allowed me to spend more time at home with my sweet girl. When I was 28 weeks pregnant, I suddenly developed Severe Preeclampsia, and was forced to deliver my daughter via Emercency C-section. She was immediately taken into the NICU, where my husband held her tiny hand as it took the doctors 6 minutes just to get her to start breathing. Her 69 days spent in the NICU felt like an eternity as we were constantly warned of all the health issues our daughter might face, Cerebral Palsy, Brain bleeds, Chronic Lung Disease, etc. But our Liliana is such a fighter, and we give thanks to God that she is a happy and healthy almost 4 year old with more sass & spunk than we know what to do with, AND absolutely NO health problems! She inspires me daily, and will always be the inspiration behind Lili Belle Boutique!

heather || seed by heather

SEED designs sprouted from the ever-creating Heather Essian in the autumn of 2013, from hopes of creating pieces that are easy to pair with anything and everything. Bringing quality & style to wear for littles & ladies. Quickly expanding to wall art and cute tote bags, the artistry of SEED is the perfect marriage of comfort and style, committed to high-quality, fabrics & handmade designs that will compliment any outfit. We're known for our super soft fabrics and know that you'll find yourself reaching for our tees all throughout the week. Whether you're buying a gift for a new bebe or adding basics to your wardrobe, SEED is perfect for the one who wants to make a statement with ease. 

SEED designer, Heather started out as a professional photographer and after having her first baby, Harper almost four years ago she began making and designing onesies for her new little babe. Then sister, Hollis came along and with Heather's need to stay creative she began hand sketching designs during her littles nap times. Soon, those designs made their way onto baby onesies and tees, and with that, SEED was born. 

ashley || threads & arrows

Hi, I’m Ashley from Threads and Arrows! I’m the blessed (and tired!) momma of an almost 2 year old, Everly, and the very proud wife to Kyle, who just began his medical residency. Free time is a very rare thing in our house but is pretty much spent either at the zoo--doing my daughter’s new favorite thing...petting goats, of course!--or at the park with friends. I started this little business just over a year ago, at a time when I desperately needed a creative outlet other than sitting and staring at my new baby all day long! 

I went to school for interior design, and worked in commercial design for several years before I finally convinced my husband that our little family needed to grow and I needed to be a stay at home mom. Threads and Arrows has been an incredible blessing in our home, not only financially, but also in allowing me to see that I really can do hard things. This past year has taken my shop to places I never imagined and I am thrilled with the recent release of my a/w line of boots. They are so much more time consuming than moccasins (which is primarily all that I have sold in the past), but it is so rewarding to see a finished product that is unique to my shop. 

sarah || the little design co. 

I started making accessories (hair bows, hats, clothing items) for my daughter when she was first born in 2011.  It was a creative outlet for me at first.  I sold at craft fairs and art shows but it couldn't be considered much of a business.  I didn't have much of an online presence or even an Etsy shop until June 2013.  I was in business with a friend and you know the advice most people give on that. Well we were no different.  It was challenging to have a business partner that was also a good friend.  We split almost exactly a year ago.  Thankfully we have remained great friends!  Since the split last Fall, The Little Design Co. was born.  I have expanded from simply making hair accessories and hats into the world of shoe making.  Though I still love to make leather bows, head wraps and headbands, designing and creating shoes is one of my great passions.  

The best part of business is seeing pictures of my customers in their Little Design Co. gear.  I can't tell you how excited I get when I am tagged in pictures on instagram/facebook  or someone emails me pictures of their littles in our shoes or headbands.  It completely makes my day. 

As far as home life goes: I have two littles and an amazing husband.  Joe and I have been married for 6 years and it's been an adventure. I am so glad he chose me to be on it with him!  I have the absolute highest respect for him. He is such a good husband and dad! I'm convinced that our kids are crazier about him than they are about me. Annabelle is 3.5 years old and Charlie is 21 months. I always consider myself a wife and a mommy before a business owner. As you can imagine this is challenging though. Annabelle is in preschool two mornings a week so I get a lot of my work done while she is in school and in the evenings. My husband is an immense help to me in the evenings.  Many nights he stays up with me to cut leather while I sew. It's a sweet little date. I would say some of our best conversations happen when we work together. Also, I could not be more grateful for his help and support.  

Lastly, and I would say the absolute best thing I have going for me is my relationship with Jesus Christ. It molds and shapes everything I do in life. And though I've been advised to keep my spiritual life and my business life separate, it is something I refuse to do, because it makes up who I am. I would not be the wife, the mom, the friend or the business owner that I am without that relationship.  

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