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I love reading seasonal books to Via and of course for the past few weeks as we look ahead to October 31st, we've been reading lots of Halloween books together. Today I'm sharing my favorites that are suitable even for very young children because they're not scary at all and many even offer lessons -- such as teaching about colors, numbers & the body, or about pumpkins and scarecrows. A personal favorite of ours has been Room on the Broom, which I read really, really fast and Olivia laughs and laughs. 

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I love Ghosts in the House [#1] as well as the same author's newer book, The Midnight Library [#5]. Both are easy to read with minimal wording but playful illustrations. Ghosts in the House is offered in board book form and The Midnight library in paperback -- a perfect pairing on the shelf together

The babyLit collection offers a few that I thought were so fitting for this time of year -- Dracula [#3], Frankenstein [#6] and The Wizard of Oz [#9]. All are board books which makes them perfect for Olivia to look at on her own and they offer learning on basic concepts such as colors and numbers.

Because I grew up reading both the Hello Kitty series and The Berenstein Bears, Hello Kitty and Me: Trick or Treat [#7] was one I picked up a few weeks ago when I saw how sweet it was. I love the entire Hello Kitty and Me series and have set aside a few for Olivia's Christmas gifts. The colors are vibrant and the illustrations are so cute in every single one.

Otis and the Scarecrow [#11] is a newly discovered book that we just adore. The illustrations are unbelievable and the story has depth and is pleasurable to read out loud before bedtime. A fall winner.

What books have you been reading for Halloween?

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  1. Love these! My favorite Halloween book is What Was I Scared Of by Dr. Suess. But Olivia doesn't seem to love it - she can't pay attention to books with sentences yet :). Her favorite is Where is Baby's Pumpkin because she can open all the flaps.


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