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We don't buy many toys for Olivia and instead love buying her books and writing letters to her on the inside covers, but when we do buy toys, I love giving her wooden toys -- they are classic and timeless and they look beautiful in our home. One of my go-to shops for wooden toys, teethers and all things playful is Little Sapling Toys, owned and operated by husband and wife team Nick & Kimber.

Little Sapling Toys offers a wide variety of handmade wooden teethers, blocks, rattles, toys and other accessories, offering personalization to any item, making them perfect to mark a once-in-a-lifetime event or to give as a gift for a special occasion. With the immense selection of teether shapes, you are sure to find one you love. In fact, I found many that I love! A few of my favorites are the Pineapple, Squirrel, Kitty Cat and Airplane teethers. They are also always releasing new items as seasons change, and this Fall I fell in love with their Leaf and Apple Teethers (below) as well as their Bat and Ghost, so fun. As the holidays approach, you can even find the perfect Christmas toys in their shop, like the Modern Nativity Set which allows you to purchase by single block so you can build it as big or small as you want.

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When Nick and I were newlyweds, we had a job traveling throughout the US remodeling hotel bathrooms. We lived and worked in hotel rooms, usually within ten feet of one another. We became an efficient and joyful team. Because of the lifestyle, we were around a lot of small businesses (hotels, restaurants, laundromats, etc.) and many of our conversations revolved around business ideas. They started as ideas regarding how we would run these small businesses differently and evolved into hours of brainstorming our own small business plan. 

Four years into our marriage we had settled into the beautiful Redwood dominated area of California, were going to school, working, and had our first baby. The business brainstorming notebooks were forgotten while Nick was using his new woodworking skills to make our baby rattles, blocks, and developmental toys. I spent a good amount of time perusing blogs and discovering Etsy, as one did in 2007. 

It all came together at a play date with another mama and baby, who brought along a wooden toy purchased through Amazon. I realized that there is a market for wooden toys, and it's me. It's my mama friends. I pounced on Nick as he came home and told him we were about to start a business. Our business brainstorming resumed and Little Sapling Toys, LLC officially launched in April 2008. We had a little line of toys, including rattles, square teethers, and a stacking toy.

It turns out we had been right all along, we are a great business team. We went full time by early 2009 and LST has grown in ways we never dared to hope. In the years since, we've moved our family and LST through four states, finally to settle in the mountains of Northern Utah. Little Sapling Toys and our family have been in numerous national publications, including Country Living, InStyle, Pregnancy & Newborn, and Mothering. As we say in our bio- this is how we support our family, by working so others can play!

what Little Sapling Toys is known for || Handmade wooden toys, teethers, blocks, rattles and custom personalization on any item; handmade wooden ornaments and modern block Nativity sets during the Holidays

what sets Little Sapling toys apart || One of my favorite parts about LST is that for every toy sold, they plant a tree. To make their toys, they use FSC Certified hardwoods, recycled content packaging and they participate in their local green power program. When you purchase from LST, you are not only buying something that is environmentally friendly, but you are supporting a family that is conscious of the earth and its resources. Little Sapling Toys also offers such a large selection of toys and teethers and they are always releasing new ones. No matter the time of year or occasion, I guarantee there will be something you find that you can't help buying.

my favorite products || Kimber surprised me by sending three personalized ornaments...they were by far my favorite things in the package (browse ornaments here). I absolutely love ornaments and each year I look forward to choosing new ones for our tree. LST ornaments are so beautifully made and with custom messages and dates, they are even more special / I also love the Sapling Stacker Wood Toy and the Hammer Bench Toy / In addition to the teethers I shared above, I love the Panda Hug Teether and the Football Teether, which will definitely be fitting for a baby boy in the future / Olivia's absolute favorite toys are the Picture Alphabet Blocks (above), which she plays with every day, often as soon as she wakes up int he mornings. They have such great block options and I played with wooden blocks as a little girl, so it has been such a joy watching Olivia do the same.

The quality and craftsmanship of each piece is outstanding; the talent and love that Nick and Kimber pour into each piece is evident as soon as you open the box. Looking at each item, it is so hard to believe it was once just a piece of wood. The precision, technique and customization make them truly something special. I love the idea of personalizing a teether or modern rattle for a baby with their name and birthdate, and keeping it as an heirloom or giving it as a gift to new parents. 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this shop, the owners, the customer service, the product and the entire experience start to finish.

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  1. Im so in love with her wooden memory games (used to loooove memory games as a child) and her modern alphabet wall art in walnut is beyond gorgeous!!! šŸ˜?šŸ˜?šŸ˜?

  2. Adorable shop! I love the reindeer ornament, bunny teether and wooden camera!

  3. Oh my goodness I am OBSESSED! We try to only buy Lincoln wooden toys, they are just simple and classic. I love these wooden blocks, and the ornaments, OH MY! :)

  4. They are adorable - I really love the stacker!

  5. I love the little cars and the stacker. What cute toys!

  6. The bird teether is absolutely precious and the wooden car looks like way too much fun.

  7. I like their Texas teether. We moved here abo it a year aago and our first will be a Texan:)

  8. I love the ornaments and wooden camera!!!!!

  9. I adore those building blocks! I'd love to see their nativity sets too.


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