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I am always on the lookout for gorgeous jewelry that is durable, modern, and versatile; extra bonus if I can match with my Mini. Coral + Cloud is all that & more. And it's owned by the sweetest mama, Miko, who has an eye for design and is rich in both creativity and talent.

Coral + Cloud offers 'hanging objects for humans and homes' in a wide variety of colors, fit for every wardrobe, style and season. She hand paints all her beads and in her shop you will find necklaces for both Mamas and their little ladies, as well as equally as beautiful mobiles perfect for a nursery or playroom. 

Miko shares more about her shop below

"I started working with the beads at Christmas time last year, since I had recently quit a full-time job and we were on a tighter budget for gifts. I made a lot of different gifts for people, and didn't intend to start selling any of them -- but I received such a favourable response from my friends, and they really encouraged me to open up shop. So I finally decided to go for it in the spring of this year, and opened up the Etsy shop in May."

"Choosing a shop name was a difficult process! I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to find what felt like the perfect name. I knew I wanted to have two words, to reflect the different elements in my necklaces - for example, the round and the geometric; the smooth and the sharp, etc. - and that I was making (at least) two products (necklaces and mobiles). I was drawn to "cloud" because that matched the image I had of my products being suspended objects, but it's such a common word, I wasn't sure how to make it unique. And after going through lists and lists of various words combined with each other, it just clicked. I like that "coral" can refer to the colour, which I obviously love, and to the organic substance and its shape. And "cloud" too can refer to a colour."

"I am inspired by almost anything design-related! I really do love all things design, whether it's interior design, graphic design, fashion, housewares, etc. I could get lost in Pinterest for hours!

"In terms of the necklaces and mobiles specifically, the initial inspiration was to create objects that embraced my love of colour (which I think was really re-awakened when I was styling my daughter's nursery) in a whimsical and upbeat way, but also being really modern and not childish. I like that the kids necklaces can be worn by women, and the mobiles can be used in any room of the house. And in the broadest sense, my daughter inspires me. She was the main motivation for me to leave my stable, full-time job so I could spend more time with her, which meant I had time and energy to start being more creative. And I love that she values the fact I am making things for her and for others. She has been saying to people that her "Mama is a good maker". 

I think the fact that there just aren't enough hours in the day (night!) is probably the most challenging. This is just a fact, and there's nothing I can do about it! But I have had some pretty exhausting, stressful days this month and I feel badly when I can't be the energetic, upbeat mom I want to be. 

"On the flip side, at this stage in my life I think the best part about owning my own shop is the flexibility. In other words, I basically have a night job that never ends, but at least I can do it from home in the comfort of my pjs! But I love that I'm the only one driving this ship -- I'm a very driven person so I am hustling to grow the business as best I can; but I call the shots and I don't have anyone to answer to if other priorities arise, like a sick kid in the middle of the night. I think also just finally having a business centred around handmade products is really so fulfilling for me."

"I have the most fun after I've painted all the beads and can start to put together colour ways and designs. Seeing a pattern come together and how the design just "clicks" is really exciting. I also really love interacting with customers, hearing the stories behind their purchases, and working with them (on custom orders, for example) to be a part of a special day or event."

"Finally, I live in Vancouver, Canada with my sweet husband, adorable 4-year-old daughter, and cranky 6-year-old cat. I currently work as a freelance part-time administrator for a non-profit dance company and also do volunteer work for a Japanese Canadian arts festival. So I'm juggling a lot of things but I'm also really trying to focus on my daughter and enjoy this last year with her before she starts school. Other trivia: My past career life has included being a magazine editor at my university, Programme Director for the campus radio station, and Executive Director at a Japanese cultural centre. I'm a huge indie rock fan and have been in various bands in my younger years, haha. My husband is a musician and we've played a bit together -- the last project we worked on was a recording of Christmas songs a couple years ago. We'd love to have a real "family band" some day and involve our daughter when she's a bit older."

what coral + cloud is known for || hanging objects for humans + homes -- necklaces made of hand-painted wooden beads in a variety of shapes and colors / mama + mini necklace sets / mobiles offered in the same vibrant colors and modern design

what sets coral + cloud apart || everything from the products themselves, the color ways that Miko offers, the fact that she hand paints her beads herself and her shop concept of 'hanging objects for humans and homes' // I have never come across jewelry quite as unique and equally as stunning as the jewelry from Coral + Cloud -- it is perfect for busy Mamas on the go -- a necklace adds femininity but is still relaxed and can be paired with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a sweater and yoga pants!

my favorite products || I am currently swooning over this gorgeous necklace for Fall, which combines plum, dusty purple, gold & mint // I also am loving this lovely coral ombre + copper necklace & this petite purple + gold necklace

quality + craftsmanship || Each wooden bean is painted by hand with 3-6 coats of paint plus non-toxic sealer and then is strung onto the coziest, comfy necklace strings cut from recycled t-shirts / The bead and string quality makes for a durable, comfortable necklace that I can wear out and about running errands or just lounging at home. The time & care that Miko puts into each piece is clear as soon as it arrives and you put it on.

overall opinion || If I could, I would own a necklace set for Olivia and me in every color. The beads are chunky which creates a fun look, but the necklace is still so lightweight / I forget that I'm wearing it and it seems Olivia does too! I also love that you can knot the necklace at any length depending on what you're wearing. So versatile.

value + recommendation || I adore Coral + Cloud and everything Miko makes and sells. I am so grateful she listened to her friends and decided to open up a shop. I highly recommend all of her products and think they would make lovely gifts. They are modern, eye catching, unique and versatile. They are well-made, perfectly priced and a piece that you cannot find anywhere else. Miko is truly a joy and her products are equally as wonderful // start shopping here

giveaway || Us Mamas need to treat ourselves once in awhile so this week I'm giving away the necklace pictured above to one lucky Mama! To enter, simply complete the steps below in the Rafflecopter. The giveaway is open to residents in US and Canada and will run from Monday, October 13 through Sunday, October 19.


  1. I love the mommy and me set! I would choose some pinks/corals, gold, and mint! Or maybe a purple?! Love them!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. We have a lot of basic tees. Would love some with bright colors to go with any outfit!

  3. I love the mama & babe sets. Modern & lovely colors.

  4. I love the dusty tones necklace (pinks, browns, grey) perfect for fall

  5. coral and copper--love the colors! https://www.etsy.com/listing/202842566/handpainted-wooden-bead-necklace-on?ref=shop_home_active_21


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